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The Neighbourhood Saga – Episode 10

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( This story Contains Adult Content (AC), Strong Graphic Language (SGL) which might be disturbing to minors and in some parts Graphic Violence (GV). Reader’s discretion is advised. Suitable for persons 18 years and above. )


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“I have no idea my dear.” I replied.


“What do you mean?” She asked.


Before I could answer her question, my doorbell rang.

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“Chrisham, could you please get the door for me?” I requested Chrisham.


She walked to the door and opened it. After a few seconds later, she came back and Joy followed her from behind.


“Joy, I believe you will now take care of the remaining bit.” Chrisham said as she took her purse and headed for the door.


“What do you mean?” Joy asked.


“Haman will explain to you.” Chrisham said and left.


Joy could not look me in the eyes, guilt was eating her up. She also looked scared over something. I lay on the seat and started watching the TV.


“What was she talking about?” Joy asked timidly.


“Where were you Joy?” I asked.

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“I got an urgent call from work; I could not make it to come back yesterday am sorry.” She replied.


“Was that why you never even left a note and also switched off your phone?” I asked.


“I did not know that I would be late Haman and where I was, there was no power, my battery died!” She replied sounding a bit harsh.


“Okay Joy, but it is nice to let me know when you are leaving the house.” I said politely.


“Haman, just because I am crashing at your place it does not mean that I am under your rules! I appreciate your hospitality but you will stop treating me like a little girl!” She replied harshly.


I noted that Joy had changed, she was not the Joy I had left in the house. I decided to go mute and let her be. I took the walking rod Chrisham had gotten me from the stores, took my coffee pot and the cup I had used to take the coffee together with the plate which came with toast and went to the kitchen.


Joy noticed that I was limping as I walked towards the kitchen; she came and took the utensils and took them to the kitchen. I smelt alcohol in her breath when she asked me to let her help with the dishes.


“What happened to your leg Haman?” She asked.


“I fell in the woods.” I replied.


“What were you doing in the woods?” She asked.



“I was having my morning runs Joy when I tripped and fell; I need to get some rest. I asked Chrisham to prepare the guest room before you arrived, I think it is best if we don’t share a bed anymore.” I said as limped my way to my bedroom.


That was when Joy noted that I was angry at her. She came and held my arm then helped me walk to my room.


“I am sorry I was rude earlier Ham; just that something is bothering me.” She said.


“Is that why you are drunk?” I asked.


Joy did not answer my question, instead she bent her head in shame.


“Let us talk tomorrow when you are sober Joy.” I said as I faked a smile.


She helped me get to bed and went to sleep in the guestroom. In the morning, I woke up at six o’clock, Joy was still fast asleep. Read more interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App.I went to the kitchen, took some bananas and avocados, pealed them and put them in the blender. I loved having banana and avocado smoothy for breakfast.


After my smoothy was ready, I poured it inside a long glass and went to chill in the balcony facing Chrisham’s house. The curtains were still closed, an indication that Chrisham was still asleep.


I decided to wake her up so I reached to my pocket to take my phone. It was not in my pocket so I got up and limped back to my room; the phone was not there either. That was strange because when I went to sleep, the phone was in my pocket but I could not recall where I placed it when I got to the room.


I walked to the dining room and there it was, beside Joy’s phone on the dining table. When I tried to unlock it, the phone was asking for my voice verification; it only asked for the voice confirmation when someone tried to input the wrong password more than five times.



Immediately I took it from the table, Joy’s phone rang; it was a new number with no caller’s ID. I answered the call but did not speak; it was a man calling. He hanged up the call after he heard no one was speaking so I placed the phone back to the table. Just before it locked the screen, a text message came in. The message displayed itself on the top at the notification bar.


“Hey Darling, I hope you got home safe yesterday; I enjoyed your company so much. I hope to see you again soon.” The text message read.


Just then the name of the sender of that message appeared below the text message; I could not believe my eyes. It was Chrisham’s number. Joy’s phone would unlock itself when someone called, I dialed her number using my phone and when the phone unlocked, I took a screenshot of the message, forwarded it to my phone and deleted it in her phone.


I then dialed Chrisham’s number and told her to meet me at the Park where Joy and I had taken Lax for a walk. I could not make it to the park by foot, I took the car keys and drove to the Park. I bought some kebab and bacon then waited for her in the car…….






Continues in the next Episode.


©Author George Haman

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