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The Neighbourhood Saga – Episode 15

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( This story Contains Adult Content (AC), Strong Graphic Language (SGL) which might be disturbing to minors and in some parts Graphic Violence (GV). Reader’s discretion is advised. Suitable for persons 18 years and above. )


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I speared him to the ground and it was now his turn to receive the blows. Unlucky for him, mine were only aiming for the face. I was so furious since I never believed in beating up a woman; I treated him like a mongrel. Chris was crying for help but I was still beating his face until he had blood all over.


I then took Chrisham and carried her then lay her on the nearby seat. She was bleeding as well and needed medical attention.


“Where are your car keys?” I asked her.

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She could barely talk. I turned and saw the Audi was not locked and the car keys were still on the ignition. I hoped against hopes that the engine was still running because only then would it be of help to us.


The Audi was designed in a way that once the engine was switched off, to ignite it again you needed to input the driving code.


Chris had already switched off the engine; the car was of no use to me. I rushed into their house to look for Chrisham’s car keys since that was the better option than going for my car.


My first guess was that the keys would be in their bedroom; I went looking for their bedroom. I finally found it and started looking for the car keys. I lifted a book on the side table and then a paper fell off the book. While collecting the paper, something caught my eyes; I could not believe what I saw.


It was a copy of my masterpiece script. The book had been placed on top of the movie script; nobody had that script other than me because it was in my computer. That was when I realized that Joy was not only a cheat but also a thief. I took my phone, took a picture of it then took it with me and grabbed Chrisham’s car keys.


I quickly picked Chrisham and put her in the car then rushed her to the nearby hospital. After she was taken in and booked an appointment with the doctor, I then sent an ambulance to go and pick Chris up.


The doctor said that Chrisham needed a thorough examination hence it would take a while, I got into her vehicle and went back to my house. I needed to know how Joy got access to my scripts yet I had locked my computer.

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Luckily enough, my footages recorded from the CCTV cameras always got formatted automatically after three months unless I transferred them to a different hard drive; I had all the surveillance I needed.


After watching all the footages, I could not stop laughing at myself how easily I got played by Joy. She first seduced me so as to cripple my instincts.


She then slept with me to calm my demons and gain my trust. After screwing me for hours, she made sure I was exhausted such that I would sleep like a baby.


She knew pretty well that a sleepy man would say things he never intends to say so after I fell asleep, she came to bed, tried waking me up in the name of love but she knew I would rather tell her anything she wanted to hear than waking up.


That night was when I told her my computer’s password and a week later she stole the copy of the script. Her patience to strike was incredible.


That particular script she stole meant everything to me since it was worth a dime. In case it got pirated the people willing to sponsor my work would cancel the deal we had cut.


I was not sure how many more copies were out there but I had to find Joy for me to know exactly how bad the situation was.


Tracing her on my own would take ages, a couple of months maybe; I made a few calls and I had my old friends in the military trace her for me.


I then asked my good old friends to dig more about this woman called Joy Shamz since the way she carried herself and the way she easily played me, something did not feel right.


I did not want to take my chances with her so I went to my safe and took out my retirement gun from the military. Definitely it was registered and I had a license for it but I had never used it.


I parked Chrisham’s car inside my garage and took mine to go and hunt for Joy. She was professional in whatever she did and smart but I was trained to track down rats like her; I found her when she least expected to see me.



She was in one of the beach hotels standing at the balcony facing the ocean as she sipped her champagne. I walked towards her quietly from behind and placed the gun on her back.


“If this is where you came to hide, you can do better; keep calm and start walking.” I said.


“Who said I was hiding Ham? If I wanted to vanish I would and I still can!” She said as she placed the glass champagne on the table and started walking.


We then sat on a table set on the lobby facing the beach. There were a few more tables around us.


“How many copies have you made?” I asked as I kept my gun under the table pointed at her.


“Copies of what?” She replied pretending to know nothing about what I was asking.


“Don’t play dump with me Joy, you know what I am talking about.” I said then


corked my gun…..






Continues in the next Episode.


©Author George Haman

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