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The Matchmaker – Episode 4

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By Rachel Fadipe



Getting close






Chapter four



Ariyike pov


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“Marry me” he said and my heart fluttered.


Why did my heart fluttered?


Is he serious?


Did I find myself a suitor already?


Is he in love with me?


Those are the question in my head.


Suddenly he let go of me and laughed. “what is funny?” I asked Clueless. “You should have seen the look on your face.” “Don’t tell me that you just prank me?” I asked hurt.


“Yes and your look was priceless” he said laughing more.


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‘How could I have believed that jerk, for once I really thought he was serious but I was wrong that bastard was just pranking me’ I thought sobbing.


“It must be fun for you, how could you play with people’s feelings like that. You are a total jerk” I said and went in.


“You are worst than an animal” I said and went in.


That bastard just gave me hope but he took it away from me.


Hope that I might find a suitor.



Seye pov


What did I do? It was only a prank.


I mean she didn’t expect me to like her, she seems hurt.


Did I hurt her?


‘Seye, you are such a idiot when did you become a woman bully’ I thought hitting my head.


I didn’t mean to hurt her that much, but I end up hurting her.


Should I apologize?


Why will I?


I did nothing wrong right?


Why do I feel guilt?



Dolape pov


“So you mean he didn’t give you his number?” Mr Akin asked.


“Yes, he is the first guy to reject me” I illustrated.


“That’s bad, so what are you going to do now?” Mr Tim asked.


“Am going to meet him again, this time I’ll grab on to him like dog to a bone”I said smirking.








The next morning



James pov


I woke up as early as I could and want out, hoping to see Ariyike before she leaves and luckily I did.


“Ariyike,” I called and she turned.


She looked at me with a cold eye and entered her car leaving the compound.


I totally messed up last night.


Am such a fool.





I waited for her to come back from work.


I need to apologize for what I did.


I looked at the rose flower in my hand, I hope it works.


I sat on the entrance to their house.


Waiting, and waiting till I dosed off.


“What are you doing here?” I heard a cold voice which woke me up. Ariyike pov

I arrived home late, there were a lot of clients today.


I got out of the car.


“Ma’am, you are back” the gateman said.


“Yes” I said.


“Oga renter has been waiting for you” he said while I saw Seye sleeping on the floor.


“He has been there more than an hour” he said.


“Thanks” I said and walked to where he was.


“What are you doing here?” I asked almost like a shout.


He quickly stood up, turning around still sleepy.


I couldn’t help but to laugh.



He finally turned to me.


“Uhn” he said embarrassed.


“What are you doing here?” I asked trying to control my laughter.


“Hmm, I want to apologize for my actions yesterday. It was stupid and foolish, I should have ever done that.”


“Am extremely sorry” he said which melt my heart.


“I want to give you this rose flower” he said but I saw nothing.


Is it another prank?


“Where is the flower?” He asked looking around.


I turned around and saw a goat my mom breeds eating the flower.


“You meant that” I said and point at the goat.


“That stupid goat” he said about to chase the goat but fell. This time I couldn’t control myself as he also laughed at himself.


He stood up, “I guess the goat ate it” I said.


“Yea, guess we are cool now?” He asked.


“Not sure, but it depends on the type of flower you get me tomorrow” I said.


“Sure” he said smiling.


“I like the fact we are getting close” he said while I also smiled.


“It is nice knowing you” he said and offered a handshake and I took it.


“Same here” I said smiling.


It feels good.


“And I meant what I said yesterday” he said.


“What?” Not sure of what he meant.


“When I said you were beautiful, I mean it. You look beautiful every time I see you, you look more beautiful now” he said and my heart beat fast like it was going to explode.


Why does my heart beat fast every time when am with him.


Why does my heart beat fast for his words?





Who has the answer to Ariyike questions?




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