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The Bad Boys’ Girl – Episode 15

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Episode 15



Dylan’s POV



My heart nearly jumped out of my chest when I saw the flour explode all over Violet. Wasting no time, I bounded across the hallway as soon as she fell to the floor wheezing uncontrollably.



The whole hallway was already in total chaos by then as something which would otherwise have been funny suddenly became rather serious and life threatening.



“Violet, where is it? ” I asked kneeling beside her.


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She managed to point to her bag which was lying by her feet. I nodded and grabbed the bag. I rummaged through it until I found it.



“Here it is! ” I exclaimed happily with the inhaler in my hand.



I handed it to Violet, propping her up as she slipped it into her mouth.


She inhaled it for a few seconds until her breathing finally became normal.



“Thanks! ” She muttered smiling before going unconscious.




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I smiled as I gathered her into my arms bridal style to the sick bay. Once I ensured that she was comfortable, I went in search of the one person who could be responsible






“Kacey, how could you!? ” I yelled hitting my hands on the table angrily.



“Well hello Dylan! How’s your day going? ” She asked in return as she continued what she was doing unfazed.



“I know it was you Kacey. Why don’t you get that I’ve moved on? ”



“I seriously don’t know what you are talking about Dylan. We’re over. I get it. ”



“Stop it Kacey! Just stop! Enough with the acting and the lying. I know it was you okay? ”



“It was me? What are you talking about? ”



“Drop the freaking act Kacey! Violet almost died because of your little flour prank! ”



“Wait! She what? ”



“You heard me right! She has asthma and you almost killed her. ”



“But you have to believe me Dylan. I didn’t do anything. ”



I scoffed.



“Of course you didn’t. ”



“Dylan, I’m serious. I didn’t. ”



“Whatever Kacey! You forget that I know you. I know what you’re capable of and you know what I’m capable of. Stay away from Violet or I swear I’ll make you regret it! ” I said angrily before turning on my heels and walking away ignoring all her cries for me to stop.






“You know Dylan, you didn’t have to do it. You know all this is just fake. ”



“I know Vi. It’s just you could have died today because of her stupid jealousy. ”



“Shush! She’s still your girlfriend and the girl you love. ”



“Yeah.” I replied nervously.



“Besides I’m fine now. I think we’ll able to break up soon. It won’t be long before Kacey concedes. Isn’t that great news? ”



“For sure. For sure. ” I replied happily despite how much her words hurt me.






Kacey’s POV



“So that’s why they’re dating. They’re not really in love. They’re just faking it. ” I muttered to myself as I tiptoed away from the door so they wouldn’t know that I’d been eavesdropping on them.



“If they’re actually faking, why did Dylan sound so angry? ” I questioned again.



Unable to figure out why, I decided to think about how exactly to reveal that Dylan and Violet were not actually dating.



Just then, I got an idea. If they’re really friends, they’ll be unable to do what I have in mind for them and everyone will know that they’re not actually a couple.



I’m a genius






Violet’s POV



By the time the bell rang for recess, the school nurse had already released me and so to keep up the charade of us dating, Dylan and I had to have lunch together as a couple.



I actually didn’t mind and all was going good until Kacey appeared.



“Hey guys. ” She said happily which got me confused.



“What are you doing here Kacey? ” Dylan said angrily beside me.



“Is it a crime to say hello to the school’s most cutest couple except you aren’t really a couple… ” She replied smirking .



“What are you up to Kacey? Of course we’re a couple. ”



“Oh really. Well if you are, let’s see you kiss then. ”



At that point, my face paled.



“Uhh why do you want us to kiss? Of course we’re a real couple. Why do we have to kiss to prove it? ”



“Oh honey, just give it up. I know about your own plan. You and Violet aren’t really dating. You’re faking. ”



“No we’re not! ”



“Then kiss her! ” Kacey retorted, a mischievous glint in her eyes.



“Kiss the girl! Kiss the girl! Kiss the girl! ” Kacey started chanting and soon everyone else was chanting it.



I turned to Dylan nervously already confused as to what to do.



“What the heck have I gotten myself into? ” I thought as Dylan’s face began


nearing mine…….






Is Violet really going to allow Dylan to kiss her?



This Kacey sef


The Bad Boy’s Girl


[ Playboy In Love ]




Written By Tyna

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