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The Bad Boys’ Girl – Episode 19

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Episode 19



Violet’s POV



I woke up the next morning feeling well rested . I had my breakfast and was chauffeured to school…halfway at least (I walked the rest). Once in school, I met up with Anna and honestly, the day couldn’t have been going any better…at least until he showed up and what had started out as the best day of my life slowly started going awry.






Kyle’s POV


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“Good morning V! ” I yelled into her ear.



“Aah! ” She yelled obviously startled as her chair gave way and she collapsed on the floor.



Everyone, me included immediately burst into laughter.



“Need a hand? ” I asked stretching my hand to her when I finally stopped laughing.




She glared murderously at me and brushed away my hand.


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“I don’t need your help! ” She spat out standing up on her own.



“Now what do you want? ” She asked banging her hand on the table staring angrily at me.



“Nothing really. Just wanted to say hello to a friend. Is that a crime? ” I asked taking my seat beside her friend.



“Hey beautiful. ” I said to her friend who looked away smiling.



“Stop flirting with my friend Kyle and for the last time, we are not friends! ”



“Oh really! Someone’s jealous that I’m flirting with her friend. Would you rather I flirt with you cutie? ”



“Ha ha! Very funny Kyle! ” She answered with a grimace taking her seat beside her friend.



“Hey guys! Who wants to play truth or dare? ” I asked a while later.



A bunch of hands went up as a chorus of “Me” followed.



“Mr. Stanley, aren’t you going to stop this? ” Violet asked, referring to the study hall teacher.



“He has something to do in the teacher’s lounge, right Mr. Stanley? ”

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He nodded and left the classroom. Then I turned to Violet who couldn’t be less unhappy about what had just happened with a smirking on my face.



“So pretty Violet, do you want to play truth or dare? You can sit beside me or even better, you can sit on my lap? ”



“You are so funny but too bad! I’m not interested in you or your stupid games! ”



She grabbed her bag and left the class angrily. I walked back to the group gathered around the table still smirking .



She’s a feisty one but she’ll be mine in the end.






Violet’s POV



After leaving the class, I stayed in the library reading “Kane and Abel” by Jeffrey Archer while waiting for the bell to be rung. I finished up just as the bell rang.



I returned the book and bid the librarian goodbye on my way.



I met up with Anna on my way to my locker. She regaled me with tales of all that had happened in study hall during truth or dare.



“I still wish you’d been there. ”



“Yeah right! So Kyle could have dared me to kiss him or lap dance for him. Not a chance! ”



She laughed.


“Still wish you’d been there though. ” She replied just as I opened my locker


and came face to face with a large bouquet of….



“Violets!? ” I yelled just as I started sneezing.



I was extremely allergic to violets. Flowers as a whole didn’t bother me…just violets and now there were a whole bouquet of them in my locker? I can see Kyle’s handwork here!



I couldn’t however dwell on that as I continued sneezing uncontrollably growing dizzy with my vision getting blurry by the second.



I continued sneezing as I felt my head hit something hard. I fell to the floor and slowly fell unconscious.






I woke up with a super headache and slowly opened my eyes only to come face to face with Kyle’s smiling face.



“What do you want dummy? ” I asked slowly.



“Heard what happened to you. I’m sorry. ” He said pouting. I couldn’t help the smile that followed his words. He was just too cute.



“You’re smiling…at my words. That’s new. ” He said smiling.



At his words, I quickly changed my smile to a grimace.



“What are you doing here Kyle? ”




“I came to check on you. I’m sorry about what happened to you. ”



“Of course you are. You’re the one who put them there aren’t you? ”



“No I didn’t. ”



I sighed.



“No need to lie Kyle. Who else would put a bouquet of violets in my locker even though I’m allergic. ”



“No but I… ”



“Just go Kyle. Your presence alone is giving me a headache. ”



He looked at me for a while before walking out of the room. My heart twinged at the look on his face when he left.



I sighed. What the hell is happening to me?






I was released from the sick bay soon enough just in time for swimming class which wasn’t too enthusiastic about based on the fact that I’m a terrible swimmer .



Nevertheless, I changed into my swimsuit and was beside the pool just watching those who were using the fact that the teacher hadn’t arrived yet to splash around in the pool and have fun.



I was still observing them when I suddenly felt someone’s arms around my shoulder and then a familiar voice whisper into my ear “Looking hot V! ”



“Aaahh! Let go, you pervert! ” I yelled struggling away from his arms, slipping and falling into the pool in the process.



“Help! Help! ” I tried yelling but kept drinking water instead as everyone else continued laughing.



Kyle’s laughing face was the last thing I saw before my eyes closed.






❌Kyle’s POV❌



“Hold on a sec! Where’s V? ” I heard someone say interrupting my laughter.



It then occurred to me that I hadn’t seen her since she fell in.



“OMG! She’s at the bottom of the pool! ” One girl yelled.



“Hell no! She can’t die… At least not now! I still have to sleep with her. ” I thought to myself as I dived in even though my mind told me it was something else.



I didn’t care though as I swam to the bottom of the pool and swam back out with Violet in my arms.



I laid her down beside the pool and stared at her thinking of ways to wake her up.



CPR occurred to me.



I know Violet won’t like me kissing her but I have to do it if I want to save










The Bad Boy’s Girl


[ Playboy In Love ]




Written By Tyna


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