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The Neighbourhood Saga – Episode 7

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( This story Contains Adult Content (AC), Strong Graphic Language (SGL) which might be disturbing to minors and in some parts Graphic Violence (GV). Reader’s discretion is advised. Suitable for persons 18 years and above. )


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When I got to the shop, I could not believe my eyes. Chrisham was standing right in front of me. By now I could recognize her from behind, her hips were unique and outstanding.


“Hey beautiful neighbour.” I said as I patted her right shoulder.


“Ham! What are you doing here?” She asked.

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“I brought Lax for a walk.” I replied.


“Who is Lax?” She asked.

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“My pet.” I replied.


“Where is he?” She asked.


“I left him with Joy; I just came to grab some ice cream for her.” I said.


Chrisham’s smile then faded away slowly after I mentioned Joy.


“Oh! That’s nice. See you around Ham, I have to go.” Chrisham said and left.


I bought the ice cream and walked back to the bench I had left Joy and Lax; only to find them missing. I had no idea where they both were. I got scared, I did not know where to start looking for them.

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I started looking for them around but could not spot them anywhere. I tried Joy’s phone but it was off. Just then I heard a dog barking behind some bushes on the edge of the park. I walked towards the bushes calling out Lax’s name.


Before I could get through the bushes, I heard a car drive off then Lax came towards me running; he was not on leash. After a few seconds, Joy showed up, she looked a little bit upset. Her top was unbuttoned at the bottom and torn as well.


“Joy, what happened?” I asked her.



“He got off the leash and started chasing a squirrel down the park. I followed him down here before he could do any harm to that poor animal.” She replied pointing at Lax.


That was strange because I had stayed and year with Lax and not even a single day did I see him chase after a small animal. Lax likes playing with objects and not animals.


“What happened to your top?” I asked pointing at her unbuttoned and torn part of the top.


“Was caught by these bushes as I tried to get to Lax.” She replied.


My instincts were telling me that there was something she was not telling me but I decided to give her the benefit of doubt.


“Here is your ice cream, let us go back home.” I said as I took Lax’s leash and put it on his neck.


Joy looked tensed but she was trying to keep calm. I could see tension written all over her face. When we got home, it was almost nightfall; Joy offered to make dinner. I stood beside her watching her cook as I fantasized with her.


On our way back, we passed by some boutique and she got herself some new clothes; she was wearing a crop top and a booty short. I stood there staring at her soft thighs and spongy tits. She seemed all new to my eyes; I just yearned to have her more and more.


“Why are you so addictive Joy?” I asked.


“Because I flying like a butterfly and work like a bee.” She replied smiling. I was about to grab her by the waist and start kissing her when my phone rang; it was in the dinning room.


“Are you not going to take that?” She asked.



I had no choice, I walked away from her and went to the dinning room to pick up the call; it was a new number.


“Hello, who is this?” I asked after answering the call.


“Come meet me at the gate.” A lady’s voice said then hanged up the call.


I got discombobulated since I had no idea who was calling me. I stared at the phone for a while; I had no idea that Joy was staring at me.


“Who was that Ham?” Joy shouted from the kitchen.


“I don’t know!” I replied as I took a flashlight and walked out of the house.


“Where are you going? It is dark!” I heard Joy say.


“I am going to check on something in the garage, I will be right back.” I replied as I closed the door from outside.


Outside it was already dark, I switched on the flashlight and started walking towards the gate. My hands were shaky, I wasn’t sure that I was doing the right thing. When I got to the gate which was not fixed yet, there was nobody on sight. I decided to walked back to the house.


Before I could take the first step, I heard footsteps coming towards me. My heartbeat rate increased, fear ran down my spine. I slowly turned and directed the flashlight towards the footsteps. I saw a woman approaching; she was wearing a black long coat and had her head covered.


“Hey Ham, we need to talk.” The lady said.


“Who are you?” I asked perplexed.


Before she could answer my question, headlights from a oncoming car appeared from behind me and the lady quickly took cover. She disappeared into the darkness.


“What the hell is going on here?!” I asked loud sounding scared.


Just then a black SUV appeared, it had it’s headlights deemed. The car was driving towards me at a slow speed. The SUV pulled over in front of me and the driver’s window was lowered. There was a lady in a black trench coat and blue jeans.


“You must be Haman, the new neighbour.” She said smiling.


“Yes I am. Who are you?” I asked.


“My name is Mumo, I live two blocks down.” She replied.


“Oh! Pleasure meeting you ma’am.” I said.


“See you around Ham.” She replied as she raised the window and drove off.


After Mumo was gone, the lady in a long coat then came out of her hiding spot; it was Chrisham.


“What the hell is this Chrisham? Should you not be with Chris right now?” I asked perplexed.






Continues in the next Episode.


©Author George Haman

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