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The Neighbourhood Saga – Season 2 Episode 2

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( This story Contains Adult Content (AC), Strong Graphic Language (SGL) which might be disturbing to minors and in some parts Graphic Violence (GV). Reader’s discretion is advised. Suitable for persons 18 years and above. )




“As I have told you, you pull that trigger and you will never see her again. If you think I am bluffing, call her phone right now.” I said crossing my fingers hoping that Joy’s men had already captured her.


Mumo took out her phone and dialed Christine’s number then put it on loud speaker. Luckily enough for me, Christine had already been kidnapped; the phone was answered by a male.


“You might as well wanna check what is on your chest.” I said after I saw the gun pointing rays on her chest.



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I looked up to see who was pointing a gun at her only to find Joy and her men standing above us in the building.


“I guess this is the part where I get the pleasure to hold the gun and you seek for mercy.” I said as I took her gun.


“Okay, what do you want?” She asked after she ordered all her men to place their weapons down and surrender.


“I have a list of demands but before that, I want him and him.” I replied as I pointed at two men.


One of them was the guy who hit me at the back of my head with his gun and the other one was the one who punched me on the face. I shot them both in the knee and said;


“Nobody hits me and goes free, that was for the crime you committed. And by the way you punch like a girl.” I said addressing the guy who had punched me.


Joy and her 7 men then walked out of the building and I could see disbelieve in Mumo’s eyes.


“How could you Joy?” Mumo asked.


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“How could she what?” I asked curious.


“Mumo, I warned you. I told you to leave the man I love alone but you never listened to me. I am sorry but I cannot let you hurt him.” Joy said.


I was caught up in a melee, I had not anticipated that Joy was allies with Mumo in the dirty business.


“I thought you loved Chris?” Mumo asked.


“Chris just makes me miss Haman more. He cannot even ride for quarter an hour!” Joy replied.


“What the hell is going on here Joy?” I asked curiosity getting the best part of me.


“As I told you Ham, this life is complicated for you to fathom but I am willing to reform for your sake.” Joy replied.


“I trusted you once and you stole from me, why should I trust you again?” I asked.


“Because as we are speaking right now, I am the only one with the copy of your script other than you.” She replied smiling.


“What do you mean?” I asked getting confused.


“I sold the script to three people then stole it again before any copies were made. I believe Chris misplaced his since he was asking me about it so I think there are only two copies now; you can have both Ham as my way of apologizing.” Joy said with pleading eyes.


I stared at her for a while and I could not help it but have flashbacks of her and I in the kitchen. All the same, she was my only way out of Mumo’s death trap.


“You doublecross me again and I will make sure you pay accordingly.” I said to Joy.


“What do you want us to do with her?” Joy asked pointing at Mumo.


“Once beaten, twice shy. She has tried killing me once, I cannot risk taking any chances with her.” I replied.


“She is all yours dear.” Joy said as she gave me a barreter.


I took the gun, corked it and pointed it at Mumo’s forehead.


“Say your last prayers Mumo.” I said to her.


I was about to pull the trigger when one of Mumo’s men fired a shot and the bullet hit me on the right shoulder. Joy turned and shot the guy in the head; I went crushing to the ground. By the time Joy shot the guy, Mumo had already vanished.

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She had a get away car ready; Joy was torn between chasing after her or attending to me first. She looked at the car next to her then looked at me and said;


“I cannot leave you here to die dear, once you get to the hospital I am going to hunt her down I promise.” She said as she pressed a piece of cloth on my bleeding shoulder.


“I can handle the bullet Joy, it is not the first time I have been shot. I want you to go and find that imbecile; dead or alive, I don’t care how you will deliver her to me.” I said as I took off the cloth from my shoulder.


Joy was not contented with my request but she had no choice, she had to leave me. She got into the vehicle behind her together with three of her men. The other four men were left to look after Mumo’s men as well as help me clean up my bullet wound.


“I thought you had disarmed them all?!” I asked one of the four men.


“Yes we had, we don’t know how he got a gun.” He replied.


After I was shot, all of Mumo’s men were tied together on a post.


A few minutes later, I could hear police sirens approaching from far. I had already removed the bullet from my shoulder and with the help of Joy’s men; I dressed the wound.


“Cops are on their way, what are your plans?” I asked one of the men.


“Sir, we have to leave now.” He replied.


“What about them?” I asked pointing at Mumo’s men tied at the post.


“If the cops find us here, they will definitely arrest us all since we have a body lying here sir. We were here just to keep an eye on these prisoners until the cops got closer enough” He replied.



We all got into the last car which had been left behind and drove off. After driving for a couple of miles, the driver took an exit route and connected to a road which passed in the middle of the woods.


“Hey! This is not the way to my house, where the hell are you taking me?” I asked harshly.


“Keep calm sir, we have orders to take you somewhere safe. You of all people should know that going to your house right now would be a death wish.” The guy driving replied calmly.


He was right, going back to my house would be walking right into Mumo’s trap. The four guys took me to a hidden house in the woods and to my surprise that was where Christine was being held.


“Hi Ham, what happened to your hand?” She asked after she saw that I had blood on my shoulder.


I was not sure if she was collaborating with her mother or she was just an innocent mama’s girl who was being kept in the dark.


“I got shot.” I replied.


“Who shot you?” She asked.


“The bad guys.” I replied.


“Let me see.” She said as she walked towards me.


“Don’t, touch me!” I said harshly.


“What is wrong Haman, have I done you anything wrong? I said am sorry for how I treated you back at my place please.” She said.


I stared at her for a while observing her eyes and I realized I might have been making irrational judgments.


“Christine, what do you know about the drive-by killings?” I asked calmly.


“Ham, I told you everything I know.” She replied.


“Are you sure it was everything?” I asked with a calm polite voice.


“I have been trying to investigate who is funding them, they killed my boyfriend and I promised him vengeance before he died.” She replied.


“Where is your Mum?” I asked pretending to care of her welfare.


“I don’t know where she is. I was out shopping when two men grabbed me and brought me here; they claimed that they were cops and my life was in danger. The last time I saw mum was when we left your place and she said that she had gone to look for a friend who would help in rescuing you. I saw the men abduct you Haman but I was too scared there was nothing I could do, so was mum.” She replied.


Somehow, Christine was talking the truth; she did not seem to know much about the evil her mum was doing.


“Tell me about your boyfriend who was murdered.” I said.


“He was a sweet guy, always made me smile every single second. That fateful evening, he was coming from my place before he got shot. We had our moments but he insisted that he had to go to his place since he was having a client the following day. If I had convinced him to stay that night, maybe he would be alive today.” She said as tears began running down her cheeks.


I slowly walked towards her and held her arm. I then looked at her in the eyes and said;


“We are going to find whoever killed him and we will make them pay.”


Before she could say anything else, I got a call from Joy. I excused myself from Christine and stepped out.


“Hey Joy, have you found her?” I asked after I took the call.



“I am sorry Ham but somehow she has known the location we are holding Christine. According to her car’s GPS, she is 30 minutes away and we are an hour away; you have to get the hell out of there fast!” Joy replied.


In the safehouse, we had a backup of eight men inclusive of the four who brought me there. The guy in charge was called Miche.


“Christine, the people who shot me somehow found out where we are and they are coming; we need to leave.” I said to her.


“I am going nowhere Haman, today is the day I avenge George.” She replied calmly.


“Dear, there is so much you don’t know. The person funding these thugs is someone you cannot expect my dear. Also we do not have the manpower to fight these men today.” I said.


Christine took my both hands then looked at me in the eyes with her innocent eyes then said;


“Haman, if you want to go, it is okay you go but I am going nowhere until they are all dead. I don’t care whether it is my friend or my family but as long as they set their feet here, either me or them must die.” She said calmly.


“But before you go I want to tell you one thing; you are a good guy and I liked you when I first saw you. I know I behaved like a jerk that day but it was because I hate cops and I saw you were with cops. In case I do not make it out of here alive, know that I admired how you did things and I wished to one day feel the warmth around your arms.” She added.


Christine was talking sense, there was no way we would keep running for the rest of our lives. I pulled her closer and gave her a tight hug. I then pecked her on the forehead and said;



“When all this is over, I want to take you to a beach and hold you in my arms so as to grant your wish. I will stay and fight with you but you will follow my lead. Before they get here, I think it is best you know who killed your boyfriend.” Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen **************************************************


Continues in the next Episode.


©Author George Haman

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