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The Bad Boys’ Girl – Episode 1

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Written By Authoress Tyna





Episode 01



Kyle’s POV


“Mm mm…. Ahhh! ” Ellie moaned as my tongue made contact with her wet hot




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The girl didn’t seem to realise that we were just in the locker room and anyone could walk in. Oh well, that was her problem.


I began to place little kisses all over her c*nt as my tongue dove in and out of her v*gina.


Her moans increased going louder and louder until I had to stop and tell her to keep it down. She nodded amidst her ecstasy as she pushed my head back down there but I had another thing in mind.



Directing her to lie flat on the table and spread her legs, I brought out my erect p*nis and plunged into her.


She gasped and moaned loudly as I began moving in and out of her at a fast rate not minding her cries for me to stop. I could feel her already to come but I couldn’t allow that just yet.


I crashed my lips on hers and began to kiss her roughly while my hands caressed her breasts hungrily. She came nevertheless.


Before long, I could feel myself also about to come. I withdrew my d*ck from her v*gina and emptied the milky fluid all over her face.


I glanced at her as I cleaned up. She was still lying on the table we’d used, her eyes closed as she panted heavily.

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I rolled my eyes at her. I barely even touched her though she just ran a marathon?


. Why then is she behaving as



“Hey Ellie. Get up. ” I said tapping her.



“I can barely stand up. ” She whined sitting up. Her large breasts bounced as she did, only now they didn’t look as large as before.


“Well that’s your problem. I’m on my way out already but if you want to stay here like this, be my guest. ” I said harshly as I turned to walk away.


“Kyle! Hold up! What’s wrong? Is anything the matter? ” She asked holding my hand.


I sighed.


“Okay, so how do I put this nicely… Ellie, I don’t like you. In fact, I think you’re ugly and I think it would be best if we never meet again. ”


“What are you talking about? ”



“Ugh! Ellie, I don’t like you. I only got close to you so I could have all this and now that I’ve had it, it’s over”


“But you said… ”


“Forget what I said Ellie. I’m Kyle Tanner, a player. Did you seriously think a night with you would just magically change me?….. Well it didn’t and if it makes


you feel any better, here’s some cash! Have fun, go shopping and all that but as for me, I am out! ”


And with all said and done, I strutted out of there with a smile on my face





~~~~ ~~~~



Kyle Tanner’s the name and what you just witnessed is just me being me. I’m what you’d call a player and trust me when I say this, I’ve done worse things that what I did to Ellie.



I’m 19 and I’ve got freakishly good looks not to mention I’m loaded . All of these features manage to attract girls to me and I have no problem taking them. It’s after all what I do.

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I also have a history of no girl refusing me. They might be shy about it but no girl has ever refused any of my advances. Not like I’d actually blame them. After all, who could refuse a face like mine


Now let’s get back to reality, I have some money to cash



~~~~ ~~~~



“Hey dudes! ” I said loudly as I entered the hangout for me and my friends in school.


“Kyle, where have you been? ” Jayden asked interrupting his kiss with his current f*ck buddy, Diane I think.



“Obviously he was with Ellie! Duhhh! ” Talen replied.


“That must mean…. ”


“I won the bet, y’all! And you know what that means… ” I said excitedly.


“Yeah yeah. I knew the bet was stupid from the beginning. ” Xander said handing me a wad of cash.


Xavier, his brother did same as did Talen and Jayden who were obviously not happy about the whole thing but I couldn’t care less.


They were the one who dared me and I won… Like I always do.


“So how was it? ” Xan asked.


“It was okay. I just left her unable to walk along with a few words. ” I said smirking.


“Hope you weren’t too harsh? ”


“If you can telling her she was ugly harsh, then yeah, I was harsh. ”


Xander and Xavier burst into laughter.


“You’re one crazy player, dude! ”


“I know. “I replied smirking. I definitely know what I am.



~~~~ ~~~~



“Settle down class! Settle down! ” The principal, my dad said stepping into the rowdy class which immediately quieted once he stepped in.


“I’m here to introduce a new student to you ” He said and nodded and immediately, the most beautiful girl I had ever set my eyes on stepped into the class.



My jaw dropped as did those of the guys and other students.


She looked like an angel, like as though a piece of the sun or a star dropped from heaven and became her.


I could already imagine her in my arms, the feel of her lips on mine, the feel of her soft body against mine…


And that hair, it looked so silky and soft… Not to mention, she had the body of a goddess…


Just seeing her already makes me hard. I can just imagine….


“Dude! ” Jayred said interrupting my thoughts.


“What!? ”


“You’re drooling… ” He announced and sure enough, I was.


I quickly cleaned up and paid attention as the new girl started speaking. Even her voice was angelic.


“Hi everyone. ” She started. “I’m Violet Hill and I just recently moved here from Missouri. I look forward to meeting you and I hope we can be friends. ”


I smiled upon hearing her comments. I think we’ll be more than friends, Violet.


She was directed to her seat which happened to be in the front so all I could see was her hair and that alone was enough.


The class started even though I could barely concentrate because of Violet who seemed to be quite the serious type.


Thankfully, we finished early enough and then, it was time to start work.


“Hey beautiful! ” I said standing in front of her.



“Hi.” She said looking up.


“I’m Kyle Tanner and you must be Violet. ”


“Yeah I am. ”


“So how would you like to have dinner with me this night? And then afterwards, we can have some fun. ” I said with a wink.


“Uh no. ”


“I know I kno……… What do you mean no? You’re supposed to say yes. ”


“Well I said no and to tell you the truth, you’re disturbing me. ”


I was stupefied as I watched her pack her stuff into her bag and stand up to leave.


I pulled her towards me until we were nearly lip to lip.


“I know you want me Violet and I want you too so how about we stop this game and just get right into it? Huh? ”


All these I said while slowly moving my hands to her butt.


Less than two seconds after I caressed her butt, she pushed me away and the next thing I knew, she’d slapped her





That did not just happen


Violet did not just slap the legendary Kyle Tanner .


This is about to get interesting




The Bad Boy’s Girl





Playboy In Love










Written By Authoress Tyna

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