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The Neighbourhood Saga – Season 2 Episode 5

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*(Chrisham My Neighbor’s Wife)*








( This story Contains Adult Content (AC), Strong Graphic Language (SGL) which might be disturbing to minors and in some parts Graphic Violence (GV). Reader’s discretion is advised. Suitable for persons 18 years and above. )




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“Yes I do.” I replied.


“That day was when everything began. Chris’ mum saw me walk in to your compound at night and coincidentally, we met with her again when I was leaving.” Chrisham said.


“So she forced you to testify against me and lie in court?” I asked curiously.


“Yes Ham, Mumo blackmailed me. She said that I had to testify against you or else she would make my life miserable as her daughter in-law. She even said she would consider having Chris chase me away and get another wife.” Chrisham said then kept quiet for a moment.


“Of which she was still going to do anyway since she was the one behind Joy and Chris hooking up.” I replied.


“I am so sorry for what I did Ham.” She begged.


“It’s okay dear, that is the past now and it is already gone.” I said forcing a smile.


“Are you not surprised to hear that Mumo is my mother in-law?” She asked.

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“I already know that Chris is the elder brother to Christine. Actually I now know why Chris is a cunning man. I already forgave you dear and forgot it all.” I replied.


I did not want to tell Chrisham that I was about to hook up with her sister-in-law since that would upset her. Also I did not want her know that I had signed off Mumo’s life so as to save an innocent soul.


“I had missed your company Ham.” Chrisham said with shying eyes.


“I missed yours too dear. Are you going back to your house when u are out of here?” I asked.


“No, I am never going back to that man’s house ever again; I am going to rent an apartment and live alone, let him get another wife.” She replied.



“I have an extra room at my place, you can stay with me for the meantime before you move in to your own house.” I suggested after I saw how miserable she was and the trouble she would go through.


She agreed to crash at my place for a few months and the following day when she was discharged from the hospital, I went to pick her up. I took her to my house first then drove to the hospital where I had taken Christine and Mumo. Already the surgery had been done but the baby boy had to be incubated for about two two three months since he was premature. Mumo did not make it through, her body was transferred to the mog to await burial. All along I had not seen Chris and I did not know about his whereabouts.


“Which name will you give him?” The doctor asked after she found me admiring the new born baby.


“Mekhi, I will call him Mekhi.” I replied smiling.


“That’s a beautiful name.” She said.


“Beautiful and unique… Talking of which, how is Christine?” I asked.


“She is still in a comma and according to how extensively her organs were damaged, she might take very long to wake up.” She replied with a sympathetic face.


“Approximately how long?” I asked.


“Eighteen months at least.” She replied.


That was too long but there was nothing which could be done. Since Christine had some inheritance from her late mum, I contacted their family lawyer and explained to him everything which had happened except the bit where Chrisham was pregnant and the fact that I sacrificed her life to save the baby. I decided to keep Mekhi as a secret; only the doctor and I knew that he was Mumo’s son.


The lawyer took over the hospital bills and also arranged for Mumo’s funeral. For three months I would go every day to see Mekhi at the hospital as I checked on



Christine. This was to help me to avoid being idle in the house with Chrisham around but the more I tried to keep off feelings for her, the more beautiful she grew and the stronger I got attracted to her.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


One evening as I was coming from the hospital to check on Mekhi and Christine, I met Chrisham in the kitchen as she was cleaning and dusting the whole kitchen. She was wearing a very short booty-short and a white top which was sticking to her body since it was wet.


She was wearing no bra so I could see her beautiful nipples protruding from the white top as they pointed away from her amazing chest. The view of her thighs was the biggest temptation I ever had in that house. When I walked in the front door, she acted like she had not seen me and the music was playing so loud hence I had to go to the kitchen and greet her as I notified her that I was back.


She was standing on a plastic bucket as she was dusting the ceiling since she was short; she could not reach the ceiling without some additional height. When she saw me walking to the kitchen, she turned so as to face me but accidentally her right leg slipped off the bucket and it toppled over while she was still standing on it.


I was standing like five metres away from her, I quickly jumped and speared her while she was still in the air and we landed on a mat on the floor opposite the direction she was headed. Were it not for me she would have hit her head on the sink and got injured badly or even lost her life.


Somehow I was swift enough to turn, I was the one who hit the floor first and Chrisham was lying on top of me. I could feel her soft boobs lying on my chest and her heart beating extremely fast.


“Are you okay dear?” I asked smiling.


“Never been better Ham, you saved my life a second time!!” She replied as she tried to get off me.


I held her arms and pulled her back to my chest then stared at her directly in her eyes. She stared back at me with her beautiful gorgeous eyes giving me a sexy



stare. I slowly lifted my head and headed for her cute small lips. I gave her a soft gentle kiss then pulled backwards to observe her reaction. She was gently closing her eyes when I was kissing her lips; after I pulled back, she opened them slowly and leaned further towards my lips and she kissed me back. This time round it was a long deep French kiss.


It triggered the hormones in my body like a gun triggers a bullet and I found my hands trying to find their way inside her wet top. When I touched her left boob, it was like I had switched on her body; Chrisham got turned on by the soft touch.


As much as I wouldn’t want whatever was about to go on to happen, there was no way I would reject her for a second time. I slowly forced out her sticky wet top off her body and began caressing her already hardened tits. Before any of us could realize what was going on, Chrisham was groaning and moaning so loud as I kept on smashing her over and over again.


Every time she called out my name with her sexy tone, I would get turned on more and it was making me get wild; she was enjoying the ride to the fullest. For sure it wasn’t a wrong hit, Chrisham was everything I ever fantasized. Her game was way too good than that of Joy; I just felt like riding her all day and all night long.


There was no style we didn’t try that night, I even began cursing myself for having chosen Joy over her. We both slept in my room that night and in the morning, I woke up to a breakfast in bed, something I only saw in the movies.


“Morning sleepy head.” Chrisham greeted me as she walked into the room bringing in the remaining dishes for breakfast.


“Morning too sweetheart, you were so early today.” I replied smiling.


“I brought you breakfast in bed, I hope you don’t mind.” She said smiling back.


“For all these years I have been looking for the best wife in the whole world, where have you been Darling?” I asked jokingly.


“Hehe, I have been your next door neighbour wishing that I had married you instead of that nitwit I call my husband.” She replied jokingly too.



I then got out of bed and walked to where she was standing beside the side table as she was plating the breakfast. I put my hands around her waist then softly kissed her neck and whispered to her ears.


“Am never letting you go ever again, I am going to fight for you to the end.” I said.


“I am all yours Ham. You are just my only dream which came true. I will do whatever it takes to be with you.” She replied as she lifted her right hand towards her back slightly beside her neck so as to place it on my neck.


She then turned her head and pecked me on the left cheek since my head was resting on her right shoulder and my hands around her gorgeous waist. We served breakfast together and we fed each other in all sort of romantic games.


“Hunie, I need to tell you something.” I said after we were done taking breakfast.


“What do you want to say to me love?” She asked sounding curious.


“I have an adopted son.” I said.


“Where is he? Why have I never met him?” She asked sounding anxious.


“He is at the hospital in an incubator. His mum passed on so I decided to adopt him. He is just one month old now.” I replied calmly.


“I love kids hun, when can I get to meet our son?” She asked smiling excitedly.


“If you want we can go right now.” I replied.


She was so anxious to meet Mekhi, within half an hour she was already in the car waiting for me. She was so impatient that she made me rush out of the house with my sweater worn inside out. When I got to the car, I found that I had left my car keys and the gate’s remote control system in the house; I rushed back to the house to get them. I then got back to the car and opened the gate.


Just before I could start the car’s engine, I spotted someone standing at the wall just beside the left gate.



“Look who is here.” I said to Chrisham as I pointed towards the gate….






Continues in the next Episode.


©Author George Haman


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