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The Bad Boys’ Girl – Episode 27

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Episode 27



❌Kyle’s POV❌



I woke up the next morning tired and exhausted but satisfied. I looked beside me and saw Violet still sound asleep with her hair covering her face, signs of a well enjoyed sex.



Now it was time to wake her up and give her the big news. She’d just been played by me….. But try as I may, I couldn’t. I found myself staring at her


instead, wanting to reach over and kiss her which was peculiar because once I’d slept with girls, I rarely wanted to have anything to do with them again.



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Gosh, what do I do now?



Just then, Violet stirred in her sleep and slowly opened her eyes.



“Hey Kyle. ”



“Hey V. ” I replied as she got out of bed, the bedsheets covering her body.


That didn’t stop her from looking hot all the same.



“Here you go. ” She handed me my clothes that’d been on the floor.


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“Yeah thanks. ”



“I’ll see you in a while. ” She replied as she walked into the bathroom in her room.



I quickly dressed still confused as to the whether or not I wanted to do it.






Violet’s POV



Once in the bathroom, I folded the bed sheet and kept it in a corner of the bathroom before turning on the shower. As soon as the water began flowing, I stood perfectly still under it as the thoughts of what I’d done weighed heavily on me.



Last night made me realise one thing though. I had no feelings for Kyle at all. The thing with Dylan rattled my brain so much, I guess I thought I did and I decided to give in to his advances. For what it’s worth, I doubt Kyle ever had any feelings for me just like Aaron.



Oh well, story of my life.






I stepped out of the bathroom while wearing a bathrobe. Kyle was seating on my bed, his head in his hand.



“Oh you’re out. ” He said once I noticed I was done.



“Yeah. Why haven’t you left yet? ”



“Because I really need to talk to you Violet. ”



I sighed. “No need Kyle. I know what you want to say. ”



“I doubt you do Violet. Look… ”



“You don’t need to worry Kyle. I know that you played me. That was your whole plan for getting close to me was it not? ”






“Like I said Kyle, it’s no big deal. You had a night with me and you helped me get my mind off my wacky life. It’s no biggie. You can go now. ”



“Violet, please let me explain. It’s not exactly like that. ”



“Please Kyle, just go. I don’t need to know every single detail. Go please. ”



He stared at me for a while before he walked out of the room. As soon I heard the door close, all the resolve I’d built came crashing down and I felt myself fall to the floor as the tears fell.



First Aaron and now Kyle… Am I always destined to cross paths with players?






❌Kyle’s POV❌



“Hey Kyle. What’s up with the gloomy face? ” Jayden asked once I stepped into the hangout.



“I bedded Violet yesterday. ” I said without emotions plonking into a chair.



“Really!? ” They exclaimed gathering around me.



“What did you do then? Why are you so gloomy then? Wait a minute Kyle, don’t tell me you told her that you’ve been playing her all along? ”



“I didn’t have to. She knew all along. ”



“Wait what do you mean? ”


“She knew and she still slept with you. ”



“I don’t get it either. ” I said still staring at them. “What’s more, I’ve been unable to think about anything else since I left her house. She seemed like she didn’t care when she was telling me but I’m quite sure that something was up. She didn’t seem herself. ”



“You don’t seem yourself either, you know. ” Jayden said.



“What do you mean? ”



“Well the regular Kyle wouldn’t care if she knew or not. She would have been off your mind by now. ”



“So? What does that mean? ”



“It means that you, Kyle Tanner L-O-V-E Violet Hill. ”



“What? No! ”



“Don’t lie to yourself Kyle. You know you do? Why else did you think we planned the whole bet and got Anna to lie to Violet about sleeping with you? ”



“Wait what? Anna was in on this too? ”



“Of course I was. ” She said behind me.



“So Kyle, it’s up to you to decide. Are you letting Violet go like that or are you going to agree that you love her and you’re going to make her yours? Come on babe. ” Jayden said walking out with Anna beside him.


Once they left, I was left with me and my thoughts.



Do I really have feelings for Violet?






Dylan’s POV



I stepped away from the door just as I heard Jayden and the others on their way out. I hid behind a pillar until they’d left. Then I came out from behind the pillar and walked in the direction of the class I had next.



I couldn’t still believe what I’d just heard. How could Violet have slept with Kyle if she knew he was playing her? Why did she even sleep with him at all?



Thinking about both of them together in bed was enough to make my blood boil. I knew it wasn’t supposed to bother me that much but it did and I had no idea why.






Lunch break was almost over but Violet still hadn’t arrived in school. I didn’t know why I was worrying so much but I had a feeling that something was wrong. I asked Anna to call her a few times but she still hadn’t picked.



Kacey had just left to get some more food when my phone rang. It was Violet calling. I immediately picked it.



“Violet, why aren’t you in school? I I’ve been worried sick. We need to talk. ”




“Actually this isn’t Violet. ” A strange voice answered.



“Who is this? ”



“I’m a nurse at the Manfred Hospital. The owner of this phone was brought in a while ago, badly beaten and bruised. Her condition is quite serious. Please come fast. ”






Any ideas on what happened to Violet?



Will she be fine?







The Bad Boy’s Girl


[ Playboy In Love ]




Written By Tyna


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