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The Matchmaker – Episode 1

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The matchmaker



Looking for a suitor



Genre: Romance comedy



By Rachel Fadipe



First impression

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Chapter one



Ariyike pov



“Thanks so much, because of you I have this beautiful woman in my life, am really grateful” Mr James expressed his gratitude holding his wife hand, I felt jealous.


“It is nothing” I said with a fake smile.


“We will get going then” he said and stood up with his wife and exited my office.

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My name is Ariyike Adisa, aged 30, beautiful but for nothing. I’m the owner of Ariyike matchmaking agency, from a young age I have always had the gift of matching people together, after obtaining my university degree I spent 2 years unemployed. So I started working as a matchmaker, matching people together.


It is just a pity that I always match people up but I can’t find a suitor myself.


I have never had a serious relationship before, and I’ve my had my fair share of bad breakups and cheating boyfriends.


My situation has become disheartening for both me and my mom.


I will be clocking 30 soon but I have no boyfriend not to talk of fiance.


People come to me for help but they never knew I was the one in need of help.


I picked my bag and head out of my office.


“You are going home already” shade my secretary asked.


“Yes dear, finish with what you are doing and go home straight. Don’t go to your boyfriend’s place” I said and she smiled.


“Copy boss” she said and I head out.


I went to the car park, open my car door and entered. I braced my head on the steering, will I ever find a perfect suitor?



Seye pov



“How can you be so clumsy at everything? Do I always have to point out your mistakes?”


“Can you for once? Just once be perfect,uhn?” I shout at Bimpe my secretary.


“Am sorry sir” she apologized shaking in fears.


“Get out of my office!” I yelled at her and loose my tie a bit as she left.


Today has just been messy, my uncle threatened me to bring a girl home or he’ll chose a random girl for me.


Shit, this is so frustrating.


My name is Seye Oludare, the owner of Dare company, a billionaire.


I won’t say am that handsome but at least am not bad looking and most importantly am smart and I don’t believe in the word called love.


Well I have never experienced one, but I know the word love is hopeless, I know because I have seen one.


My problem now is the so called tradition in our family. It is very important that a male must get married before he reach 30, and am clocking 30 soon but I ain’t ready for any marriage.


But that seems difficult because of my uncle, who has insisted that I must get married or he’ll pick a girl for me. Knowing fully well that idea won’t favour me, I was given a month to look for a bride.


Am completely pissed off, staying in this office piss me off more.


I need a drink, just get myself high and forget about these whole stuff.


I picked my phone and dialed my friend Tim’s number.


“Hey man” he picked at first ring.



“I need a drink, come with the usual” I said knowing he got what I said.


“Ok man” he said understanding what I meant.


“Same location right?” He asked.


“Yea, my place” I said and hung up.








Seye’s place



“So you mean your uncle gave you a month to look for a bride?” Tim asked with a chuckle.


“I know guy, is it a sin to stay single for the rest of my days?” I asked as I smoked a blunt of weed.


Not a big fan but I smoke sometimes, when needed especially when I’m stressed.


“So what are you going to do now?” He asked.


“Believe me, I don’t know” I said and drank some alcohol.


“What if I have a perfect idea?” He said with a crooked smile.



Ariyike pov


I got home, stepped out of the car.


“Ariyike the matchmaker” My mom’s friend greeted me as she came out of my house.


“How are you doing ma?” I asked.


“Am good, thank you so much for my son’s marriage” she said.


“It is nothing ma” I said.


“Hmm but Ariyike you aren’t getting younger” she said, I already know where this is going to.


“The last wedding I had, was my last child’s wedding and you are five years older when exactly are you getting married?” She asked.


“Or are you not going to get married?” She asked in a mocking way.


“Your beautiful will vanish one day, the only thing that will be left is a empty vessel, so when exactly are you getting married?” She said which hurt me.


“Thanks ma, if you’ll excuse me” I said and entered the house.


“Mama” I said as I saw my mom in front of me.


“Why can’t you answer her? When exactly are you getting married? Why do you keep disgracing me? Is it my fault that you are the only one I gave birth to?!” She yelled.


“Mama take it easy, it is not like it is my fault for my lack of suitors, and mama being single is what is trending nowadays” I said trying to convince her.


“Now I can see where you are going to, but I won’t allow you, before you ruin my life I will disown you” she said.




“Don’t you dare, am no longer your mom if you want your mom then you’ll get married” she said and entered her room.


God pls help me, it is not like I don’t wish to get married. I also want a man, I want a man to call me his but what can I do if no man wants me. Will I force myself on them?



I also want a suitor.



Seye pov


“A matchmaker?” I asked.


“Yes, she is the best. That has been her profession for four years now and all the people matched up by her always result in a happy marriage” He said.


“Are you sure she is good?” I asked with a hint of doubt.


“Come on man, you should trust me. She was recommended to me by my sister to look for a bride” he said.


Well his sister has a happy marriage so I think I’ll try it.


“Ok” I said “but make sure not to tell her about my identity.”


“Am going in a disguise” I said.


“Why?” He asked raising his eyebrows.


“You know girls, if they find out how rich you are. They will always rush you, they only care about money” I said with disgust.


“Hmm, you are right. I will call her office and book for an appointment to know when we can go” He said and picked his phone.


“Uhm a matchmaker” I said and sipped my wine.


Let see how this goes.



A Week later



Ariyike pov



“Mama, am off to work” I said to her who was sitting on the chair watching TV but got no reply.


“Mama, are we still at this?” I asked still no reply.


“Mama” I called but she hissed and went in.


This is how me and mama has been for the past one week. If I greet her, she won’t respond.


“If only I could find a suitor for myself but what can I do where there is no man” I said sobbing.


I got out the house and head to my car.


The gateman opened the gate and I drove out, to my office.








“Good morning ma” shade greeted me.


“Morning dear” I said and faked a smile.


“Do I have any client waiting for me?” I asked.


“Yes, two guys” she said.


“Ok thanks,” I said and entered.


“Good morning” I said to the guys seated. One dressed in suit while the other dressed in a casual wear.


The one in suit stood up and shake my hand while the one in casual wear ignored me even when I offered a handshake.


‘So rude’ I thought.


“Please have your seat” I said to the guy and also sit down.


“So how may I help?” I asked.


“Well, we submitted our files” he said pointing to the files on my table.


I opened it, “Mr Seye Dare?” I asked. That name rings a bell, just not sure.


“He is the one” the one in suit said referring to the rude guy who hasn’t said a word.


“May I ask, Mr Seye what kind of woman do you want?” I asked him but he said nothing.


“He likes plump girls, beautiful ones” the other guy said.


“Well Mr….” I said to the guy who has been talking.


“Mr Tim” he said.


“Am sorry Mr Tim but I wasn’t talking to you, I will like him to answer” I said getting pissed off.


“Seye?” he called.


“Just as my friend said that is exactly what I like” he said filled with arrogance which was pissing me off.


“When matching people up, the first impression with me matters, for me to see if they can make a good couple, Am sorry Mr Seye Dare but I can’t find you a bride” I said with a smirk while both friends looked at me surprised.


“What?” He asked.



“You heard me right, arrogant idiot, I can’t find you a bride” I said while he furrowed his eye brow.





Ariyike, why now?


What do you think? Should I continue or not.

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