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The Adventure Of Kúkù Jósẹ́fù – Episode 15

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උɦคpt㉫® 15




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Joseph’s POV


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As we got home I know very well Vanessa is very angry with me ruining their moment in school but I don’t really care at all.




Joseph, who do you think you are?…..what do you think of yourself that you can do anyhow as you like” she said as we enter.




because I’m older than you….I’m your egbon” I said.


you are stepping on my toe, you are looking for my trouble” she said.




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c’mon go away, wich yeye trouble” I said then went to my room.








I cooked dinner for everyone today and dished out mine and Katie’s own alone and took it to the dinning.


But after doing that I pour alot of salt in the food to make it uneatable.


I stir it together then dish out theres as well into another plate.




I brought out mine and Katie’s food to the dinning table and called unto Katie for us to eat.




Vanessa and the twins went to the kitchen to get their food, I was about to eat and I was pressed then went to my room to ease myself.




I came out from room and went downstairs, and I see that Vanessa and the twins have dished our their food but haven’t touched it.




I started thinking maybe they’ve noticed what I did, as I was about to sit I saw Katie eyeing me but I ignored it.




I grabbed the spoon then eat the first spoon of the food, immediately I tasted it I spill it out immediately.




Vanessa and her siblings burst into laughter, the taste was horrible and I come to realize that they must have did something with the food.




you spoil my food” I said to them as I rinsed my mouth with water.




that’s for ruining my moment in school….expect more from me” she said smiling.




let’s eat guys” she said to the twins.


They pick up the spoon to eat and I smiled within as they are about to get a comeback.




As they took the first spoon they spilled it out immediately in reflex and I also burst into laughter.





The look on their faces is priceless even Katie must be wondering how I did it.


what happen? ” Katie asked.




this crazy boy dump the whole bag of salt in the food” Paulina said.


but mine is okay” Katie said.




that’s because he separated it from ours” Paul said.


I got you too…….do me I do you…. Man no go vex” I said to them as I continue laughing.




you will not get away with this” she said.


abeg comot for here, na draw draw” I said then take the food to the trash can to dispose it.




They also did the same to their food as well since they can’t eat it.




I came back in then went to kitchen to take snacks and yoghurt cause I can’t cook again.


Katie is the only one that have a nice meal while the rest of go for yoghurt and snacks.




We all seat together in the parlour as we watch the TV show together then Vanessa’s phone started ringing.


it’s mommy” she announced then picked it.




Hello mom” she said.




we are fine mom” she said.




no mom, no problem” she said.




how is grandpa? ” she said.





” okay mom” she said looking at me.




here mom wants to speak with you ” she said then I went to collect the phone from her.




hello ma” I said.




hello joseph, how are you?” she said.




I’m fine ma, how is your father? ” I asked.




he’s doing good now……how is things in the house? ” she asked.




everything is fine ma” I replied.




if there’s any problem you can tell me… don’t need to be afraid” she said.




no ma, everything is fine” I said.




that’s good then, I wanted to tell you that your mother wanted to speak with you, so I’ve given Vanessa’s number to grandma so that she can call through ” she said.




oh okay ma, okay” I said.




alright then…..give the phone back to Vanessa” she said then I gave the phone to Katie to hand it over to Vanessa.




hello mommy” Katie said smiling.




I’m fine mommie” she said.



no” she said.




okay” she said then gave the phone to Vanessa.




hello mom” Vanessa said.




okay mom, when are you coming back” Vanessa said.




okay mom…..okay…… Bye” she said then ended the call.




when did she say she will be back? ” Paulina asked.


she said either Saturday or Sunday” Vanessa said.




that’s in two or three days later” Paul said.


yeah ” Vanessa said then a call came in to her phone.




that must be granny richards ” I thought.




it’s grandma” Vanessa announced as she confirmed my thought.




hello grandma” she said.




grandma, we’ve miss you so much” she said.




sorry grandma, but don’t worry we will come to visit by the end of the term” she said.




yes grandma” she said.


” bring the phone let me speak with her” Paulina said then vanessa gave the phone to her.




Paulina also speak with her for a minute then hand the phone to Paul and he also speak with her before he gave it to Katie.




Katie was smiling as she was talking to her grandma then she gave the phone to me.




hello granny” I said.




how are you Joseph?” she said.




I’m fine ma……how are you too” I said.




I’m fine……hope they are taking care of you?” she asked.




aah..mama……na enjoyment for here ooo….no suffer suffer at all” I said smiling.




that’s good……your mother also wanted to speak to you” she said.




okay ma” I said and then I heard my mother’s voice.




hello mama” I said.




how you dey my pikin” mama said.




I dey fine fine mama” I said.




ah ah….shey na your voice be this….you don kuku change oo” mama said and I smiled.




aah mama….it’s me na” I said.




okay na, hope say no Wahala sha? ” mama said.




no mama….everything for here na enjoyment oo, I Don start school sef” I said.




ehn ehn……God go kuku provide for them, there money go dey plenty plenty plenty” she said.




Amen oo, mama you nko, how are you? ” I asked.




I kuku dey fine, mama dey kuku do good for me…. I don get my own shop sef” she said.




really, mama it’s like all their family is good oo” I said.




yes oo, Them dey different from all those yeye rich people” mama said.




yes mama” I said.




hope say you no fight anybody? ” she asked.




no mama, I don’t fight anymore” I said.




ehn ehn na wetin kuku good be that….and make una do good to their pikin oo” she said.




yes mama, don’t worry about that” I said.



ah ah….my pikin don change oo…..Lagos Don kuku collect KUKU for your mouth oo” she said and I smiled.




yes oo mama, Lagos kuku na confirm place” I said.




okay my pikin…..make una dey do jeje you hear ” she said.




okay mama ” I said.




okay my pikin…..bye bye” she said.




bye mama” I said then ended the call then give back the phone to Vanessa.




when it’s getting late we stood up and as they went to their room, I lock up the door and closed the window, I switched of the light then went to my room.










I woke up due to the heavy knock on my door then wondered who wanted to bring down my door.




I opened the door and saw Katie standing there already dressed.


haha… wake up early oo, what says the time? ” i asked.




why are you still sleeping at this hour……’s almost seven” she said and I was surprised.




you say wetin? ” I said then went to check the time and was surprised when i saw 06:50am.




aaaaahhhhh….. I don’t late oo” I said then dash straight to the bathroom.




I wasted no time in the bathroom at all as I came out not long after, I wore my school uniform then went to the parlor.




I saw Vanessa and the her siblings in the parlour looking at me angrily.




you are so useless, you can’t even do the only thing you are useful for, can’t you see the time” Vanessa said.




you made us eat snacks for dinner yesterday and you didn’t even cook breakfast for us…….remember if we die you will die too” Paul said.




mom has never missed breakfast before but you, you’re just so dumb” paulina said as I watched as they blasted me with words.




so because I wake up late you are saying all this words to me…’re even calling me useless” I said to them.




me and you who dey useless…… wey be say you just stay in this house but have no usefulness to anybody, not to your parent, not to your siblings not even to yourself ” I said to Vanessa and I can see anger in her eyes.




and you two, you think you’re too young to cook, I was alot younger than you since I’ve been cooking ” I said to the twins.




talking about useless, all of you like this….. You are all useless” I said to them then we heard the school bus horn.




We took our bags and went out of the house, as we are in the school bus I gave Vanessa #2000, and gave then twins #1000 and Katie #500 just in case they wanted to eat anything told them to come at lunch break to collect the rest.




When we got to school we all went to our class.






(Lunch break)




At lunch the twins came just like I said and I gave them money though I wondered what they use the one i gave them in the morning to do.




Katie also came to collect her money as well and I asked her to to take me to the school canteen.




She agreed and we went there together, I’ve never been to there before since I have no reason to be there.




As we got there katie and I went to meet the person selling and make our order.




When I hear the price of their food here I was surprised cause it’s very costly, no wonder the kids spends all their money without remaining any.




We bought our food and went to sit and eat, as we are eating Paulina saw us and she came over to us with her food.




Katie, you are a hypocrite…..instead of you to be behind your siblings, you are busy following him like a messenger” she said.




shut up… Paulina……you don’t know what you’re talking about” Kate said.




I’m brought him here because he hasn’t been here before” Kate said.


why do you care? ” Paulina said.




what about you…. What are you doing here? ” I asked.


of course I’m here to eat” she answered.




not that idiot….. I mean what are you doing on our table when there are other seat” I asked and she left angrily.






Author’s POV




The school ended early today cause they close early on Fridays. Joseph and his the rest went to Vanessa’s block so they could go home together.




Vanessa and Caleb are coming out of the class and they saw Joseph and the rest.


I have to go now” vanessa said.




okay…..but what about tonight? ” Caleb asked.


I don’t think I will be able to come” she said.




why?… said your parents travelled” he said.


I know, trust me I really want to attend but it’s a night party” she said.




I know but you can’t afford to miss my birthday party” he said.




trust me if I have a choice I will come……you see that boy over there with my siblings” Vanessa said pointing at Joseph.




you mean the one with dreadlock” Caleb confirmed.




yeah…..he has been on my neck since he’s been living with us, he will report me to my parent” she said.



what’s the problem with him anyway……he’s the same guy that slapped my brother, it’s because of you I restricted to mess him up” Caleb said.




the guy is crazy…….but I will see if I can come” she said.


please do dear ” he said.




I will” she said and they hugged.


abeg, answer us jaree…….idiot, just dey hug hug hug, she can’t cook ooo….yeye girl” Joseph said and they disengaged.




this guy really need to be punished” Caleb said.


like seriously ” she said then went to meet the others and they go home.








When they got home Vanessa was busy thinking of a way to go to the party but can’t seems to find one.




She called the twins to her room and discussed it with them.


you know mom will be angry if she finds out” Paulina said.




she don’t have to….if you keep your mouth shut” Vanessa said.


what about Kate and that stupid boy” Paul said.




I don’t really have a problem with Kate but the crazy boy” Vanessa said.


how long are you going to be gone?” Paulina asked.




it won’t be long maybe three hours” she said.


are you sure?” Paulina asked.


yeah, three hours….. What did you got?” Vanessa asked.




to do this we are going to need Katie’s help cause only she can do it” Paulina said then paulina tell them the plan.




woww..that’s good….that should do it” Paul said.


“okay let’s get Katie in here” Vanessa said then went to call Katie.




They explained the plan to Katie and at first she refused to do it but then after so many persuasion she agreed.






Joseph’s POV




As I was relaxing in the parlor watching a very interesting American action movie.




I noticed Vanessa and the rest snooping around the house like they are up to something.




Then Katie entered with two glass of fruit juice then she gave me one glass while she took the other.


” thank you” I said.




” it’s like this girl don dey like me ooo” I thought then I sipped the drink.




I finished the drink and gave her the glass as I continue watching the film, then I noticed the image of the people showing on the TV screen started showing double then I fell asleep.




A while after I woke up then see that the kids are eating pizza with juice.




” you guys didn’t wake me up to cook dinner” I said.


we don’t want to disturb you” Katie said and I noticed that Vanessa is not here with them.




ugh….where’s Vanessa? ” I asked and I noticed a shocking reaction as I mentioned her name.




She’s sleeping in her room…..she’s very tired” Paul said.


okay……are you guys okay with that? ” I asked.




yes we okay” they replied then I went to my room to ease myself.




As I was coming back I noticed the kids strange reactions which is alarming, then I decided to check on Vanessa myself cause I know something is wrong.




I entered her room and didn’t see her then I stormed downstairs and asked where she is but they refused to answer me.




it’s best you all answer me now….or else you know what I can do ” I said to them.




she went to a party” Katie answered and the twins stared at her.


and where is that?” I asked.




I don’t know” she said then I turned to the twins.


one of you should answer me now… Or I will report you to your parent” I said.




No 15, Marvin crescent” Paulina answered.


three of you stay here and don’t go out” I said then went out of the house.








As I got out of the estate I stopped a bike and told him to take me to the address.




As we got there I paid the man and look up at the address given to me, the place seems to be clubhouse with the sound of music blazing out.




As I was about to enter I was stopped by the bouncer then I started hearing someone shouting fire fire fire then all of a sudden the place exploded ‘KABOOOOOOOOM’.




Noooooooooooo” I shouted loudly then I woke up and see that it was all a dream. I look around see that I’m in my room and I have no idea how I got here.




As I was about to stand up I noticed I’ve been chained then I wondered what’s happening.




Then I saw Vanessa and her siblings ran in then a surprise look on them as they saw me.


what is the meaning of this?” I asked.




how is this possible?… are not supposed to be awake till five(5) hour later” Vanessa said and I wondered what she’s talking about.




Then I remembered drinking fruit juice given to me by Katie and I look at her.


sorry ” she said.




yeah….we drugged you and we made her gave you to drink but like crazy you are awake before the due time” Vanessa said.




so what now……now that he’s awake….are you still going?” Paul asked.


I have to…..i can’t miss it” Vanessa said as I noticed her dressing.




going where?…..where is she going?” I asked.




I’m going to a birthday party, my boyfriend’s…..and I can’t miss it….everyone is going to be there” she said.




a party?… mean the one at No 15 Marvin crescent” I said and she was surprised.




how do you know That? ” she asked.


don’t go……it’s dangerous… can’t go” I shouted.




like I care about what you say” she said.


guys, I have to go now…..take care of yourself……there’s pizza for you” Vanessa said as they all went out of my room.




Vanessa, Vanessa., Vanessa” I shouted but no one answered.














«««««««««««««««« J.✿.£ »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»




(tђ㉫ คɗv㉫ɳtµ® ㉫ ✿ƒ kμkμ ʝ✿รɛԲμ)

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