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The Neighbourhood Saga – Season 2 Episode 7

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( This story Contains Adult Content (AC), Strong Graphic Language (SGL) which might be disturbing to minors and in some parts Graphic Violence (GV). Reader’s discretion is advised. Suitable for persons 18 years and above. )




“Am sorry sir but I haven’t seen him.” The waitress said.


“A little boy who was seated on that seat just a minute ago!” I said pointing at the seat.


The waitress didn’t seem to know what I was asking her so I just left her standing there and went calling out Mekhi’s name like a mad man, I could not afford to lose my fiancée and my son both in one day. Everybody in the restaurant watched me as I desperately searched for him then an old lady seated at a table next to ours pointed to me the direction which Mekhi went.

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I quickly followed him and to my relieve, I found him just past the entrance door headed to the streets; there was a lady who was squatting in front of him trying to talk to him.


“Who are your parents kiddo?” I overheard the lady ask Mekhi but all he could do was just smile at her.


“I am with him, he just got off my sight while he was playing so I rushed to get him before he got lost.” I said to the lady.


The lady then got up slowly and turned to face me, I was in for a rude shock when I saw whom she was. For a moment it all felt like it was a dream.


“Christine?!” I called out her name shocked.


“Ham??!” She replied equally shocked.


“This is your son?” She asked.


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“Yeah, his name is Mekhi.” I replied smiling.


“You never told me you had a son!” She exclaimed.


“You never gave me a chance to.” I replied calmly.


“I know and am sorry for what I put you through.” She said.


“Where have you been for one and a half years Christine?” I asked curiously.


Christine had changed a lot; she had gained weight, built her body shape and even grew more beautiful.


“It’s a long story dear one, we need a drink first.” She said as she took Mekhi to her arms and began walking back to the restaurant.


For sure, blood is thicker than water, she bonded so well with my adopted son who was actually her youngest brother and a son to her deceased boyfriend. Seeing how



happy she was when she was holding Mekhi made me realize how life can smile at you and screw you up at the same time; Christine had no idea that she was holding her biological brother and a product of her late boyfriend.


We sat back to the table where Mekhi and I was and after ordering for drinks, she began to narrate to me how her life changed after she attempted suicide.


“It has not been easy for me to be where I am today Ham. After my brother had me transferred to another hospital, things got worse…” She began her narration.


“The doctors found out I had internal injuries and I needed a quick surgery while still in a comma. Since they did not expect me waking up soon, they chose to use no anesthesia. I have no idea how it happened but I just opened my eyes and saw a blue cloth which was hindering me from seeing the other side. I then felt a sharp pain and when I tried to get up, one of the surgeons accidentally cut open one of my arteries; my luck was that I am a universal recipient.” She narrated.


“For how long were you at the hospital?” I asked.


“Roughly six months.” She replied.


“I think your son likes me.” She added smiling.


I looked at how comfortable Mekhi was in Christine’s arms and felt like telling her the truth. I knew the moment I told her the truth, she would fall apart so I decided to change the topic.


“Where did your brother go?” I asked.


“I too have no idea of where Chris went, I have been trying to reach him but he is unavailable; so is his wife.” She replied.


It seemed that Christine was not updated yet, she had no idea that Chris and his wife had divorced and became my fiancée. I chose to let that be story for another day. I gave her my business card and took Mekhi then decided to go back home since searching for Chrisham was like looking for a needle in a sack of needles.



Time elapsed and to my surprise, Christine was still into me. She would call and we talk for hours but whenever she requested we go hangout, I always turned her down. I was still in love with Chrisham. One day, Christine asked to take Mekhi out. Since the two had already bonded, I granted her request. She picked him up and I was left all alone. since I had no business to attend to that day, I decided to go and hangout with the boys.


I had hit the jackpot with one of my scripts so I decided to sponsor my pals. They suggested we put up a barbecue in one of their houses and I catered for the ingredients. As usual, alcohol was in galore.


It had been long since I got alcohol in my mouth, I could not babysit while drunk so now that Mekhi was out with Christine, it felt like Christmas to me. I got so drunk that I had to be driven home by the eldest son of the friend who was hosting us.


After about half an hours, I was dozing off on the seat when I heard the gate’s bell ring. I did not even bother to check whom it was, I just took the remote which was on the table and opened the gate; my front door was wide open.


I could hear a car pull over outside the house then footsteps approaching the front door. Few minutes later, I saw a lady walk in through the door, she was carrying a baby in her arms; it was Christine. When she came to pick Mekhi up, she was wearing a jeans trouser but when she brought him back, she was in a tight short green dress.


“He is asleep, take him to bed.” She said.


I knew if I took him, I could not make it to his room; we would fall on the stairs.


“You take him, his room is just next to my room upstairs, the first on your right.” I replied.


“He sleeps alone in his room?!” She asked perplexed.


“Yes but most of the times we fall asleep on my bed.” I replied.



Christine had not yet realized that I was drunk, she took Mekhi to his room and on her way back, that was when she noted I was acting strange. My drunk eyes could not get off her ass when she was taking Mekhi upstairs, alcohol was making me see as if she was glowing.


“Are you okay Ham?” She asked.


When just about to say yes, I puked and that sold me out. I expected her to be mad at me but her reaction shocked me. She just walked to the kitchen and took a dustpan and brush, a washing bucket and a mop then started cleaning where I had puked.


For a moment I thought I was hallucinating, the Christine I knew was not that calm and caring. I rubbed my eyes then watched her bend over in front of me. I kept staring at her well built behind and slowly a reaction began occurring beneath my pants.


I staggered off the seat then stood upright trying to gain my balance but I could not gain any, I went crushing to the ground beside her. The alcohol carried me away making me look like I had passed out.


I heard Christine calling out my name desperately then what followed was her trying to give me first aid. She did some CPR but the feeling of her soft lips on mine was what made me open my eyes. I slowly stretched my right hand placing it around her neck then gave her a deep kiss. She pushed me off then gave me a hard slap which cleared some of the alcohol off my head.


“That was for avoiding me every time I asked you we hangout.” She said then slapped me again.


“And that is for being a bad daddy.” She added then smiled.


After slapping me twice, she slowly bent her head and went for my dry lips. She gave me a kiss which was so magical, I just found myself wrapping my hands around her and unzipping her top. She did not react to that so I unzipped the dress then her bra and slowly began to get them off her. I let the dress fall to her waist then I took off the bra.



She just sat on my waist as I lay on my back on the ground waiting patiently for me to undress her like a baby waiting for the nanny during shower time. For the first time I saw Christine’s boobs without anything covering them; she had well rounded, soft but firm boobs.

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Her nipples were just the perfect size any baby would ever desire to suckle. I began caressing them softly and I could feel her slowly reacting to my tender touch.


She began making deep breaths as she softly placed her palm on my zip. Just a touch down there and it was like she had switched on the main switch to the current flowing in my body. I grabbed her and switched positions, getting her down and I came on top of her.


I then pulled off her dress slowly and began caressing her allover her body. She began moaning out of pleasure as she unbelted my trouser and slowly began to pull it off.


What followed was her deep groans and moans as I dug deeper and deeper inside her honey pot. She was sweeter than I anticipated hence I kept going until she could not stand it anymore; she was exhausted and needed to rest.


My head was still not clear so I would often whisper Chrisham’s name thinking it was her I was making love to. It had been long since Christine had a nice ride, she kept most of my night busy with her sweet pot of honey which I couldn’t resist after having my first taste.


In the morning I was woken up by a phone call asking me to go to Laxsmart Hospital; whoever called said that it was about Chrisham.


I quickly jumped out of bed and took a quick shower, by the time Christine woke up, I was already dressed and headed out.


“Where are you rushing to this early morning swiry?” She asked.


“I have received an urgent call love I have to go. Please stay with Mekhi, I promise I will be back as soon as possible.” I replied then gave her a kiss.



“He is a charming prince; it’s okay you go, I will look after him.” She replied smiling as she stretched to make my shirt’s collar.


I did not want to tell her that I was going to see Chrisham at the hospital so I grabbed the car keys and rushed out before she could ask. When I got to the car, I inserted the car key at the ignition and, oops!, My tank was empty; I could not make it to the nearest filling station.


That was when I recalled how I made the guy who drove me home take me to every corner of the city claiming that I needed to buy something for my son; that was where all the fuel got wasted.


I walked back to the house and told Christine the truth about how my car ran out of gas but I did not tell her where I was going, I just lied that I was going for an urgent business meeting.


She gave me her car keys and I drove off headed to the hospital. There was heavy traffic since everybody was going to work; it took me two hours to get to the hospital which was just thirty minutes away. I walked to the reception and asked for the doctor who called me, his name was Emmanuel.


“Excuse me ma’am, am here to see Dr.Emmanuel.” I said to the receptionist….






Continues in the next Episode.

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