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The Hate You Caused – Episode 5

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Episode 5




Aliyah came down in excitement .when she was told her friends, are at the sitting room waiting for her “halimat, aminat and mistura “she embrace them one after the other.



Am so happy to see you “she sat in front of them smiling ”




hmmm. Common, don’t give that’s look. She kept staring at them ”



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first, of first tell us why you got married to Abdul azzez , without inviting us to your wedding halimat spoke sitting up ”




she was shut of word. Just like I knew, she would be looking like dry egusi “halimat stood up checking the pictures hung on the wall ”




aliyah. why is your father in law pictures hung around the wall ” hey. Lower your voice the guards are listening ” aliyah spoke softly.




Don’t mind her. she secretly got married to Abdul azzez without her knowledge “mistura stares at massaging her hair.



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Am so hungry “aminat stood up stretching her hands “we went through hell, before the guards let’s us in.


Why did Abdul azzez got you body guards “halimat ask looking serious.




So, no one would steal his diamond from him “mistura bump in smiling.




Can you please stop mentioning Abdul azzez “aliyah held her forehead. Are you jealous “they echoes at once.




Yes. I am. She replied standing up ” Am so hungry “halimat stood up ,and excuse to the kitchen .



Hey. Come here ” rodiat,would got you a lovely meal “alright. Aliyah ushered halimat to the sitting room, and noticed mistura ,and aminat checking the magazine besides the TV.




Drop that please. She look sobber




OK. I guess Abdul azzez ,won’t like us around his wife magazine “they bursted to laughter . aliyah found it annoying peeping around.




Rodiat came to ask for their order. In no time, it was done. aliyah kept praying they should leave soon ” she won’t just withstand any form of embarrassment ”




am OK. Halimat empty her cup ” I think we should leave. Of course “aminat stood up picking her bag ” bye. Aliyah excurt them to the car waving them bye.




She felt relief, and return to the house nodding her head” rodiat. She called sitting “Ma. She came out with napkin.




Madam, your friends are nice to be with. Rodiat spoke with a smile




Thanks. She replied gently




Madam. who is Abdul azzez. They kept mentioning his name “rodiat look serious




his just a friend. Excuse me. She excuse to the room without another word, and sat down locating his picture “she placed it on her chest closing her eyes ”



she noticed the sound of the door, and hide it without notice ” allaji came in ,and noticed she was reading Quran. He left clearing his voice. She felt relief, and excuse to the bathroom……

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(beautiful morning)


Aliyah stood in front of the mirror after, a beautiful bath ” she noticed the door, and watch allaji faruq came closer to her ”




she held her breath boling in anger. She closed her eyes tightly when she felt the kiss on her shoulder “am going to have you tonight. You so beautiful, to resist ” he peek her gently, walking out of the room ”




she held the table boiling in anger, and noticed the ring on her phone “mum ” Mum :i need to see you. Come doing weekend OK. She hung up without another

word “aliyah sat down, looking worried…..


(Allahja hammed pov)


she was surprise seeing her daughter, and ushered her to sit “am so surprised to you “she spoke staring at her




I won’t be here mum.without your notice. Alright. Let’s go straight to the point “allaji faruq reported you to me” aliyah look at her mum in the face, looking surprise ”




he said ever since you got married. he hasn’t touched you for once. Aliyah look away.




Why aliyah . Don’t you know ,it a sin to refuse your husband. Mum, I told him am on my period. It not my fault “aliyah spoke in anger



aliyah, next week makes it a month. Listen very good. You father, and I concluded. if you don’t got pregnant few months to now”we would disown you. Mrs hammed look upset




What! aliyah look shocked. but , mummy. you should understand is like that of elephant on ant.




Hey shout up. His your husband ” you should leave now. She fired in anger ”




Aliyah pick up her bag ,and left in anger…..


(allaji faruq pov)


so soon son. OK. I understand ” he entered the house receiving call, and cut a glance at Aliya looking upset ”




alright. I just talk to you later. he hung up the call, and turned to face aliyah.




she excuse to the room without a word ” very good. He joined her at the room pulling his cloth. What are you trying to do ” aliyah shifted to the back.




Keep watching ” he grabbed her down in anger and ,grabbed her two hands.




no. no. aliyah kept struggling for freedom. allaji faruq notice the hard pain at his back, and fell unconscious.




Allah! he stood up from the bed sweating profusely “aliyah, stabbed me in the dream. oh my God. I should be very watchful. he kept breathing ,and found it hard to sleep *******************





*Hate you cause*

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