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The Hate You Caused – Episode 11

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*Episode 11*





Allaji you shouldn’t have bothered ” uncle azzez, and I already went for shopping yesterday.


Oh! Really. Any way, that’s from him. This from me ” I hope you like the clothes I bought for you.




Of course it fine. She placed the nylon on the table, looking worried ” allaji , did uncle azzez said his not coming home. She stood up peeping.



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He called earlier, he would be home soon




. OK. I just asking, because is getting late ” she sat down forcing a smile.




I just go, up and change. Allaji pick his key from the table leading the way upstairs. Aliyah kept moving around the room. Rodiat, rodiat ” MA. She rush to the sitting room cleaning her hands ”




where did azzez went to?.



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Oh! I meant uncle azzez. She corrected forcing a smile.




He said, his bored earlier, and wants to go out.




He doesn’t party. I know azzez. Allah! Safe him please . Aliyah look worried




Madam, I just check on the food am cooking ” rodiat left silently. Her mind was disturb ”



something, is definitely between madam and uncle azzez. Yh! That’s very day , I caught them kissing . It not night mare ” it reality.




Yes. Rodiat, rodiat ” yes madam. She turned to the direction smiling”




please, did azzez told you where his going to. No. He just said his driving out.




Gosh! His not picking his call ” Aliya left looking sobber ”




yes! Now, I finally believe . ever since, uncle azzez came back , he barely has time for me.




I meant not the same type of person I knew . he always keep me company, but now. Aliyah, aliyah. Holding hands ,and doing lovely things in the house “rodiat heard her name and rush out in hurried……


(Aliya pov)


Allaji , allaji ” Aliya rush to his room for the first time ” azzez is not back. His food has gotten cold ”




Aliya, go get some rest . My son, his a big boy ” he can take good care of himself. Allaji slept back ”




what! No. Aliyah open the door and return to the sitting room ” she noticed the horn outside and rush out “Abdul azzez. Why all this . She look worried ”




Here comes dad little wife” shopping, shopping ” how was your shopping. He almost fell on her.



Azzez what do you mean ” Aliya look serious. I. Abdul azzez. Said, am. He throw up and help himself from falling “azzez, Abdul azzez. What all this now. Why all this ”




“look. Your phone is ringing “Lolly. Who is lolly. Don’t do this to me. Please. Azzez ” she followed himself and controlled herself when she saw the guards”




usman. Yes madam. He answered looking serious




Help him up. Yes madam ” aliyah excuse to the room holding azzez phone.




Lolly. Who is she “she felt excited seeing her call “hello. She hung up hearing a


different voice……


(beautiful morning)


rodiat, have you seen my phone. Azzez came out of the room looking worried.


No. May be, is with madam ”




madam. Gosh! Azzez ran to the stairs and find it hard to knock. He kept roaming around the corridor and noticed allaji voice receiving call ” may be she is busy .he cleared his voice and return downstairs




usman kept staring at him, his mind was filled up with lots of things. He stood up immediately when he noticed aliyah coming down from the stairs ”




aliyah. He rushed to meet her. ( Hand at her waist ) hey. Stop. Allaji might come down “aliyah kept staring around



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Madam breakfast ready ” rodiat spoke with a smile “she didn’t reply and excuse


upstairs looking upset……


(azzez pov)


he came out of the room looking dressed up ” he dragged his bags out, adjusting his speck “azzez where to. Allaji look worried ”




dad, it best I leave. I just stays at Eko hotel till am fully ready to travel back “why.


Aliyah spoke in sobber ” did I done anything, wrong.




Not at all, our wife. I just need to clear up somethings”




azzez. What wrong ” allaji held his shoulder. Dad, would talk more on phone ”


he excuse outside without another word ”




aliyah sat down lost in thought “aliyah was brought back from her thoughts by allaji. I just say hy .to lawyer duro ”




OK. Aliyah watch him left ,and bursted to tears ” rodiat kept watching her reaction “yes. Why would madam, be crying just because her husband son left. Something is fishy. Yeah! she kept watching….


(beautiful morning)


aliyah lock herself up at the room, and refuse to see or talk to anyone ” aliyah. aliyah .it me aliyah common, don’t act this way ”





allaji left the door when he was tired of knocking..



He brought her parents, after several hours she refused to come out of the room ”


he ordered the security guard to force the door open ”


she was uncousious breathing heavily “aliyah ,what have you done.




Aliyah ” gosh! allaji couldn’t carry her and ordered his security to carry her inside the car “allaji and her parent rush down like a chase rat ****************






*Hate you cause*



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