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The Bad Boys’ Girl – Episode 18

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Episode 18



Violet’s POV



“There. I think this should do it. ” I muttered aloud staring at my reflection in the mirror.



Just then, I heard a knock on the door.



“Come in. ” I said still staring at myself.


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“Wow! You look pretty Miss Violet… It must be because of that young man downstairs. ” Bernice, the chief maid said winking .



I rolled my eyes.



“Definitely not Bernice. I don’t even like the guy. ”



“You know I can tell when you’re lying right? Anyway, he’s waiting… And you look beautiful. ” She said as she closed the door.



She’s right. I do look beautiful… Now, time to do this!



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❌Kyle’s POV❌



“Wow! You look beautiful. ” I said truthfully as Violet alighted the stairs and walked to my side.



“Of course you’d say that. ” She said rolling her eyes at me.


“So where are we going? ” She asked walking towards the door.



“You like bowling right? ”



“Yeah. Why? ”



“That’s where we’re going. Bowling then to the best restaurant I know. You up for it? ”



“It’s gonna be fun beating you at bowling. ”



“Don’t be so sure. You’re looking at Renfrow High’s bowling champion. ”



She smirked but didn’t reply.



“Okay say what… If you win at bowling, I’ll do whatever you want tomorrow but if I win, you have to do anything I want, deal? ”



“Hmmm deal! ”



“Nice! ” I said as I opened the car door for her.



Violet doesn’t know what’s she’s up against….






“And she shoots, she scores! ” Violet exclaimed as her bowling ball struck the pins.



“Your turn, loser boy! ” She turned to me smirking.



I retrieved my ball and stood in front of our pins. I aimed it perfectly, determined to hit all the pins but I only managed to knock two down.



“Dammit! ”



“I hope you’re ready to be my slave for a day Kyle. ” Violet was saying in a singsong voice that only got me more annoyed.



“Whatever! ” I muttered lowly looking around as my eye found someone.



I smirked walking away from Violet to her side.

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“Hey there beautiful. ” I said in my usual cool suave style, smirking when the girl blushed.



She just made my job a whole lot easier.






Violet’s POV



“Score! ” I yelled happily as my ball struck the pins again successfully.



“See that Kyle? ” I said turning to him but he wasn’t there.



“Kyle? Kyle? ” I said looking around.



“Where the heck could he be? ” I wondered looking around for him, gasping when I finally found him.



“You sick bastard! ” I muttered angrily, high enough for him to hear as I walked away.



I heard him call me but I didn’t care nor listen.



How dare he? He’s on a date with me and he thinks it’s alright to stick his tongue down other girls throats?



“What a sick bastard! ” I muttered to myself walking out of the building.



Due to my anger and haste, I missed a step and tripped down to the stairs, going unconscious as I hit the ground.






I slowly opened my eyes, blinking several times when everything was blurry.



Everything slowly cleared and I came face to face with Kyle.



“What do you want now Kyle? ” I asked slowly.



“I’m sorry V for what I did and since you won, you can ask me to do anything you want starting from now. ”



“Oh really? ”



“Yes so what’s your first wish? ”



I didn’t know how it came out but the next thing I heard myself say was “A kiss! ”



“A what? ”



“You heard me right? I want you to kiss me. ” I heard myself say again.



What’s happening? It’s like I’m not in control of my body.



“Okay then. If you say so. ” Kyle said, softly placing his lips on mine.



It was at the tip of my tongue to tell him to stop but I was surprised when I felt my hands encircle his neck as a few of my fingers played with his hair.



When he pulled away, I was surprised when my hands pulled him back in place.



Soon, I felt Kyle’s hand slip into my blouse and his fingers began flicking over my already sensitive nipples. I moaned in ecstasy giving Kyle a chance to slip in his tongue into my mouth even more.



I desperately wanted to end the kiss and whatever else was going on or about to happen but a much smaller part of me wanted it to continue and it seemed like that part was in control.



“Why can’t I stop? ” I wondered desperately as Kyle began kissing my neck, probably leaving hickeys.



All of a sudden, I began to hear my name in the far recesses of my mind and the sound only grew louder and louder until I was suddenly torn from Kyle’s hand and back in the darkness.



I slowly opened my eyes and came face with Kyle again gasping, my body still tingling from whatever just happened.



“Violet, are you alright? ” He asked, concern in his tone.



“Wait, it was a dream? ”



“What was? ”



“Uh no need. ” I replied standing up every part of me still buzzing from the kiss.



Thank goodness, it was a dream.



“Umm listen V, I’m sorry. ”



“What for? ”



“I shouldn’t have kissed another girl since we were on a date. ”



“No problem with that. We’re just friends nothing more. ”



“Yeah right. You ready for dinner? ”



“I’m tired Kyle. Just take me home. ” I quickly answered, unwilling to spend any more time with him.



“Oh okay. Let’s go home. ” He told me, heading towards the car.



The ride was very silent and I actually welcomed it.



We were soon at my house and I was quite thankful for that.



“Okay so see you tomorrow Kyle. ”



“Yeah.” He said staring intently at me.



Once I saw his face coming towards mine, I quickly got out of the car.



“I think that’s enough kisses for tonight. ”



“But I didn’t even… ”



“Bye Kyle! ” I replied, hurriedly walking towards the house.



“How was your date darling? ” I heard my mom ask interrupting her phone call once she saw me.



“It was nice. ” I replied smiling walking up the stairs to my room, unwilling to talk to anyone else.



Once in my room, I glanced at my bed for a while wondering whether or not to sleep on it. I didn’t want to end up having another bizarre dream about Kyle.



I wonder why he’s in my head lately anyway?



“You know what? Fuck it. ” I said out loud falling on the bed as sleep slowly


claimed me…..






Who else was smiling when Violet and Kyle were making out…at least in Violet’s dream?



Let’s not forget that Kyle is Violet’s servant for a day. It can only get interesting from this point on.





The Bad Boy’s Girl


[ Playboy In Love ]




Written By Tyna


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