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The Bad Boys’ Girl – Episode 28

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Episode 28



Violet’s POV



After Kyle left, I cried until I could cry no more. I knew I didn’t love him now but that didn’t stop it from hurting all the same.



Once I managed to stop crying, I got dressed and decided on a walk. It was already too late to go to school anyway plus I doubt I could even bear being around people for the time being. I just felt…broken.



“Violet, where are you going?” Bernice asked just as I placed my hand on the doorknob.


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“Good morning Bernice. I’m going out. ”



“Okay. Are you hungry?”



“Not really Bernice. Bye. ”



“Wait Violet!”



“What Bernice? ”



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“Are you going alone? Go with a bodyguard. It’ll be safer this way. ”


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I groaned. “Come on Bernice. You know how I feel about the whole watching over me thing. I don’t like it. ”



“But V… ”



“I’ll be fine Bernice. Bye! ” I said hurrying out of the house.



I walked around for a while before finally stopping at a diner for brunch. I ordered something to eat but while eating, I couldn’t get over the feeling that I was being watched. I looked around me several times but saw no one. Eventually I chalked it up to ‘grief’ and forgot all about it.



After I was done eating, I walked out of the diner and headed in the direction of my house. The streets were a bit packed so I decided to take a path through an alley.



It was while I was walking down the alley that I suddenly felt a stone hit my back. It was a small stone so it didn’t hurt that much but I turned back out of curiosity to see who it was. I’d just turned to see when a huge bat suddenly hit me in the face.



“Ah!” I yelled falling to the floor on my butt in pain.



“What the… Wait! Who are you? ” I asked looking at the fake blonde girl in front of me.



“I think you’ll remember me with my text messages. ” She said typing something on her phone.



Just then, I got a text on my phone. I checked it and saw that it was the unknown number who’d been threatening me. The latest message read “SURPRISE!!!”



I looked up from my phone and at the girl in front of me who was waving her phone in front of me with a devilish smile on her face.



“It was YOU!?!?! ” I yelled staring at her in surprise.



“Took you long enough. ”



“But why? Why did you do this? I don’t even know you. ”


“But I know you sweetheart and you’re in big trouble for messing with me….


You know what? You’re a big slut. How could you have gone ahead to sleep with Kyle despite all my warnings?”



“Wait a minute! How did you…? Did he tell you?” I asked, the last part almost making me close to tears.



“How I found out is none of your business sweetie. What matters now is how much I’m going to make you pay. ” She said swinging her bat.



I smirked as I stood up, smirking. Long story short, within two minutes, I already had her clutching her stomach with blood in one corner of her mouth.



“Is that all you’ve got? ” I asked mockingly, staring at her.



“Actually, it’s not. Boys! ” She called, staggering to her feet. I watched as about seven heavily built men came out of the shadows and surrounded me.



This isn’t good.



I tried my best to fend them off and I scored some pretty good punches but at the end, I was beaten up really badly.



“You see Violet, if you’d listened to me, you wouldn’t be here right now. Oh well, later baby girl. ” She said before hitting me on the head with the bat.



My world went blank after that.





Dylan’s POV



“Excuse me. I’m here for Violet Hill. She was brought here a few hours ago. She was in bad shape from being beaten? ” I said to the receptionist once I stepped into the hospital.



“Are you her family? ”



“No. Not really. I’m a very good friend of hers. ” I said ignoring the nudge from my subconscious.



“Okay. Would you mind sitting down there for a while Sir? The doctor is still attending to her. ”



“Okay thanks. ” I said taking my seat despite the fact that I could barely contain myself.



Who could have beaten Violet as bad as the nurse said? Who hates Violet enough to do this to her?



I was still pondering on these things when I suddenly sighted Kyle and Anna walking towards me.



“Where’s Violet? Is she okay? Can we see her? Is she alive?…… ” Kyle and


Anna asked at the same time.



“One at a time guys. We can’t see her yet and I don’t know how she is. The doctor will be out in a while to update us. ”



“Okay. We’ll wait. ” Anna said nervously, taking a seat beside me.




Kyle did same quietly obviously thinking about something.




I glanced at him and stopped short of punching him. I was still mad at him for sleeping with Violet but that would be a topic for another time.



We continued to wait for the doctor to bring news about Violet. While we were waiting, Bernice and Violet’s parents showed up. I was surprised since her parents almost never had time for her. I guess her condition was urgent enough to remind them that they had a daughter.



Eventually the doctor appeared and as soon as he did, we immediately began to throw questions at him.



It took a while but he was finally able to get us to stop talking. Then, he said those dreadful words.



“I’m sorry. ”



Almost immediately, I refused to believe it.



“Sorry for what doc? Where’s Violet? Is she okay?”



He sighed again. “We lost her. ”



Those words broke me right there. I understood what they meant but my body refused to process it.



“You’re joking right? Of course you are. That’s hilarious. Now where’s Violet? ”



“I’m sorry son but she’s gone. We couldn’t save her. You see, her rib was broken and it might have…. ” He was explaining how and why it happened but his explanation was lost on me.




All I could think about as I fell into a nearby chair was that the last words I’d spoken to Violet had been out of anger. And at that moment, I realized one thing… I loved Violet but she was gone now and I was never going to see her again.






❌Kyle’s POV❌



It’d shocked me to the core when Anna informed that Violet was in bad shape in the hospital and even though I wasn’t supposed to, I followed her to the hospital.



She’d been beaten up according to Anna and that made me wonder who could have been heartless enough to do such to her.



I pondered on this while I prayed for her to be safe and be made well.



Her parents and maid appeared and I was surprised when Dylan appeared to know them. I couldn’t reflect on it again because the doctor appeared at that moment.



I didn’t know why but once he appeared, I immediately got a feeling that he wasn’t about to deliver good news and truly he wasn’t. Instead he delivered a news which completely shattered my world.



I tried to blink it away thinking it was all a dream but I kept opening my eyes back to the harsh reality that it was all too true. Violet was gone and as I fell back into the nearest chair, I realized that Jayden had been right. I was in love with Violet but it was too late.


I was TOO LATE and that hurt…so bad!






Okay okay. No one should have my head yet. After all the story isn’t over yet.




In the meantime, unknown killed my Violet it’s because of Kyle .







This is so unfair




Kyle and Dylan have admitted their feelings for the now deceased Violet (or is she?)







The Bad Boy’s Girl


[ Playboy In Love ]




Written By Tyna


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