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The Bad Boys’ Girl – Episode 30

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Episode 30



❌Kyle’s POV❌



I was still staring at her when suddenly a group of police officers walked in behind Violet. I watched as Violet began heading towards me. I noticed that Dara’s grip on my hand tightened even more. But I couldn’t care less about her.



Violet soon got in front of me but she didn’t face me. Instead she turned to Dara and said “Officers, she’s the one. You can arrest her. ”



The officers handcuffed Dara despite her protests.


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“You Dara Winston are under arrest for attempted murder. You have the right to remain silent….. ” The officer read her rights as they all left.



The last officer remained and said “Thanks for your cooperation, Miss MacHill. ”



“You’re welcome. ” Violet said before the officer turned and exited.



“Hey Kyle. ” She said smiling as she turned to face me.



“Violet… What are you…? Why are you…? ” I tried asking but ended up stuttering.



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She smiled as she put her hand in mine and led me to the dance floor. She signaled the DJ and even though he was still in shock, he played a slow song for us to dance to.



“So how have you been? ” Violet asked as we started moving in time to the music.



“I’ve been doing well. You?”



“Meh I’ve been here and there. ”



“Which brings up the question… How exactly are you here? ”



She smiled. “The doctor made a mistake. I didn’t die. My heart gave out for a few seconds and the doctor presumed I was. I was in a coma for a month though. ”



“You know you really scared me. I really thought you were gone.”



“I know but it had to be done so I could gather up enough evidence against Dara. She was the one all along. ”



“Really? I can’t believe I didn’t realize it all along… We have to talk V. ”



“I know but for now, I’d rather be here with you where nothing else matters. Can we do that for now? ”



I smiled as she laid her head on my chest. I can do that.







Dylan’s POV




It all happened so fast but just like that, Violet was back but with the way her head was resting on Kyle’s chest, I doubt I have any chance with her. It hurts but I guess love sacrifices right?



I made my way to the punch bowl, my eyes still on Violet and Kyle.



“Hey Dylan. ” I heard a familiar voice say distracting me from Violet and Kyle.



“Oh hey Kace. ” I said.



She glanced at Violet and Kyle who were the center of everyone’s attention and then back at me. I expected her to mock me but she didn’t. Instead, she said “Care to dance? ”



“Uh yeah. ”



She smiled and took my hand. We got to the dance floor and started dancing around Kyle and Violet. I still couldn’t keep my eyes off Violet though. She looked so beautiful.



We continued until we suddenly heard a noise from outside. I turned to the door just as Dara appeared carrying a door.



“Die bitch die! ” She yelled shooting at Violet.



Everything happened so fast but before I could manage to push Violet out of the way or anything like that, Kacey who was closer to Violet pushed her out of the way and took the bullet for her.



“Kacey! ” I yelled catching her in my arms before she hit the floor. It’d hit her in the chest.



Seeing that she’d hit the wrong person, Dara attempted shooting again but the gun had run out of bullets so she ran. Violet wasted no time in running after her while I cradled Kacey in my arms.



“Don’t let her go Dylan. She’s yours. ” Kacey said before closing her eyes.






“Bye Kacey.” I said with a smile as I pecked her forehead.



I stepped out into the hospital lobby and saw a familiar figure standing against the wall, a couple meters away. I instantly knew who it was.



“Hey you’re out. ” She said cheerily looking up.



“Wanna get some coffee? ” She asked.



I nodded in return.



“Let’s go then. ” She said grabbing my hand.






Violet’s POV


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After Dara shot Kacey, I went after her and I was able to restrain her after giving her a good beating.



Though Kacey was shot in the chest, no internal organs were damaged so she was doing alright.



“Here you go. ” Dylan said handing me a cup of coffee.



“Thanks.” I said accepting the cup.



“So Dylan… ” I said after a while.






“Why have you been avoiding me? ” I asked looking into his eyes.



“I… I don’t want to get between you and Kyle. ” He stuttered.



“Wait what? ”



“You know, you and Kyle have been acting so in love and you’re always together… Love sacrifices so I’m happy not getting between you too.



Wait a sec, you love me? “I asked meeting his gaze.



I do. Very much but I don’t… ”



“You’re not getting between Kyle and I. We’re just friends now. ”



“But the night at prom… ”



“I did that because I was going to tell that he and I didn’t belong together. My heart belongs someone else…. ”




“Wait me? ”



I laughed. “Yes you! I love you Dylan. Nobody else. ”



“Really? You love me? ”



I nodded. He looked to his side for a bit before turning to me and placing a kiss on my lips as he carried me in his arms.



I smiled as I kissed him back.



This feels right……….






Epilogue dropping soon. In the meantime, drop your thoughts on these two chapters.



What is your thought on everything that happened?



What about Aaron and Violet’s story?



Okay quick question… Is there a need for a sequel or should I summarize everything in the epilogue?



I’m asking because the most part of this story was focused on Kyle and Violet. Now that she ended up with Dylan, is there need for a season two to discover how exactly things worked out between them?



Your call guys. Majority carries the vote.


The Bad Boy’s Girl


[ Playboy In Love ]




Written By Tyna

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