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The Neighbourhood Saga – Episode 11

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(????This story Contains Adult Content (AC), Strong Graphic Language (SGL) which might be disturbing to minors and in some parts Graphic Violence (GV). Reader’s discretion is advised. Suitable for persons 18 years and above.????)



************************************************************************************************Fifteen minutes later, Chrisham arrived. She was wearing a tracksuit; I had never seen her in a jogging outfit. She spotted my car and came to where it was parked. I opened for her the front door then I drove off to a more private place since where I had parked was a bit public.”What is so urgent Haman that could not wait until Chris goes to work?”


She asked.”I have something to show you.” I replied as I pulled over at the edge of the Park.”And what is that?” She asked.I took out my phone and showed her the screenshot from Joy’s phone.”What is this Haman?” She asked.

“Check the number which sent that message.” I replied.”Where did you get this message?” She asked perplexed.”Joy’s phone. Can you explain to me why you would send such kind of a message to Joy?” I asked.”I did not send that message Ham.


” She replied then sighed.”Is that not your number?” I asked.”Yes it is but I was not the one with the phone at this particular time this message was sent.” She replied.”Who had it?” I asked.”My cousin, his name is Martin.” She replied.

There was some silence as I tried to process everything. I now started to believe Chrisham’s words; Joy was not to be trusted.


“I think you were right Chrisham, she is not to be trusted.” I said.”I always am right Haman; I will see you around, I have to be back to house before Chris leaves for work and we cannot be seen together at this time of the day.” She said then got out of the car.I had to face Joy, it was about time for her to get out of my house.


I drove back home after Chrisham had left. Just before I got to Chrisham’s gate, I saw a black Audi pullover at the roadside outside my house.I pulled over about fifty metres away from the Audi and observed what was going on. Few minutes later, Joy walked out of the house. She was wearing a white mini-dress and some black opens shoes.The Audi drove off and I drove into my compound.

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That day was the day my electric gate was going to be installed. I went to the house and gathered Joy’s property and belongings together.Just before I could start packing her staff, the guys installing the gate came. I left her staff lying on the floor then went to attend to them.After they had everything they needed, I went back to the house and packed all of Joy’s belongings. I then locked the house and went to the garage where her car was.

An hour later, the car was all ready; I hired a driver from the garage to take the car to my place as I went to do some shopping in town.Time passed by so fast, the gate was fully installed with two hidden CCTV cameras and a floodlight connected to the CCTV.


In case the cameras detected any movement alongside the gate, the floodlight would switch on automatically.I packed Joy’s staffs in her car’s trunk and waited for her to come back. I made some chicken curry and pilaf for dinner and enjoyed the meal all alone.


It was at ten o’clock at night yet Joy was not back yet. I decided to take some hot shower before I retired to bed. I took off my clothes, took my towel and walked into the shower room.I filled the bathtub and then got in and started enjoying the sweet feeling of the warm water.


I stayed in the bathtub for about half an hour then retired to bed.I tried sleeping but I could not fall asleep. I decided to go and watch a movie since I was not in the moods to write any scripts.It was half past midnight when the gate’s notification alarm went off.


The alarm was not loud since it was just a notification that there was some movement outside the gate.I walked to the screen connected to the CCTV cameras and unlocked it.


It was Joy being dropped off. I zoomed the registration plates of the car which was dropping her off; it looked familiar.Just then the guy driving the car got out of the car and walked towards Joy; she looked worried.


I had not seen his face yet since he had not yet faced the CCTV camera.None of them seemed to be bothered by the floodlights; he held Joy by the waist and kissed her on the lips. That was when I clearly saw his face. More interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES


From the way he faced the camera, I could tell that none of them was aware that there was a camera recording them.After kissing, Joy walked to the gate bell and rang it; the guy stood beside her as they waited for my response. I could communicate with someone at the gate while seated in my dining room. I opened the communication channel and stayed silent.

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“Are you sure he is home?” I heard the guy ask.”I don’t know, let me call him.” Joy replied as she took out her phone from the purse.”Be quick, we cannot risk being seen together.” The guy said…

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