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The Matchmaker – Episode 13

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Chapter Thirteen



Ariyike pov



I don’t know what is wrong with me?


All I know was that I woke up as early as possible getting ready for my date.


I put on a blue long sleeve gown, with a black heel and a black bag.


Try to look decent but also attractive.


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‘This will do it’ I thought smiling all to myself.


“Am off mom” I shout to my mom who wasn’t sure if she was at home and went outside heading for James place when I heard my name been called.


I looked back and it was Tim, I frowned at the sight of him.


What does he want?


“Are you off to somewhere?” He asked.


“And why do you want to know?”


“Just because, I want to apologize for the other time and also asked if you will like to go on a date with me?” He asked while I chuckled.


“I can’t!” I said frankly.


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“Because I have a date” I said already annoyed by his presence.


“Are you going on a date with Seye?” He asked.


“If you are, I will advice you not to” he said.


“What do you mean?” I asked confused.


“Seye, he can’t be trusted am sure he is playing with your feelings” he said.




“This is probably a game with Seye because the Seye that I know will never fall in love. He shut his heart down a long time ago, am sure he is playing you” he said.


“Seriously” I said and laughed.


“You are his friend, you shouldn’t backstab him and also people change” I said and left to Seye place.


Never trust people, how could he badmouth his friend like that.


I saw a figure that looks like Seye kissing a lady.


I observed well and it was Seye.


My bag fell of from my hand, how could he?


Was it a game?


He was the one who asked me on a date, how could he do such? Why now? Why


now? That am falling…….




“Was it a game?”


“Was everything a joke for you?”


“Ariyike, try to understand me” he said moving closer to me.


“You told me she wasn’t your girlfriend?”


“Then why did you kissed her?” I asked.


“She isn’t”he said.


“Then why did you kissed her!?” I yelled.


“You are such a liar, I hate you” I said and ran to my house.


Why does he have to give me hopes and take it away, will I ever find someone for myself?


My life is all messed up.



Mrs Adisa (Ariyike mom) “Welcome back ma,” my gateman greeted me. “Thanks” I replied back to my gateman.


I was about to head in when I saw Ariyike ran in and Seye followed her but he couldn’t get in.


Are they playing or what?


He left the door disappointed.


What is up between them?


I went to the door and knocked on the door.


“Just leave me alone!” she yelled.


“Open up, it is me” I said and I head towards the door


She opened and I entered, I saw her crying but she cleaned it up “What happened?” I asked.


“Nothing” She said and went to her room.



‘Seems like something is going on between my son in law and Ariyike’ “I smell love” I thought smirking.


I just hope this thing will work out but seems like they had a fight, don’t worry mama is going to fix this.



Seye pov


What have I done? I shouldn’t have attended to that bitch.


Now, everything is messed up.


I felt hurt for hurting her, it really hurts.


This is all Tim’s and that bitch’s fault.


Especially Tim.


I dashed out of the house angrily and went to Tim house.


I got to his apartment and was allowed to enter by his gateman.


I entered his room with full rage.


“Look who is here?” He said with a bottle of wine in his hand.


I charged to him and punched him hard on his face.


“What the!” he spat.


“I thought we are friends, how could you?”


“Friends, of course we are friends but I also don’t want to lose the girl if you are truly my friend why can’t you give her up?!” he shout.




He is right, am his friend I should give her up for him but I can’t and I won’t. “You betrayed me and I will make you pay.”


“And also no matter what I will make her mine” I said and left his house.


I will do whatever it takes to make Ariyike mine.


Because I like her.






The matchmaker



Looking for a suitor



Genre: Romance comedy



By Rachel Fadipe


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