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The Imperfect Daughter – Episode 4

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⚫Episode 04⚫








Did you hear that? He was going to bath with me.




His hands entwined with mine and he gave me his beautiful smile.


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“Miss President, can you lead us”,he said and looked around staring at the students, “You may lead us alone”




Disappointment crept on their faces.




Mr Anthony squeezed my hands while we walked to the bathroom.




“Thank you very for your tour, now you may excuse us”


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“No, Mr Anthony. How am i sure you won’t do something her”




He chuckled, “Am i a bad person now? Is that what you insinuating”




“No… ”




“Then please excuse us”,he glared at her tightening his jaw.




She swallowed hard and frowned leaving us.




He turned to me and he gave a warm smile, “Are you okay?”




“Yes Mr Anthony. Thank you”




“If you like i could carry you to the bathroom”




He said and I blushed. I’m chubby and heavy, he can’t carry me.




“I will be fine”




“Okay… I will be waiting”




I walked slowly to the bathroom, removing my clothes then I turn on the water.




I don’t understand what’s going on?




He came here for me.




Am i even that important.


I just hate how Perpertual was glaring at me.




It’s would be my worst nightmare if my


she tells my parents.




She would even lie to my parents I slept with him.




What am i going to do now?




After bathing, I wiped my skin with my previous dress which were not stained with Coca-Cola.




Then I heard a knock.




“Athena”,he said softly.




“Yes, Mr Anthony”




“Please open the door a bit, I have your dress”




“Oh okay…”,I opened the door and he gave me the clothes while he covered his eyes.




“Thank you so much, Mr Anthony”




“My pleasure”,I locked the door and open the zip of the floral dress.




I wore it but the zip … I can’t close the zip.




I opened the door and he stared at me.


“I can’t close the zip”




“Okay, let me help you out”,he moved close behind me and I felt his cold hands on my bare back which made goose bumps rushed on my skin.




“Done”, he said softly and release my hair making it fall on my back.




“You look beautiful like this”




“Don’t flatter me, Mr Anthony”




“I’m not”, he was staring at me.




I push my hair behind my ear, “Umm… I have chemistry. I have to go”




“Okay let’s go..”,he held my hands.




“Mr Anthony… please.”








“It’s just not right to be here. You don’t know you’ve put my life in danger.”




“I know.. I know your mom will be mad at you but listen to me Tia, for once in your life don’t be scared just let go and enjoy the moment”




“How do you know my mom….”




“I owned the blog; Talk to me”




“Oh Gosh”, I said surprisingly.




“Yes it’s me. I’m sorry that I place your life in danger but i just came here to make you smile. I was just curious to know you more, so please let me in. Just let me be that friend”




I smiled. Oh my God, a celebrity is going to be my friend.




“Okay… I will let you in”,I smiled.




“Alessandro”, he said stretching his hand.




“I prefer Sandro. Well , you already know my name, Athena”




“Tia is what I prefer”




I shook him laughing.




“Okay friend.. let me help you to cla*ss”








“Okay friend.. let me help you to cla*ss”, I held her as she walked slowly.




She was in pain and I could see how she squeezed her face.




Her hand were soft and so cute just like her feet, and i gladly held them feeling how soft they were.




We reached the stairs as she pants.




She was already tired.




I bend down carrying her in my arms.




“Mr Anthony… I can walk”




I just refused to listen to her and started using the stairs.




“Sandro, I’m too heavy. You would get tired”




“Trust me Tia, you aren’t”,I said and it was the truth.




She wasn’t heavy. She was perfect.




She made a “hmm” sound and rest her head on my chest which made my heart flutter.




We reached the corridor as students stole glances at the gla*ss window staring at us.




I didn’t mind because I’m always used to this.




Tia showed me the chemistry lab.




We entered and the students were murmuring while I took Tia to her seat.




I stood and shook the chemistry tutor who was excited to see me and even asked for my autograph.




The moment i turned, I saw a guy sitting close to her.


They were talking.




Just talking.




Tia eyes lit up as she asked me to sit by her side.




“I will see you later Micheal”,she said to him…




“Please Tia…”




“We would talk at the right time”,she said and Micheal stared at me then he slowly went to his seat.




“Is everything okay?”,




“Yes everything is fine”




“Okay..”,I smiled.




“My friend, Anna had been sick so you are going to be my partner for the praticals”




“My pleasure”, I said and her eyes were concentrated on the tutor suddenly, I saw Miss President and two girls who were behind her.




“Mr Blake, we came to study chemistry today”




“Okay have a seat.”




Then six students entered and he told them to have a seat.


Later they were more people in her room.




“Because there is a celebrity here, everyone wants to be in the chemistry lab but i was once handsome before i was ulgly”,the tutor said making everyone burst out laughing.




Miss President came to sit close to me.




I don’t why but she is too clingy.




“We meet again?”




“Yes.. . Miss President, we meet again”




“Call me Perpertual”




I just nodded and concentrate on the cute gi who was busily reading her text book.




She used pencil to tie her hair in a bun as I raised a brow.




“Miss Johnson… can you teach us, Acid, bases and compounds practically”, Mr Blake said.




“Umm..sure”,she said getting up.




“Should I help?”,I asked.




“I’m okay”, she smiled and moved towards the board.




She wrote the topic on the board while I sat there watching her.


How her lips were moving and her eyes, God, those eyes are just beautiful and they are honest too.




“Mr Anthony, you said back there that you came here because of Miss Johnson”




“Is that a problem Miss President?”




“Well… I was just thinking about how you guys met”




“I think you should mind your own business rather than poking your nose in other people’s issues, don’t you think Miss President?”




“Umm.. I’m sorry”,she said.




“Good”, then i heard applause. She sat close to me.




“Nice speech by the way”




“Thank you.. ”




Perpertual stared at her and chuckled moving away.




I was lost in thought staring at her. I pushed her hair behind her face and gave her a kiss on her cheek.




Her skin covered with goosebumps and her cheeks turned red.




I knew I had effect on her.




Spending the day with Tia end so well, for the first time, I realised her voice was angelic.


And it will be so good to hear her m0ans if she was beneath me.






I dropped her home as she thank me and I saw her walking through the main door.




I hope to see her again.








I reached home and I heard noises.




My mom and Perpertual’s mom were screaming.




“Oh my God, Perpertual, your life have changed. You mean Alessandro came to visit you at school”




“Yes mom. You can’t believe it the school went wild and the most pa*ssionate part was he kissed me mom”




My mom gasps and Mrs Benson, Perpertual’s mom shouted.




“I’m happy for you Perpertual. Hope he comes here soon”,my mom said.




“I’m so happy, my daughter had found love”




Wait, did she just…








I can’t believe this. How can she possible lie like that.




I greet my mom and she eyed me from head to toe.




“You see, she got a celebrity with her slim curves. Have you realised how useless you are. Now get out of my sight. The only thing you know is bring shame to this family”




I rushed into my room.




Why does she always hurt me.




I crawled on my bed and cried my hear out.




I hate here.










The Imperfect Daughter

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