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The Hate You Caused – Episode 4

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Episode *4*




Aliyah was introduced to everyone by her husband ” he won’t stop holding her. Some, find it OK .while most people find it strange “aliyah sat down alone, the guards stood outside watching everywhere ”




. She find it more comfortable ,and breathe out requesting for drink. She stood up, and pick up a drink.




She Gump down, and served herself fried rice and chicken ”


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hy. She turned back to see a guy smiling at her. Hy. She replied in a cool voice ” do you come alone “she ask smiling.




Actually yes. I just joined the party 10minutes ago. Am aliyah. She stretched her hand to greet “jamiu. He grabbed her hand ,and kiss it briefly ”




nice meeting you. Same here ” aliyah replied, laughing to everything jamiu said ” she successfully grabbed him to a private place to talk “no doubt, they kiss. He walk her out ,after exchagement of contact.




She was told Mr faruq has been so worried about her “she joined him on the sit and couldn’t replied numerous of question he was asking. Where have you been “he repeated again. Restroom. She replied softly starring around


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Restroom indeed. I ask my guards to look for you”but why. Aliyah look upset “I only left for few minutes. Is not as if am running away.




Aliyah, I know what you capable of doing .dont act smart with me. Am warning you. don’t let me change to you “Mr faruq stood up from her ” she followed him looking upset ”




get her inside the car “he fired in anger. She was dragged inside the car……







Allahji faruq came down from the car first. Looking upset ” aliyah followed him .


he noticed the ring on her phone, and snatch it receiving the call.




The caller hung up hearing a strange voice ” you have no right to receive my call “all she noticed was a hot slap on her face. She stands still for a while, and sat on the couch in shock holding her cheek ”




she noticed rodiat beside her, and bursted to tears ” madam. Sorry. Aliyah stares at her in tears ,and ran to her room crying.




She lock the door on herself, and couldn’t stop crying ” she ran in front of the mirror, checking her look. She couldn’t stop crying ” how would I communicate with azzez. I hate him. I hate him. That’s what she kept saying ”




she noticed the knock on the door, and opened up looking sacred ” here. Talk to your lover boy ” Mr faruq, held the phone Looking upset “aliyah walk with her back looking sacred ” she could see clearly who is calling “azzez. Allaji faruq.smatched the phone in front of her, and broke the SIM to pieces.



he walk out of the room ,and lock her up . She sat down crying like ever


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(beautiful morning)


aliyah got up when she noticed the sound on the door “Allahji, at the room looking dressed up. You messed me up, at the party. Ugh! You were busying, flexing around “aliyah didn’t said a word and kept staring at her hand.




Answer me. Answer me “he look upset. He noticed the ring on his phone, and walk out “am not done with you OK. Aliyah managed to get up, and excuse to the bathroom …




she came down in some hours ,and noticed the table set for lunch. madam, I was so worried about you “rodiat spoke coming closer her. am fine. she sat down gently staring around ”




your face. rodiat look worried “aliyah bursted to tears “ha! madam. it fine. “rodiat grabbed her close. don’t cry please.




rodiat, can I learn your phone ” madam. Of course. She brought it out of her breast “aliyah gave her a weird look ” why did you kept it there “aliyah spoke looking serious.




oga, look sometimes. got me sacred. alright, I would be back “she accepted and rush to the room ” she opened her bag and brought out jotter. she dial azzez number ”


aliyah : my love. she spoke softly


azzez aliyah, is that you. am so worried about you ”


aliyah :yh! listen. come get me out of here, allaji snatch my phone .am using our house help phone to call


azzez :i promise you soon. but ,how would we communicate.



aliyah :i would try my possible best. she hung up, and hide the phone coming out of the room ” the guards gave her a weird look ” they followed her down, she find it hard to return rodiat phone ”




the security was just so tight. she sat down to eat ,and kept staring around ” Hammond. she called one of the security, crossing her leg. I want ice cream. Won’t you got a chocolate ice-cream for your boss wife.




They stares at one another. he ordered one of the guards to get it, and return to his post




gosh! I can’t go out. I should have told usman to get it at once. Hammond please, get me pizza “he stares at aliyah.




he adjusted his speck, and excuse to get it. rodiat take your phone “aliyah gave her ,excusing to the room ”




rodiat kept nodding her head, and laughing ” madam, sacred that’s goat head usman. She kept laughing.*************






*hate you cause*

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