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The Bad Boys’ Girl – Season 2 Episode 8

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Episode 8



Violet’s POV



“Mum! Dad! What are you doing here?” I asked, shocked at seeing them.



“Well we promised we’d be here, didn’t we?”



“Uh yeah, you did. I just didn’t expect it to be so soon.”


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“Well we’re here now sweetie and we’re going to make up for lost time, I promise.” My mom said, cupping my cheeks with a smile on her face but I’d heard that statement one too many times for me to get my hopes up.



“Well now might not be a good time. I’m having a sleepover. Maybe you guys should go to your room and I’ll see you later?”




“Oh! Okay dear.” My dad replied, the expression on their faces already down.



“Wait V! You shouldn’t deny yourself the opportunity to revisit with your parents because of us… We’ll leave.” Kyle said to me, his hand on my shoulder.



“But…” I tried objecting but he wouldn’t let me.


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“C’mon guys, let’s pack up and leave.”



The gang nodded and left the room. I motioned for my parents to enter and bid my friends goodbye before closing the door behind me with a sigh. This should be interesting.






❌Kyle’s POV❌



“Why did you do that?” I heard behind me while I rinsed my hands in the bathroom.



“What?… Oh it’s just you. Don’t do that again by the way Dylan. You freaked me out.” I said with mock anger.



“Why did you do that?” He repeated with a stone hard expression.



“Uh do what?”



He groaned. “Come Kyle, you’re too smart to play dumb. Why did you do that? Back in Violet’s room? The whole thing with her parents?”




“Okay, you mean asking everyone to leave the room so she could spend time with her parents?”



“Yeah that. Why? Why did you do that?”



“Uhm maybe because it was courteous and thoughtful.”



He scoffed. “Yeah right. Courteous and thoughtful. That sounds just like you.”



“Okay? Is there something I’m missing here or is there something you’d like to tell me?” I asked turning to face him.



“Nothing really. Just to tell you that I know what exactly you’re doing and it won’t work.”



“Okay? I’m lost here.”


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“Come on Kyle. Stop playing dumb. I know you took advantage of this situation to get on Violet’s good side seeing as how we’ve broken up.”



“Okay. First of all, I didn’t take advantage of anything. Secondly, I had no idea that you guys had broken up.”



“So you didn’t know?”



“No I didn’t.”



“And you aren’t planning to win her over?”



I sighed. “I won’t lie Dylan. I love Violet a lot but I would never do something like that to you…at least not anymore. I only asked that we leave the room to give Violet and her parents some privacy.”



“I know. I know. I was just overreacting.”



“Why did you guys break up anyway?”



“It was mostly my fault. I got angry, overreacted and said some things that I shouldn’t have.”



“Do you love her though?”



“Yes I do. Very much.”



“Then fear not cousin for I will help you win her over.”



“You will?” He asked, his eyes hopeful.



I smiled and nodded. “I will cuz. Don’t you worry!”



“Of course I won’t. I know I’m with a master after all… Thanks Kyle.” He said hugging me.



I smiled, hugging him back. I might love Violet but even I know she belongs with Dylan and that’s why I’m going to make sure they end up together despite how much it hurts me.






We chose to spend the next day by the beach side again. This time however, there was no competition or surf off. We just spent our time relaxing until it slowly became dark.



Then, Anna came up with the idea of creating a large bonfire, gathering around it and playing Truth Or Dare. The game commenced but it was nothing too drastic.



Then while the game was going on, a group of six suddenly approached us, requesting to join us. Two of them however looked very familiar but I couldn’t remember how I knew them.



As it turned out, they were a few of Violet and Dylan’s friends from Missouri. It was while they were introducing themselves that I remembered where I recognized two of them from.



Aaron and Stephanie… The same guys I overheard discussing how to wreck Dylan and Violet’s relationship.



When both of them announced that they had both dated Dylan and Violet in the past, it all clicked plus with the way they were behaving, clinging to Dylan and Violet, I could bet they were involved with their breakup somehow.



I just had to prove it and that was just what I was planning to do…….






What is Kyle planning now and will it be able to get Violet and Dylan back together?


The Bad Boy’s Girl 2


[ You Belong To Me ]



Written By Tyna




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