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The Neighbourhood Saga – Season 2 Episode 9

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*(Chrisham My Neighbor’s Wife)*







( This story Contains Adult Content (AC), Strong Graphic Language (SGL) which might be disturbing to minors and in some parts Graphic Violence (GV). Reader’s discretion is advised. Suitable for persons 18 years and above. )




“Then I will show you how responsible I get when someone tries to take away my treasure.” I said as I plugged out the drip from my hand and got out of bed.

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When the nurse left, I knew things might go south and I get played in my own game so I came up with plan B. I took my phone and opened the audio recorder; I was recording everything that was happening.


“Where do you think you are going?” He asked as he stood on my way.



“I already called my lawyers and an ambulance to transfer Christine to another hospital, I will be seeing you in court.” I replied.


“Am sorry but you are not going anywhere.” Max said.


“Am I under arrest? Because if am not, I have the right to choose where I get treated and where my family gets treated and you stopping me is a violation of my rights.” I replied taking my phone from the table.

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“Well, nobody will ever know that we violated your rights since we are only the three of us in here and I will say that you lost your mind and began attacking us…


Nurse sedate him, we cannot risk this man ruining the good name of this hospital.” Max said as he looked at the nurse then grabbed me.


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I expected he would do that so I had set the audio recorded ready to send the recording to my lawyer in case I clicked the send button. Immediately Max grabbed me, I hit send then began laughing


“What’s so funny?” He asked sounding confused.


“Congratulations Sir Max, you just lost your job; so will you if you dare sedate me.” I said looking at the nurse.


They had no idea what I meant, max thought I was bluffing and decided to go on with his plan. Since the nurse had frozen after I had told her if she sedated me she would lose her job, Max grabbed the syringe with the sedation and stuck it into my skin at my left shoulder.


“Before you ruin your career and the entire hospital, first listen to this.” I said before he could inject the sedation and I played the recorded audio.


“Well, if the phone disappears, all evidence is gone, we cannot allow one man to end our so long earned esteem.” He replied after the audio was over.


“You think am a dumb ass like you?” Already my lawyer has a copy and if anything happens to me, I guess we both know what shall happen next.” I said.



“Am sorry Haman but I have to do this for a better tomorrow for this hospital..” He said then pushed the syringe to force the sedation into my body.


I swiftly pushed him away before the sedation got into my body making the needle of the syringe to break inside my body then to my surprise, the nurse grabbed a metallic tray beside her and hit Max hard on the head; he passed out.


“Is this the kind of man you work for?” I asked the nurse who was now standing shocked beside Max.


“I thought he was a good guy, all along he has been nice to people!” She said in whispers.


“Yeah, just like you thought am a mad man; you thought wrong! He was nothing but a hypocrite who is greedier than a hyena. A piece of advice to you, just leave this place and go to work elsewhere before it is too late for you because this hospital is going down soon, I will make sure it is closed.” I said to her.


She stared at me for a while then asked me to let her remove the needle inside my arm before it got any deeper. I was not sure whether I could trust her but the needle needed to be removed; I had no choice but to give her the benefit of doubt.


I observed her carefully to make sure she did not play me then after she was done, she carefully dressed the arm, gave me some painkiller pills and left me in the room.


“Wait for me here please, I will be back.” She said before walking out.


I did not know why she would ask me to wait for her; in my mind I thought she wanted to set me up and have me arrested for attacking Max. I quickly gathered all the available sheets and made a rope which I tied nicely on the window frame; in case she came back with cops or security, I would use the rope to jump out of the three storey building and go missing.



After a few minutes, the door opened and I was at the window ready to jump in case I saw any uniform which was not white. The nurse walked in and behind her was my son, Mekhi.


“What are you doing?” She asked after she saw the rope.


“Protection is better than cure, I was not sure what you were up to so I had to be ready in case it was a set up.” I replied moving away from the window.


When Mekhi saw me, he came running towards me calling me ‘daddy!’ ‘daddy’ and hugged me tightly. He had just learnt to talk so he could only say a few words but he was a smart kid, he would understand when you told him something.


“You are so paranoid Mr. Haman… We have to leave now or the hospital will be under lock down if they realize I sneaked Mekhi out of the nursing home.” She said.Read more interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App.


“We? And if I may ask, why are you helping me?” I asked curiously.


“Because that is what good people do, the help other good people” She replied with a light smile.


“We cannot leave the three of us together, someone who knows that I have lost custody of my son might see us and will suspect something. You two go and I will meet you in the parking.” I said.


It would be easier if the nurse sneaked Mekhi out of the building then wait for me in a getaway car since if somebody who knew that the hospital had taken over custody of Mekhi saw me with him, that would raise an alarm. Normally nurses would take the kids out for some fresh air so getting Mekhi out of the building would be easy for her; the hard task was me getting out unnoticed.


“Son, I want you to go with aunty to her car, I will be right behind; wait for me there.” I said to Mekhi before the two left.



She took him and walked out of the room then after about five minutes, I took Max’s clothes and wore them. I could not manage to pass the security check with the hospital’s uniform and I had no idea where my clothes were so I had to leave Max half na.ked.


I slowly got out of the room and quietly locked the room since Max was still lying at the floor and I did not want anyone finding him before we had left. There were two ways which I could have used to get to the parking; I could use either the elevator or the stairs.


The elevators were always busy and that would risk me meeting with someone who would recognize my so I chose to use the stairs since very few people used them. After getting to the first flour, I heard a lady calling out my name from behind.


“Haman where are you going and why are you in civilian clothes? Who discharged you without my permission?” She asked out loudly; it was the doctor who had admitted me to the hospital.


She was among the people who supported the notion of taking Mekhi away from me so she knew I was not with my son; I had to outsmart her before she could suspect anything.


“I was looking for you, the nurse told me that you are on this side and I need you to sign my discharge papers.” I lied.


“You just got admitted and you expect me to discharge you today?” She asked as she came closer to where I was standing.


“Well, I am not in any danger and I can handle my aching arm so why should I stay here?” I asked.


“It is the hospital policy, you cannot be discharged before twenty four hours are over… And why do you have Max’s perfume on you?” She asked sounding curious.


Her curiosity was going to ruin my plans, I had to act swift and get her out of my way. I took my phone out, opened selfie camera then I grabbed her by the waist



unexpectedly and gave her a deep kiss and before she could push me away, I had taken pictures of us kissing.


“You do something stupid and these pictures go viral on social media and


I believe you know what that means. I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you see on media #The Kisser Doctor” I said smiling.


“Oh, before I forget, I never told you guys that I am a carrier of a disease communicable by kissing, you have less than an hour before it kicks in and once it does, you cannot stop it.” I added smiling in a naughty manner.


I played the lie so cool, a whole professional doctor bought it and began to panic. There was no way I could be a carrier of a disease that lethal and I pass through the hands of all those doctors with none of them noticing. Because I knew I was lying, I acted so normal and made it look real, she could not take any chances.


Before she could contemplate on my blackmail and everything I had said plus what had happened, I had already vanished and by the time she called security to ask them to stop me, I was at the parking lot looking for my escape car.


My car was parked across the streets because the hospital’s parking was full; by the time I got across the streets it would be too late for me to escape since I did not have the car keys. The nurse was waiting for me in her car at the exit, I got in and we drove off before the building was put on lock down.


I knew the hospital would do anything to hide the incident from the public and protect their legacy since it was being managed by people greedy for dominance power so I asked the nurse to take us to the nearest hotel and we checked in under fake identities. I then called my lawyer and asked him to file a lawsuit against the hospital and take my car before the hospital found out it was mine.


He worked his magic and after one week the hospital was all over the news and the court had no choice but to order the hospital to be permanently closed and then he made arrangements for Christine to be transferred to another secure hospital.


After everything was sorted and the threat eliminated, I decided to use my contact and got the nurse a place in one of the City’s best hospitals as my appreciation for



what she had done for me and Mekhi. Her and my son had become close friends so she would come visit him once in a while and hangout together.


After one month, I got a call from the hospital which Christine was transferred to; she had finally woken up from her comma. I took Mekhi with me to the hospital and when we walked into her room, we met her lying on her bed sobbing.


“Are you okay hun, why are you crying?” I asked her after I saw the tears in her eyes.


Before she could respond, the doctor walked in and asked me to follow her to the office.


“I will be back love.” I said to Christine as I took Mekhi and followed the doctor.


“Am sorry Haman but the place she was before they brought her here gave her treatment which was not really necessary for her condition and that led to her losing her baby; it was too late, there was nothing we could do.” She said after I was seated in her office.


“What put her in a comma?” I asked curiously.


“She had a head injury, actually she is lucky to be alive. From the results we got after examining her skull, she was hit on the head by a blunt object and that made her to pass out and due to the head injury, she fell in a comma.” The doctor replied.


It did not make sense to me how someone would invade my home, attack Christine in my compound, hit her on the head and then press the emergency button and leave without taking anything; I had to check the CCTV footage for that day. I first went back to Christine and consoled her, gave her company and showed her more affection than ever before and when she was calm, I left her to rest and took Mekhi home.

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After getting home,I went straight to my room and took my laptop which was connected to the cameras. To my surprise, there were no footages in the laptop, they all had been wiped out. I slowly got off the bed and walked to the nearest camera, it was still on but the footage it was recording was not being saved into my laptop. Someone had interfered with my cameras but since that day when I found



Christine on the floor, I got so occupied; I never noted that there was a breach in my security.


Since I knew that someone could hack into my laptop or even access it physically and clear the footages recorded, I had a back up drive where the footages would be automatically backed up after every week even without been saved in the laptop. The drive was inside my safe hidden behind a wall by a painting and only Chrisham and Christine knew the combination to the safe.


I walked to the safe and I was in for a rude shock. The safe was wide open and the drive was gone. There was no any sign of forced entry on the safe but the painting I used to hang in front of the safe was in it’s original position, that was why I had never noticed that the safe had been opened. I had one last option left for me to know who was behind all this; just like any smart man, I had plan C in case A and B never worked out.


Every camera had a storage drive that had a short term storage capacity which would clear automatically every time it got full. The drive would take up to three months before it would get full since each camera had it’s own drive. I removed the two cameras in the dining and the one in my bedroom and the one outside the front door.


I then opened them to check if the drives were there and as I expected, nobody suspected that the cameras had their own storage so the drives were still intact. I could not trust my laptop because I had no idea how the footages had been wiped out and I could risk putting the drives in it then they get corrupted so I decided to go to my office in town and open the footages from there; I took Mekhi and we drove to the office, it was just a few minutes drive.


The advantage of these storage drives was that they were connected to the audio system of the cameras hence one could hear every sound captured when the footages were being recorded. I began with the drive from the camera outside the door.


Someone rang the gate bell and immediately Christine placed Mekhi on the floor so as to go and open the gate. She opened the gate and a black Audi drove in to my parking. Few minutes later, she walked back in with Chris, her brother, holding his



hand. Chris tried to kiss her after she locked the door but she dodged the kiss and pointed at Mekhi.


“He can set us up.” She said still pointing at him


“Take him to bed then I also take you to bed, I really miss riding you!” Chris replied.


Christine then takes Mekhi and goes with him upstairs and after some time, she comes back wearing a bikini but with a towel around her waist. When Chris sees her, he gets off the seat and takes her by the waist and pins her against the wall then unwraps the towel. They start kissing and Chris begins to squeeze her boobs.


After romancing for quite some time, Christine undresses Chris and begins giving him a blow job. He then rips off the bikini, bends her on my coffee table and bangs her for almost an hour.


After some few minutes, they shift to my bedroom and smash for another two rounds on my bed then Chris sees the camera. Christine suggests that they pluck them off since she did not want me to know she was sleeping with her brother in my own house but Chris knew if they took off the cameras, I would know and that would be the end of their game.


He followed the cable from the camera to my laptop, Christine unlocked the laptop since she knew the password and they wiped off the footages and then unplugged the laptop from the cameras. They then went for their forth round and this time, Christine was bending over leaning on the window and Chris was banging her from behind. She would fake an orgasm and Chris would go harder and harder until she almost broke the window.


After he was satisfied, Chris spotted a thin cable coming from the camera to my safe on the wall and once again Christine opened the safe for him and he took the backup drive. After lying on my bed for a while still na.ked, Christine heard Mekhi cry and they had to get dressed so as she could go check on him. I could see Chris’ collapsed soldier swinging right to left as he walked in my bedroom as if it was his own; I was getting so furious, I just felt like chopping it off and feeding it to the dogs.



After he helped Christine dress, she caressed his flopped soldier for sometime and then walked out. Chris dressed up as well and went back to the sitting room and then few minutes later Christine came with Mekhi.


“What have you fed it? Last time it was not that huge; today I have loved it, I just


feel like having it more and more.” Christine said smiling naughtily……..


What do you think happened next? Find out in Season Finale. The Last Episode of Season Two coming up Next.






Continues in the next Episode.


©Author George Haman




*(Chrisham My Neighbor’s Wife)*




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