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The Bad Boys’ Girl – Episode 14

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Episode 14



Violet’s POV



“Hold on a sec. You’re WHAT!?!? ” I heard someone yell.



I watched as a blonde girl appeared at Kyle’s side literally red in the face. If this was a cartoon, smoke would be coming out of her ears.



“Did you just say that you’re dating this pig? How could you Dylan? ”


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She did not just call me a pig.



Dylan was about replying her but I cut in.



“Excuse me! I’m standing right here you know and if you’re too blind to see it, lemme break it to you. I am not a pig. ”



“Whatever! I am talking to my boyfriend. ”



“Don’t you mean ex boyfriend? ” I asked pointedly.



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“No I don’t. Listen girlie, no matter what he told you or made you believe, Dylan is mine. Get that? ”



I smirked.



“Actually I don’t get it. If he’s yours, he wouldn’t be dating me right now, would he? Come on babe. ” I said grabbing Dylan’s wrist and dragging him away, brushing Kacey as I did.






❌Kyle’s POV❌



Can someone please tell what the heck just happened because I’m not quite sure. How could Dylan and Violet be dating after just meeting yesterday?



No! Something must be going on. All this is too weird and so soon.



“Kace. Kacey! ” I called tapping Kacey who was frozen.



“How dare she! ” She finally said after a long pause.



“Kacey, you just have to calm down. ”



“Calm down!? Did you see what she just did? She stole my boyfriend and she has the audacity to look coy about it and throw it in my face!? ”



“Well technically, he’s no longer your boyfriend. ”



She turned to me with blazing eyes.


“Watch it Kyle! ”



“Okay okay I’m sorry. Just don’t do anything drastic okay? ” I yelled after her as she walked away angrily.



Uh-oh! I think someone is about to be murdered






Violet’s POV



“Whoa! That was some acting Vi. If I didn’t know better, I’d think we were actually dating. ” Dylan joked.



“That’s not fully Dyl. ”



“Yeah I know. Sorry. ”



“No problem… So what’s the next plan? ”



“Well, we just have to keep the act up for now. With the way you spoke to Kacey, it won’t be long before I’m able to make her agree to my demands. ”



“I hope so. She looked really mad back there. ”



“Trust me, it will. ”



Just then, the bell rang.



“Want me to escort you to class, girlfriend? ” He asked dramatically.




I smiled.



“Of course boyfriend. ” I replied in the same manner.



He stretched his hand and I accepted it, smiling as we both walked to class.






“Are you crazy!? ” Anna yelled lowly after dragging me into the janitor’s closet.



“What do you mean Anna? ” I whispered back.



“Ho could you agree to date Dylan? Have you gone nuts? ”



“So that’s what this is about. Listen Anna, I’m not really dating Dylan. ”



“You’re not? Then why are you guys trending as the school’s hottest couple? ”



“Well I am dating him but I’m also not dating him. ”



“What!? ”



I sighed before explaining everything to her.



“So you’re not really dating? ” She asked.






“Well it’s still a bad choice. Dylan’s girlfriend… X



“Kacey? What about her? ”




“She’s super jealous. She doesn’t allow any girl to even become friends with Dylan and now that you’re dating… Well I doubt she’ll be happy about the whole thing. ”



“Well that’s the whole plan is it not? ”



“She could harm you seriously. ”



“Come on Anna. It’s me we’re talking about here. I can handle Kacey. ”

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Okay if you say so. Just be careful.” “Sure thing Anna. ” I said hugging her.


We came out of the closet and walked to our lockers to retrieve our books.



Immediately I opened mine, a large amount of flour immediately splashed all over me from head to toe.



I could barely see and all of a sudden,it became hard to breathe…..






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Who is behind the prank and what could be wrong with Violet?



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The Bad Boy’s Girl


[ Playboy In Love ]




Written By Tyna

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