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The Neighbourhood Saga – Episode 1

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( This story Contains Adult Content (AC), Strong Graphic Language (SGL) which might be disturbing to minors and in some parts Graphic Violence (GV). Reader’s discretion is advised. Suitable for persons 18 years and above. )




I had just moved in to the neighbourhood; it was my first week in my new house. It was at night, I slept like a baby, a sleep of peace. In the morning I was woken up by the ignition of an engine. I got out of bed and walked to my bedroom window to draw the curtains.


The golden rays of the sun bounced deep into my room as I enjoyed the sweet feeling of the vitamin D from the sun rays shooting at me.


My eyes were caught by a lady standing outside the house next to mine.

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My apartment was a two storey building but the next house was a one story building.While standing in my room next to the window, (which was basically the whole wall made of glass), I could see the entire neighbourhood on my right hand side.

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The lady was dressed in a pink night dress which was kind of a see me through. While standing in my room, I could see her thighs from my point of elevation. I looked around and saw an Audi driving out of the parking lot beside the house where the lady was standing.


The lady was massive; she had huge hips, a bright future behind her and a brighter future on her front. The dress she was wearing hugged her super tight, one could see every curve and edge on her body.


“If these are the kind of neighbours I have then I am doomed!” I whispered to myself as I admired the lady.


The Audi drove out of the compound and the lady was left waving at it. I was still standing at the glass wall which acted as my window. I was wearing only my boxer since I always enjoyed sleeping wearing less clothes.


The lady looked up and realized that the curtains of my room had been drawn. The windows were transparent since I had not yet tinted them to be silver so that someone from outside could not see me but I could see them.


The lady smiled and waved at me, I waved back smiling. She then started shaking her head as she kept on smiling.


I wondered why she was shaking her head. I thought for a while then I realized that her eyes were focused below my waist. Biologically, any normal male human being wakes up a little bit excited below their waist.

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I had completely forgotten that I was wearing just a boxer hence the protruding was extreme. I quickly covered myself with my hands and the lady started laughing. I closed the curtains and walked away feeling ashamed. I had no plans for the day since I was on my one month annual leave.



I walked to the kitchen and made some bacon and sandwich then made some Russian tea. I had a huge dinning room with a huge dinning table which had a rotating top. Whenever I was bored I would sit beside the table and rotate the food on it and every time the food got to me, I would take a bite.


I took my breakfast in one hour since I was playing with my dining table. After I was done, I switched on the home theater Music system and put the volume on max. I put the dishes into my dish washing machine and mopped the kitchen since it was dusty on the flour. I then decided to go and take a shower.


I got into my bathtub and started fantasizing with the lady next door; the lady in the next apartment. The warm water made me feel like I was in a Jacuzzi or a steam room; I was in no hurry of getting out of the bathtub.


My doorbell was designed in a way that it was linked to the music system; whenever someone rang the door bell, it would first switch off the music system then ring. The music system switched of all of a sudden, there was someone ringing my door bell. I got out of the bathtub and went to my dinning room. In there, I had installed a small screen which was mounted on the wall and was connected to the CCTV on my doorstep.


There was a delivery guy standing on my doorstep. I went back to the shower room and grabbed my towel then wrapped it around my waist and went to answer the knock.


“Are these my mails?” I asked the delivery guy as I opened the door.


“No sir, I deliver parcels sent internationally sir. Are you Mr. Haman?” The guy replied.


“Yeah, I am Haman.” I replied.


The music system then switched itself on automatically forcing us to move a bit further from the doorstep.


“Here is your parcel from UK sir.” The delivery guy said.



I took his report file and signed for the delivery then took my parcel and he walked away. My main gate had not been installed yet since I needed to upgrade my electricity supply power bank so as to link it to the gate. On my way back to the house, I happened to look up and once again my eyes met with those of the lady in the next apartment.

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This time round she was in the kitchen washing the dishes. She smiled at me but I did not smile back; instead I held my towel tight and rushed back to my house. I placed the parcel on the table and went to my room so as to dress up.


I had barely started applying lotion on my body when my doorbell rang again. This time round I did not bother to check the CCTV screen, I just wore a boxer and wrapped the towel back to my waist.


I was shocked to death when I opened the door, I could not believe my eyes……

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