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The Neighbourhood Saga – Episode 5

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( This story Contains Adult Content (AC), Strong Graphic Language (SGL) which might be disturbing to minors and in some parts Graphic Violence (GV). Reader’s discretion is advised. Suitable for persons 18 years and above. )




Chrisham on the other hand was busy admiring my pictures on the walls. She spent much of the time rolling her eyes from one picture to the next. Lunch was ready and I served my three guests; I was keenly observing the reaction between Joy and Chris. After we had lunch, Chris and his wife decided to leave and it was Joy and I once more.


“You know him?” I asked Joy.


“He is my director.” She replied.


“I knew it!” I exclaimed.

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“Knew what Haman?” She asked perplexed.


“You two know each other. At first when I saw how he looked at you, I thought I was being paranoid and having illusions.” I replied calmly.


“How did you know?” She asked sounding curious.


“The looks you two gave each other were evident enough.” I replied.


“I was shocked to find out that my script director is your neighbour. Actually, he has made me realize that we are acting one of your scripts.” She said.


“Yeah, he too was perplexed to find you in my house wearing my clothes. About the script, which one exactly of my scripts are you acting?” I asked.


“Chances of Destiny.” She replied.


“Wait a minute, you guys work for Mr. George; the guy who owns the Mekhi uptown studio?” I asked perplexed.

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George was the one who had purchased that particular script hence I figured out that Chris and Joy worked for him since that was the only way they could get the script.


“Yes we do.” Joy replied.


“For sure this world is a tiny place.” I said as I cleared the table.


Joy helped me clear the used utensils and cutlery then helped me carry some to the kitchen.


“I could have done the dishes for you were it not for the bandage on my arm Ham.” She said.


“It is okay Joy, I got this.” I replied smiling.


“But I can give you company.” She said sounding naughty.


“I will appreciate that. Talking of which, you might have to spend the weekend here as you wait for your car to be repaired.” I replied.


“Nature has it’s way of fixing things I see.” She mumbled to herself.


I started washing the dishes with the dish washing machine as I danced to the soft music playing in my common room. Joy was seated on top of the kitchen cabinet beside me.


Her light complexion made me to have a few quick glances at her soft looking thighs.


The thighs were very tempting to the eyes but my mind would fight off the urge to touch them. Either way, being human who has hormones and feelings, I found myself getting carried away by the tender skin of her thighs.


Joy realized that I was staring at her often hence she decided to play a long. She unbuttoned the shirt such that I could clearly see her boobs.


“It is hot in here.” She said to blind me from her act.


“My air conditioner broke down, why don’t you loosen your clothes?” I teased her.


“Why don’t you come help me do that?” She replied biting her lower lip.


I dropped the plate I was holding waiting to put it in the dish washer and walked towards her. I got in between her legs while she sat on the lower cabinet then we locked our eyes.


“You sure you want me to…?” I asked sounding more naughty than romantic.


Joy tore off my shirt and went for my lips; I never anticipated that she would have the guts. Her kiss was a mind blower, it made my head format for a while.


“I love your chest Ham.” She said with a soft voice.


“You a damn good kisser Joy.” I said then gave her a French kiss.


Joy was more romantic than I expected, she turned me on within two shakes of a duck’s tail. I could feel her unhurt arm hunt past my belt to my pants. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted it but the dry-spell I was in was killing me; it was hard for me to resist. She grabbed my goodies and that was my breaking point.


I ripped off the shirt she was wearing and the bra together. If her tits were the two hands of the clock; (the minutes hand and the hours hand), the time would be exactly ten past noon. In other words, Joy’s boobs were not only stiff but as firm as a rock inside a river.


Her nipples were as hard as candy; hard in the outside but soft and sweet in the inside. The touch on her nipples made her wanna explode like a time bomb on triggered clock.


“I can’t wait any more Darling.” She whispered as she took off my belt and my trouser fell off.



After putting her to bed when I rescued her from the accident, I had changed my trouser and shirt since they were sweaty. Joy was in another world already, I could feel her breathing rate become rapid as we progressed….






Continues in the next Episode.


©Author George Haman

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