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The Matchmaker – Episode 14

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Chapter fourteen



Tim pov


I laid on the floor, looking at the roof thinking about what my best friend said.


I picked the wine with me and drank a bit of it.


I can’t believe this is how our friendship will end, all because of a lady.



We’ve been friends for decade, but our friendship is at risk all because of a lady.


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Am really disappointed in myself, I caused everything, now am about to lose my best friend.


There is only one way, one of us has to give her up.


Who will that be?



Dolapo pov


“So did your plan work?” Mr Akin asked descending from the stairs.


“I guess” I grinned.


“There is no way, they will ever be together” I said proudly.


“Really? I pity them both” he said while made me burst into laughter.

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“Since when did you start that?” I asked after I stopped laughing.


“I don’t know why I just have this creepy feeling about Seye” he said. “Don’t worry, we are almost there”


“Soon, our cups shall be filled with riches” Mrs Adisa (Ariyike’s mom) pov


I observe the awkward situation between them as they stood frozen after seeing each other.


Ariyike took her eyes off him and entered the car.


This has been the situation between them, sometimes I could hear my daughter crying in her bedroom.



As soon as Ariyike left, my son in law went to his apartment disappointment written on his face.


Guess it is time for mama to step in.



Ariyike pov


“Ariyike” my mom called as I lay on my bed sad.


“What?” I asked.


“Come out” she shout and I sighed.


I stood up from my bed and want to my living room.


“What?” I asked nonchalantly.


“Sit” she ordered and I did.


“What is it?” I asked again.


“Just wait here, don’t stand up” she said and went out.


What is she planning now?


“Ma, am here” I heard a familiar voice as he entered.


I stood up at the sight of him.


“Why are you here?” I asked Seye.


“Your mom said that you weren’t at home” he said also surprised to see me.


Wait, what is my mom planning?


Suddenly we heard the door locked.



“Mom?” I said walking pass Seye as I rushed to the door, trying to open it but no luck.


“Just make up already, I will be back by 9: pm” she said and I could hear her foot steps fade away.


“Mom!” I shout.








(Few minutes later)


We stood still for some minutes as things got more awakard.


‘This is it, I can’t sit here’ I thought and stood up.


“Am sorry” Seye said and I stopped.


I turn back to him.


“What exactly are you sorry for?”


“The fact you lied that she is not your girlfriend and I saw you kissing her, or the fact that you have been playing me?” I shouted.


“First, I didn’t lie to you” he said approaching me.


“Second, it was never a game to me. Can’t you see it, isn’t it obvious?” He asked as he stopped in front of me and I saw sincerity in his eyes but not only that, I saw love.


“Can’t I see what?”


“Can’t you see that I like you” he said and my heart fluttered.


“Do I have to say it out loud, I like you Ariyike I deeply do” he said.


I looked at his lips as I felt tempted to kiss him.


“I like you a lot, I don’t …….”


Interrupted him by pulling him closer by his collar and gave him a kiss.


I disengaged and looked at his face.


“Enough talking already” I said as a smile creeped on his lips.


He held me by my waist and kissed me and I kissed back.


His hands went to my ass as the kiss was getting more intense.


Suddenly the door opened and my mom entered, seeing us in an awakard situation. Tbc


Mama Ariyike, why now?


Why, why, why?

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