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The Matchmaker – Episode 18

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Chapter Eighteen



Tim pov


It is high time I realized that I and Ariyike weren’t meant for each other.


She is perfect with Seye, and also it isn’t like I deeply like her.


I did the right thing, letting go of Ariyike to my best friend.


I wish them a happy life together.


I just wish Seye finds it in his heart to forgive me for ruining our relationship.

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Seye pov



“Am glad we are back” Ariyike said as we walked side by side, seeing her off to her house.


“Me too, but am kind of sad, if Tim didn’t come to you would you think of getting back with me.”


“Maybe, maybe not”


“But I do know I was at fault for listening to that bitch” she said, which makes me wonder whom she was talking about.


“But why didn’t you tell me about it yourself, it hurts that I have to find out from Tosin”


‘Tosin, how does she know about me’ I thought.

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“Am sorry” I said.


“That doesn’t cut it, why didn’t you tell me?” She asked frowning.


“I couldn’t, I have always thought true love doesn’t exist not after what happened between my brother and his wife” I stopped as old memories flashed back.


“My brother and his wife were a lovely couple or so we thought, but it changed that night when my brother’s wife ran away with his properties and his child, she left my brother heartbroken.”


“Luckily for him, he met her again but only to find out that the kid his wife ran away with wasn’t his child, it was just a normal kid his wife found in an orphanage



house and she decided to use the child to scam him, due to the shock my brother died, since then I’ve made up my mind not to fall in love or date but, when I met you all those mindset changed. Wow, this is the right lady for me, I thought” I said while she smiled.


“Am sorry, I should have tried to understand you”


“It is nothing, am glad we are back” I brought my lips to her head and kissed her forehead.


This is it.


“Ariyike, will you date me?” I asked nervously.


“Why asking? Am already yours” she said and I hugged her.


I found love in an impeccable way.



Dolapo pov


“Seems like your plan failed” Mr Akin said and sat on the couch.


“What do you mean?”


“Here” he said and threw some pic at me.


I picked it up and saw Seye and Ariyike together.


“How is this possible?”


“Why are you asking me?” He said annoyed.


“This can’t be, just give me another chance I will make sure to get him”


“No, forget about it. We are giving up on him”


“No way, you can give up but I won’t so forget about telling me to give up”



I will surely make Seye a victim, and I have a perfect plan for it.



Two weeks later



Seye pov


(In a five star restaurant)


I’m waiting for Ariyike to arrive, but still she’s not here.


That has been the norm since we started dating.


Any time we have a date, she always seems busy, am also busy too but I always try to make it.


She really doesn’t know how much I love her, no one else can try this with me.


I just hope she comes.


My phone buzzed, it was a text.


“Am sorry love, but am busy let postpone it” the message says.


“Like always” I said frustrated, stood up and went to the bar in the restaurant.


I sat down and before I could place an order a drink was served.


“I didn’t order anything”


“Yes sir, it is courtesy of the lady over there” the bartender said pointing to a lady seated on a chair but I couldn’t see her clearly


“Ok” I said and drank the whole cup.


I noticed my sight started getting blurry, i stood up trying to find my way out but I blacked out.



★The next morning★


I regain my sight slowly as I found myself na.ked on a bed.


“What is going on?”


“You are awake” said Tosin coming out from the bathroom in a towel. What exactly is this girl’s problem?


“Why the hell are you here?” I asked furious.


“No, that is not the right question love?”


“How do you explain yourself on a bed with me?” She said and looked at my d**k.


“What will you tell your girlfriend?”


“You just cheated on her.”





Jesus , Seye baby you are in trouble ooo.

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