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The Neighbourhood Saga – Season 2 Episode 3

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( This story Contains Adult Content (AC), Strong Graphic Language (SGL) which might be disturbing to minors and in some parts Graphic Violence (GV). Reader’s discretion is advised. Suitable for persons 18 years and above. )




“I know you will not believe me but the truth is, your mum is behind all this. He did not want you to get married to George so she decided to eliminate him. This wound you see on my shoulder, I was shot when I was about to take her out and that was how she managed to escape.” I said then kept quiet to observe her reaction.


“No way Haman, my mum could never have killed my guy, she always welcomed him warmly to our home!” Christine said trying to console herself.


I had already dug out all the dirty things Mumo was doing. Joy was her best friend until when she declared war on me and that was what made Joy rat on her. She told me every single dirty thing Mumo had done.


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“Christine, as I have told you, there is a lot about your mum you don’t know. The reason why she was so nice to your guy was because she was sleeping with him behind your back. That day he was shot, George told her that he was not interested in her any more so he warned her to keep off or he would tell you everything. That very day he blackmailed her is the very day he died, is that a coincidence?” I asked politely.


“I don’t want to believe you Haman.” Christine said as her eyes began to get wet.


“Your mum will be here in the next twenty minutes, if you do not believe me then ask her when she gets here.” I said.


As much as she seemed innocent to me, I did not fully trust Christine. I could not risk giving her a gun loaded with live bullets so I gave her one with rubber bullets.


“You might need this though they are not here to kill you.” I added as I gave her the gun.


“What do you mean they are not here to kill me?” She asked.


“The reason why I am alive was because the two men picked you up. We made your mum believe that we had kidnapped you and blackmailed her that if she killed me, she would never see you again.” I said.


“And how did she find out where we are?” Christine asked.

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Her question got me thinking; only Joy and her men knew about the safehouse and it took Mumo less than an hour to find out where Christine was, something was not adding up.


“I think we have a traitor in the house. Someone told here where we are.” I replied.


It was hard to single out the mole in the team so I decided to play a mind game. I went to Miche and asked him to get his men ready. I then asked Christine to stay with me, I was going to use her as my shield since Mumo could not allow her to



get shot. The eight men took their positions and I sat with Christine next to a window facing the entrance.


Few minutes later, three cars drove into the compound. Five men got out of the car in front and five others from the car behind exclusive of the drivers. The car at the centre was the one which was carrying Mumo, there was one man seated in front with the driver and two men were seated at the back with Mumo.


“I told you she would be here soon, there she is.” I whispered to Christine.


When she saw her mum inside the car, she began crying. I held her on my chest and consoled her. After she had calmed down, I then took my gun and decided to go and face Mumo.


“Stay here and when I signal you, that is when you will come out.” I said to Christine then walked out of the house.


When Mumo saw me walk out of the building alone, she got out of her car and stood in front of it; she had two of her men by her side and the other ten men were in different positions pointing their guns at me.


“So, you survived the first encounter, do you think you are going to survive this one as well?” She asked proudly.


“I can see you still don’t know whom it is you are hunting down. Right now I know the number of men you have here in total, you think I would be that stupid to come out here if I didn’t know that my team outdoes yours? I get shot and my strike team will wipe off all your men, slaughter your daughter and make you watch before they kill you” I replied trying as much as possible to make it sound not like a bluff.


“Where is my daughter?” She asked.


“Inside dressing up, we were having fun before you rudely interrupted.” I lied.


“You bustard! You slept with my little girl?” She asked angrily.



“I wish you saw how innocent she looked when I was undressing her. Can you believe that she was calling me daddy because of how sweet I was?!” I said smiling.


Mumo lost her temper and stretched her right hand wanting to slap me but I quickly blocked the slap. I then grabbed her hand, rotated her around and accidentally landed my hand on her left tit. I squeezed it as hard as I could then quickly took out my gun and pointed it at her head. She could feel the grip on her boob but if she tried pulling away, she would feel so much pain since I had the sensitive part under my grip.


“Tell your boys to lower their weapons or I will blow off your brains.” I said as I corked the gun.


She knew I was not bluffing since I almost shot her earlier. She ordered all her men to stand down and when they all had dropped their guns, two of Miche’s men moved in and collected all their guns. They also forced the three drivers out off the vehicles and disarmed them.


“The last time I assumed they were good boys, I got shot. Check even in their boots, if you find one hiding a weapon, shoot him in the head!” I said to the two guys sent by Miche.


Mumo’s men upon hearing that, they quickly removed all their weapons and handed then in; my bluff had worked. I then disarmed Mumo and tied all of them together including the drivers. After they were all tied up, I took my phone and saved the audio recording which I was recording then decided to start video recording them.


I knew Mumo could not confess her evil doings on camera unless I used her weakest point to get her to; I signaled Christine to come out. I could see the shock in Mumo’s eyes when she saw that Christine was not tied and nobody was escorting her.

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“Mumo, does she know that you are the one who killed the man she loved? Have you told her everything you have done behind her back?” I asked Mumo before Christine got there.



“How did you know that?” She asked perplexed.


“As I told you earlier, it seems you have no idea whom it is that you are messing with. I have been to hostile places where even animals are against you but still, I survived.” I replied.


“Mum, is it true?” Christine asked sobbing.


“My baby, this guy has fed you with lies, he even had you kidnapped!” Mumo replied.


“And that is how you confessed yourself; you even don’t know what she is asking if it is true.” I said smiling.


“Nobody kidnapped me mum, I came with them willingly… Mum, I want to know, who killed George?” Christine asked staring at Mumo.


Before Mumo could answer, Joy and the men she was with arrived at the scene.


“My daughter, your boyfriend was murdered by thugs. I had nothing to do with his death dear, you have to believe me.” Mumo said as she looked at Christine with innocent eyes.


“Liar! Liar! Liar! Why don’t you tell her that you are actually carrying his baby?” Joy said after she overheard Mumo.


“What? Mumo is pregnant for her daughter’s dead boyfriend?” I asked shocked; her stomach looked pretty normal for a pregnant woman.


“Why do you think he was murdered in the first place?” Joy replied with a rhetorical question.


Tears began rolling down Christine’s tender cheeks; I could see anger and furry in her eyes. I walked to where she was standing and tried to calm her down.


“Is it true mum?” She asked sobbing.



“Christine, these people are lying to you. How do you believe what criminals are saying about your own mum?” Mumo asked trying to sound convincing.


“If we are lying, then prove us wrong; take a pregnancy test right now! I believe Joy has some pregnancy testing kits in her car.” I said looking at Joy with a light smile.


Since she too was pregnant, I knew she could not lack a testing kit. She smiled back at me then said;


“As a matter of fact, I do have some.”


Mumo was cornered, she had no choice but to confess to her daughter about everything. That was when I began recording her on video.


“Am sorry my daughter, it was not my fault that your guy liked me. It all began that day that you brought him to my house and left him there.” She said then kept quiet for a while. Christine was staring at her in disbelieve.


“After you left him at my place and went to attend to your emergency call, I decided to go and take a shower in the guests’ room since my shower was broken. While on my way to the guestroom, I realized that George had nothing to drink or eat so I walked to the dispense bar and made him some coffee and got him some buns. While I was taking the coffee to him, my towel accidentally got off and fell. I was holding hot coffee so there was no way I could grab it instantly. I could see how he was gazing at my chest smiling sheepishly; I could tell he was yearning to touch it.” Mumo narrated then went silent for a moment as she stared at her finger nails due to shame.


“Of all the men around you mum you saw it wise to sleep with my boyfriend then kill him so that you could hide it from me?” Christine asked as tears of anger fell off her eyes….






Continues in the next Episode.


©Author George Haman




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