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The Hate You Caused – Episode 2

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Episode 2




The knock on the door got aliyah up from bed ” she pick up her phone checking the time “6am. She came down from the bed, putting on her hyjam”




yes. Am coming. She spoke softly yawning. She opened up, and saw rodiat at the door “madam.allaji said I should call you for morning prayers ”




OK. I would join you soon ” she closed the door, and return inside “morning prayer. She spoke softly ,and excuse to the bathroom


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“have allaji totally forgot am on my period “she came out of the bathroom cleaning her face and change to” jalamia ”



she was about stepping out when she cut a glance at the picture in front of the mirror “allaji and his late wife ” she changed her look and walk out of the room gently …..

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Aliyah, Why don’t you came down during morning prayer “allahi faruq join her at the dinning room ” she stares at him and kept playing with the fork in her hand ” I am on my period. She Finally spoke dropping the fork.




She noticed the ring on allaji’s phone and watch him excuse upstairs to pick ” madam. Apple. Rodiat knelt down gently handing it to her”thanks.she replied smiling.



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Do you like the food MA. Allaji doesn’t eat spicy food ,that’s was I didn’t add much pepper to the stew “rodiat spoke smiling.




It fine. It so delicious ” thanks. Rodiat replied smiling ” she cut a glance at allaji ,and stood up hurriedly hitching her hair “I would talk to you later ” she rush to the kitchen smiling ”




what wrong with her “aliyah look confuse ,and cut a glance at allaji coming down looking dress up “he was on call. His guards hold his brief case and his document ”




aliyah. He hung up staring at her ” am leaving to the office. Take care of yourself “he was about leaving when he turned back. I dropp 100,000 on the table” you can use that’s for shopping.


He stop talking ,and brought out a smile “won’t I get a sweet hug for that ” aliyah came closer and embrace him ”



thanks. Let’s go ” he order his guards out, and drove out after a strict warning to


the gate man…..


(rodiat pov)


rodiat rush out of the kitchen smiling. his gone. She sat down retying her scarve ”




why did you reacted that way earlier ” aliyah ask looking serious “allaji might not like me around you ”




why. Aliyah look more serious “well, let’s forget about that . am so happy, he finally got married After allahja ‘s death ”


he has refuse to remarried , his son tried his best. He even spent 6 month in Nigeria after mourning his mum.


He pleaded his dad, to move on. All in vain. He won’t just listen ”




that’s touching. He must have love his wife so much .well, they are happy couple’s .despite the fact ,allahja only gave him a child ” he never think of having another wife.




That’s lovely. Aliyah sit up looking serious ” so, do you have idea what killed allahja.




Oh! My God. You didn’t know “rodiat look surprise. Aren’t you allaji hammed daughter.




Yeah. I guess you already , know so much about me ” of course. I attended your wedding “it was nikahi. I saw the expression on your face ”


so tell me. rodiat sit up holding her hands ” what brought your interest to allaji faruq ”



aliyah was speechless.


well, I know am not in the position to ask to you “but seeing you that’s particular day, gave me clue about you ”




am so happy, I could talk to you “rodiat spoke smiling
 long have you been working here “aliyah ask looking serious ”




“15 years. After my parents passed away. I have no family, no one to look for me. So, I decided to keep working.kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen




No particular time you quitting ” aliyah ask staring at her. rodiat nodded in agreement. she cut a glance at one of the guards and stood up from her “where are you going. Aliyah look confused ”




the guards here, are like that of reporters ” their main job is to guard and get information ” she excuse forcing a smile “aliyah stares at her till she was out of sight…….




aliyah return to the room and noticed the money on the table . She changed her cloth and looks totally dress up” she came down with nice bag and speck that’s match up her cloth ” rodiat. she called turning to the kitchen direction ” MA. she came out with napkin.




am going out for shopping. OK ma. she replied smiling “aliyah open the door, and noticed four guards beside the car ”




damn! May be because ,allaji is the commisioner of police. He has lots of rank that’s gave him opportunity to have lots of guards in his house.



She came closer to the car staring at them ” car key. I want to go out and shopp.
 not permitted to go alone “allaji instruction ma. One of the guards spoke adjusting his glasses




what! she look upset “MA. You have 3 hours for the driving , and shopping. it best we leave now ”




oh! my God. she couldn’t believe what she heard and watch one of the guards open the door for her to comes in “she settled inside the car. Two guards beside her one at the front of the car “she found it uncomfortable through out the drive ….




aliyah was ushered in by the guards. all eyes on her. she was not left alone to do our shopping “they kept moving at her back ” please, and please . It not as if am running away “give me space please. she fired in anger




they left , while she moved to the other side to shopp ” aliyah. she heard her name and turn back “aminat. oh my God ” they embrace one another in excitement






gosh! I miss you. aminat embrace her more ” I learnt you married. why don’t you invite any of your friends ”




am so sorry. She held her two hands smiling. So, can I come say hy to you doing weekend ”




of course . I just text you my home address ” madam .shopping over ” she turned back and noticed the guards ”



call me aminat. she dragged her basket to pay for her bills looking upset *****************


*Hate* *you* *cause*

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