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The Imperfect Daughter – Episode 10

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⚫Episode 10⚫








I hate her.




I hate her so much.


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I swear, I will make her pay.




I will make her pay for everything. For arresting me.




For arresting my parents.




I won’t let the have the happiness she needs.


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I will make her suffer and I will increase the hatred her mom has for her.




Because of her everyone hates me.




Even Alessandro likes her. I will make sure you hate her too.




I took my cell and phone Micheal.




“Hey…”,I said softly.




“What do you want?”




“I want to apologised to you Micheal”




“Wow, this is the first time I have seen you apologising”




“I’m truly sorry for everything”








“So do you accept me back as your girlfriend?”






“But why? Are you interested in anyone else?”








“Who?”,I wiped my tears.








My eyes widen and I wiped my tears, “No? You are with her at Glen falls right”




He hanged up on me.




He dared hang up on me.




I threw my phone on the mirror angrily.




“I hate you Athena. I hate you so much. I’m going to make your life living hell. What I did in the past was just a top of an iceberg!!! I swear you will pay!!”






The rain was drizzling a bit and all i could do was stare at her in my arms.




She was peaceful in her sleep.




I kissed her cheeks and she pout.




You set your own rules, Tia but i will make sure you break each of them expect one.








I won’t have sex with you until you turn eighteen.




until you finally become a woman.




And my only bad girl and I’m going to spoil you so much.




One rule was broken and it all my doing.




I’m a game planner.




And i want is for her to fall me


just like i have fallen for her.




I took my cell phone and took photos of her asleep.




She was really beautiful.




I held her close kissing her neck. She moans and push into me which made me smile.




I nuzzled her neck and she gasps pushing me away.




“What are you doing? Were you trying to take advantage of a young innocent girl”,she asked sitting.




“What can I do when you are wearing my shirt looking so sexy. Besides you were the one who jump to me during the storm”




“I didn’t jump on you. What do you expect me to do when that storm almost killed me in my room?”,she sat up.




“You said no sleeping on the same bed or is that your way to take advantage of you”




“Advantage of you? You are not even my type”,she scrowl making me laugh.




“You are not my type either, cutie”




“Good because I’m going to my room and I’m never sleeping with you again. You always made me sweaty”




“If i made you sweaty then you did you push your ass rubbing my peaceful cock..”




She gasp, “I can’t do that”




“Yes you did”




“You know what, I’m done arguing and I regret sleeping with you”




I smirk at her as she left me on bed.




I laid flat on the bed staring at the ceiling.




“Aarrrgh!!!!”,I heard her scream and I quickly ran to her room.




She raised her foot showing me the glass of chandelier, which prick under her foot.




“Don’t move, Tia”,I said as she groaned in pain.




I quickly gathered the scattered glass and placed it in the bin.




She sat on the bed raising her foot with both arms.




I knelt infront of her holding the first aid box.




I raise her right foot and stared at the broken glass under her foot.




I slowly pulled it out as she groan in pain.




It’s really a deep cut. I slowly applied ointment and bandaged her foot as she groans in pain.




“I’m sorry…”




“It’s okay…”,she sniffed.




“The lights aren’t working today and it’s getting getting… why don’t you stay with me in my room”








“Come on Tia, I won’t hurt you. I promised”




She stared at me for a while and she nodded.




I carried her in my arms taking her to my room.




She sat comfortably on the bed then the rain starts heavily again.




I wasn’t able to lit up the candles due to the wind. I wrapped her in arms.


“Do you need anything?”, I asked.








“Are you cold?”,I asked and she nods.




I covered her with the blankets, “Are you sleepy”








“Can we talk”








I smiled, “How many boyfriends have you dated”




“I have never dated before”




“No, I don’t believe it”




“Please do. I have never dated before. I was always indoors. My parents were strict”




“Hmm.. were you kissed before?”




“Ermm… no”




“Are you a virgin?”,I asked and she close her eyes.




“Yes.. “,she whispered and i remain quiet.




“Yes laugh all you want… “,she shrugged and I shooked my head.




“I’m not going to laugh. I was going to say that’s wonderful. I like it.. it’s a beautiful gift and I’m ready to be the first man to take it”




“Sandro… I can’t love you. I just…”




“Shh.. .just let go. Break the rules Tia. Do something crazy”




“I can’t…This is me”




“This isn’t you. You are trapped”




“I’m not trapped… I’m okay”




“Okay.. .”




“So tell me why you those celebrities and leave them with broken heart”




I shrugged, “I don’t know it’s just fun”




“Really? You are doing it for fun?”




“Yes.. .”




“You are a perv”,she punched me playfully.




“Thank goodness it’s them but if it’s were up to me, I will never fall for your charm”




“Oh really?”,I grin.








“You are daring me Miss Johnson”




“I dare you Mr Anthony to make me fall for your charm”




I raised a brow.








He bite his lips. He looks so hot and sexy right now.




I dared him and I’m scared I will fall for it.




“You know Mr Johnson, when i want to charm a woman, I touched delicate places I don’t want to touch”




I smiled, “Impress me, Mr Anthony”




He laughed them suddenly he turn so serious.




He hauled me in his arms making me gasped then he buried his head in my hair inhaling my fragrance.




“You smell good, Tia”




I closed my eyes to feel more of him.


He pushed my hair exposing my ear then I felt his mouth captured my earlope making me shiver.




He gave a husky laugh, “I’ve just started Tia”




It’s my first time. His leg part mine. I bite my lips trying not to moan.




He tugged my ear with his teeth and slowly place soft kisses on my neck and i felt his fingers brushed my stomach and I moaned.




He kissed the tip of my nose. The moment he was about to kiss me I turned and his lips land on my cheeks.




“Tia…”,he said as if he is in pain.




“I can’t…”




“Please let go. Break the rules. Don’t be afraid”




I stared at him and his looked so honest and sincere with love.




How can I deny him.




I like him too… infact the feelings I have for him is deep.




He slowly captured my lips with his and I opened up for him making his tongue battled with mine, making me moaned.




He moved on top of me and his thumb brushed my cheeks and he claimed my lips again.




My fingers moved into his hair while he turned my head deepening the kiss.




He sucked my bottom lip and give a soft bit and slowly kissed my jaw.




“You break two rules already and it’s almost 14hours… 4 days more to go”




I smiled and I kissed him again making him groan.




“I like you, Mr Anthony”




He kissed me deeply till i was out of breathe and I curled my toes, “I love you, Tia”




Did he say he love me.




He loved me












The Imperfect Daughter

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