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The Neighbourhood Saga – Episode 18

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( This story Contains Adult Content (AC), Strong Graphic Language (SGL) which might be disturbing to minors and in some parts Graphic Violence (GV). Reader’s discretion is advised. Suitable for persons 18 years and above. )


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“This is Mary my attorney. She is defending me in court against a case I am being set up.” I said then kept quiet and stared into the thin air.


“So, what does that has to do with me and you coming here?” The Lady asked.


“Ma’am, we came here to ask you to kindly help us with a copy of your CCTV footage from that camera; it will help us prove his innocence.” My attorney said pointing at the camera.


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“I am sorry guys but I cannot help you; I will appreciate it if you leave my compound now.” The lady said and started walking back to the house.



Just then a I heard another lady coming from the inside of the house calling out the lady’s name; that was when I knew her name was Christine. To my surprise, the lady then called out my name when she saw me at the door.


“Hello Haman, to what do we owe this pleasure?” She asked as she came to shake our hands.


“Mumo, you live here?” I asked perplexed.


“No, I live in the next homestead but this is my property too; my daughter Christine stays here.” She replied.


“Christine is your daughter?” I asked shocked.


“Yes she is, come on in please.” She replied showing us the way in.


We walked in and I explained to Mumo the reason why I had paid them a visit. She offered us coffee then called Christine aside and they had a talk for a few minutes. Christine then walked to one of the rooms and later came back holding a USB drive in her right hand. She gave it to Mumo and then walked out of the house.

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“Here is the footage you asked for Haman, I hope it will help you in court.” Mumo said handing over the USB drive to me.


“Thank you Mumo, I owe you one.” I replied as we got up.


“I hope to see you around Ham, bad things happen to good people always and nobody cares but this time round I am sure someone will.” Mumo said smiling.


She then escorted us to the gate and the two cops escorting us took us back to the court. The court session resumed and Chrisham was shocked to see me back with a lawyer, so was Chris.


Mary knew the perfect time to strike, she waited for Chris and his wife to contradict themselves since they had no time to come up with a solid lie then she provided the footage. Chris somehow knew that none of my cameras faced his compound so he never expected that there would be any footage existing.



After watching the footage, the judge gave her ruling. She charged both of them (Chris and his wife), together with all the witnesses who testified against me for giving false witness in court. They were all fined half a million each and Chris was ordered to compensate me for trying to ruin my name. Because of her lying in court, Chrisham’s assault case was revoked and was termed as pretense.


Chris awarded me twelve million as ordered by the court and that was when we became enemies. He extended the wall on his side separating our homes but I did not care since I was no longer interested in their friendship anymore.


One morning, I was having my usual morning runs when I met with Chrisham; she was having her morning runs too. After they lost the case she became desperate and began stalking me. For a long time she tried to meet with me outside my compound but I rarely got out on foot unless in the mornings when I was having the morning runs. I pretended not to know her and went running past her.


“Haman wait!” She shouted.


I stopped running and stood. She then walked slowly towards where I was standing and stayed silent for a while.


“I know I wronged you Haman but I can explain please.” She said.


“I am not interested in your explanation Chrisham. I don’t need to hear any other lies you have to say and I don’t want to ever see you again in my life so stay away from me.” I said harshly then started running again.


Chrisham was a stubborn lady, she began running following me from behind. After I saw her following me, I began running a little bit more faster such that she could not keep up with my pace.


I was about to take a nearby corner when I heard tyres screeching followed by a single gunshot. I quickly jumped and lay flat on the ground; my face facing down. What followed next was the sound of a car driving away fast.



After the car was gone, I slowly got up and looked around; I could not see anything abnormal around me except for the fact that I was all alone; everyone around had ran for their dear lives after the gunshot. I decided to keep on running before whoever fired the gunshot changed their mind and think of returning.


I had barely taken two steps when I heard someone calling for help. I turned around silently and slowly then listened carefully, the call for help was coming from a nearby bush.


I stood there for a while debating whether to check out who was calling for help or just go home. After debating with my conscience for about five minutes, I decided to go and see who was in the bushes calling for help.


I tiptoed towards the bush cautious of my surrounding. I pushed my way through and when I took a few steps deeper, I was in for a rude shock.


There lied two people on the ground bleeding. One of them was shot in the chest and the other one was shot in the thigh. I tried figuring out how that could be possible because I heard only one gunshot, whoever fired the gun, fired only one shot but there were two people lying on the ground each with a bullet wound. I did not have my phone with me hence I could not call an ambulance.


The one who was shot on the leg was Chrisham and the other person was a man that I had passed jogging behind her. I quickly removed the guy’s vest and then took off my vest and placed them on his to slow his bleeding. I then looked in his pocket and he did not have his phone as well.


“Chrisham, do you have your phone?” I asked.


“No but I have my watch.” She replied in pain.


“How can the watch help here?” I asked.


“It is not just a watch, you can make an SOS call with it.” She replied.


“Call an ambulance then and be fast, we are loosing him.” I said as I exerted more


pressure on the guy’s chest….





Continues in the next Episode.

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