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The Bad Boys’ Girl – Season 2 Episode 9

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Episode 9



❌Kyle’s POV❌



“Hey guys. How goes it?” I asked, approaching Aaron and Stephanie on their way to their rooms.



“Uhm okay I guess… Kyle right?” Aaron asked.



“Yeah yeah. It’s Kyle… So uh, you guys said you dated Violet and Dylan back in the day?”


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“Mm-hmm. He never broke up with me.” Stephanie said angrily.



“Okay? How would you guys like to have them back?”



“Have them back? What do you mean? Aren’t you their friend?” Aaron asked even though I could see he was interested in my preposition.



“I am but I know they don’t belong together. You two look like you fit them a lot better so how would you like it if I helped you win them back?”



“Sure. We’d like that a lot… How about you we talk somewhere private? Walls have ears, you know.”



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“Yeah yeah. Sure.” I replied as we walked into Aaron’s room to talk.






Days followed and I was able to discover that Aaron and Stephanie were the real reason why Dylan and V broke up. Stephanie was quite the blabbermouth so it was that easy.



I also aided in perfecting a plan they called ‘the big showdown’ which they thought would win them Dylan and Violet. How wrong they were!



Since I knew of their plan, I was one step ahead and I was going to turn the tables on them in a way which they would have never expected.






The day came and Aaron and Stephanie were already happy because they assumed they were getting Dylan and Violet back.



The main plan was to trick Dylan and Violet into thinking the worst of each other and exchanging words in front of everybody at an gathering and then both Aaron and Stephanie would get closer to them and slowly gain their trust while drawing a rift between Dylan and Violet.



After everyone had arrived in the tent we were using for the gathering, while Aaron and Stephanie made plans on how to get Violet and Dylan to start arguing, I made plans on how to expose Aaron and Stephanie.



Once Dylan and Violet had already started arguing and yelling at each other, I tapped PLAY and then urged them to listen as the recording started.



Everyone went still as Stephanie’s voice boomed out of the phone with her admitting that Dylan hadn’t even been in his room when Violet heard the recording. It’d been edited.



Aaron admitted to having planned the part where he kissed Violet afterwards so he could make Dylan and Violet argue. I also recorded most of our conversation together and the plan we’d made to create a rift between Dylan and Violet.



At the end of the recording, everywhere was quiet with everyone’s eyes on Aaron and Stephanie.



“Why did you do all that Aaron?” Violet asked a while after.



“I just really wanted you back.”



“And you think lying and scheming would get us back together? Even if I broke up with Dylan, there is no way in hell that I’m ever getting back to you. It’s that simple.”






“Save it and just plain stay away from me, Aaron. You’re a monster and I don’t ever want to see you again.”



“Same goes to you Steph. I can’t even believe you would do something like that.”



“Whatever! I’m sick of this already.” Stephanie answered with a roll of her eyes before walking away.



Classic! I didn’t even expect an apology from her in the first place.



“What are you still doing here?” Anna sneered at Aaron who nodded and rose to his feet.

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“I’m sorry for all I did. I just want you to know that I still love you and I won’t stop fighting for you.”



And with that said, he turned and left.



“You know, I almost feel sorry for him. Almost!” Anna remarked smirking.



“By the way, don’t you two have anything to say to each other?” She asked gesturing towards Dylan and Violet who smiled and turned to face each other.



“Look V, I’m sorry for everything I said. You’re not selfish. You’re the kindest person I know.”



“I’m sorry too. I’ve been so wrapped up in myself lately and I was so hard in you. Please forgive me.”



“Only if you forgive me.”



“Of course I do.” Violet replied with a smile before they fused their lips together.



You know, I’m not even sure I like Violet that much anymore. Maybe I never really did love her. I’m happy for her now and I know she and Dylan belong together. That’s consolation enough.



“So…are we here to party or what?” Anna yelled once Dylan and Violet separated.



“You bet we are.” Riley yelled in response.



The party started again and like all things since this vacation began, it was fun.






Violet’s POV



“I know. I know. Love you too.” I replied as Dylan placed his lips on mine again in a fierce kiss that took my breath away.



“Maybe you should sleep over in my room tonight.” He said with a twinkle in his eyes when we separated.



I rolled my eyes good naturedly.



“Not tonight. My parents have something important that they need to tell me.”






“Yes really. We’ll sleep over another time. I have to go now though.”




“Can I get another kiss though?” He asked poutingly.



“Another kiss? Do you know how many times we’ve kissed already today?”



“Oh come on! Just one more… Please!”



“Okay fine.” I closed my eyes and placed my lips on his for a few seconds before separating.



“Good night Dylan.”



“Good night Violet.”



I waved at him before turning and heading towards my parents suite.



“Hey Mom and Dad.” I greeted once inside.



“Hey darling. How was your party?”



“Oh great mom! We just rounded up a while ago.”



“Okay. That’s nice. Take a seat dear.” My dad asked.



“Ohkay? What’s going on?” I asked sitting on the nearest chair.



“Oh it’s nothing darling. We just have something really important to tell you.”



“Okay? Spill then.”



They glanced at each other before looking back at me and then Mom dropped the bomb.



“Violet, your dad and I saw Aaron today and it got us thinking… And we decided that you two should get married after college.”









One chapter down, two more to go










The Bad Boy’s Girl 2


[ You Belong To Me ]



Written By Tyna

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