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The Bad Boys’ Girl – Episode 5

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Episode 05


❌Kyle’s POV ❌



The door opened and a sulking Violet walks out. Her expression increased my happiness by a hundredfold.


“Bet you wished you hadn’t refused me! ” I said with a smirk on my face.


She nodded and sniffled.


“Your dad is requesting your presence. ” She said lowly.



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I smirked.


“Of course he is. Have fun on your suspension Violet. ” I said entering the office.


“So, what exactly did you give her dad? How long is her suspension going to last? ”


“Actually son, I didn’t suspend her ”


“Oh so you expelled her? ”


“No I didn’t. ”


“Oh so you gave her detention. Not nearly as effective but still. ”


“Kyle, I didn’t suspend her, expel her or give her detention. If anyone deserves to be suspended, it’s you. ”


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“Wait what? I’m not hearing clearly. It looks like you said I’m the one who deserves to be suspended. ”


“You heard me right, young man. Why would you lie like that against a new student for that matter? ”


“But Dad… ”


“No buts. ”


“But… ”


“I said No Buts. ”


I sighed and kept quiet.


“There will be consequences. ”


“What!? ”


“You heard right? Now give me your car keys. ”


“Dad! I can’t move around without my car. ”


“Give it! ”


“Here you go Sir. ” I grumbled, handing over the keys.


“That’s good… Now you’ll also need to apologize to Violet. ”


“I already did! ” I argued.


“Violet didn’t tell me if you did so you’re going to have to apologize to her formally….. I’m not arguing with you on this one Kyle. You may leave! ”


I had a few more words to say but my dad already used his condescending tone on me and that meant that he meant business.


Gosh! This sucks


Violet is so ruining my life but I still can’t stop imagining what being in bed with


her will be like….


Why does she have to be so stuck up?


I have to get back at her for this.


She can’t just get away like this.





Violet’s POV


“And that is the meaning of alliteration. ” The teacher said just as the bell rang


I groaned. The class was just getting interesting.


“Hey Anna. I said meeting up with her in front of the Chemistry laboratory. “Hey V. How was Literature? ”


“Cool. Cool. How was Chemistry with all the chemicals and all that? ” She chuckled.


“It was fine. A bit boring but it was okay… How did your meeting with the principal go? ”


“It was fun. I got Kyle in trouble. ”


“Of course you did. ” She said closing her locker just as I opened mine.


“Need a ride home? ” She asked.


“Nah! Not really! ”


“Really? Come on. I wanna see where you live. ”


“Not today. ”


She pouted.


“Some other time Anna. Promise. ”


“Okay.” She said with a sigh.


“Can I at least walk you outside? ”


“Yeah sure. ”


We walked outside and shared a hug just as Anna’s car arrived. She had a chauffeur.



“Bye Anna! ” I said waving as the car zoomed off.


I watched the car go until it disappeared before finally making my own way out of the school.


Okay, here’s the thing. I’m not some poor gold digger who only managed to get into the prestigious Somerset High only by luck. My parents are very rich people but I don’t like drawing attention to myself like Kyle.


I even shortened my name so no one would find out my parents are really Mason and Georgia MacHill. I had a lot of bad experiences in Missouri just because everyone knew I was a MacHill so now that we’ve moved, I just want to see what life will be like if no one knows who I truly am.


It might sound crazy but I’m content that way.




❌Kyle’s POV ❌


“Thanks a lot dude. I really appreciate it. ” I said buckling my seatbelt.


“Yeah. Whatever. ” Talen said putting the key into the ignition.


He turned it and the car started. Soon we were out of school and on the road.


“Why did you lie? ” Talen asked all of a sudden.


“What are you talking about? ”


“Why did you lie that you and Violet slept together? ”


I shrugged.


“To get on her nerves perhaps. ”



“And look where it landed you… Carless and with a face that looked like a trailer ran over it. ” He said chuckling.


I rolled my eyes.


“I’m going to have either way ”


“What do you mean? ”


“No matter how stubborn she might be, I’m more stubborn and I am not going to stop until I have her on my bed ”


He burst into laughter.


“Keep dreaming bro. Just keep dreaming. ”


“Whatever! ” I muttered looking outside the window.


Just then, something caught my eye. It was Violet.


“Stop the car ” I told Talen.


“What? ”

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“Stop the car. ” I told him again.


We’d just passed her.


“What’s up dude? Why’d you ask me to stop? ” Talen yelled but I paid him no attention.


“See you tomorrow Tal. ” I said grabbing my bag and stepping out of the car.


“But Kyle… ” He called.


I ran back to the area where I saw Violet but she wasn’t there anymore which was weird since I just passed her.



Just then, a car zipped past me and surprisingly, Violet was the passenger.


Fortunately, she didn’t see me.


As if pushed by an unknown force, I began to follow the car. I didn’t know why but I did.


I was really tired but I managed to keep sight of the car until it reached its destination which happened to be a very large mansion which even by my standards was magnificent.


I lived in a pretty fancy house but whoa! The house was a beauty.


I watched from afar as Violet strode out of the car which the chauffeur had opened for her


With the way he did, you could see the respect.


I watched her until she disappeared into the magnificent structure. Then, I turned around and began to retrace my footsteps.


Violet was obviously some kind of rich kid even though she wasn’t showing it.


But even leaving that, how exactly do I get my revenge on her and still manage to get her in bed?


I thought and thought and thought about it for a while before inspiration finally struck!


Let’s see her escape me now




What could be Kyle’s plan now and will he succeed?




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Written By Authoress Tyna

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