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The Adventure Of Kúkù Jósẹ́fù – Episode 10

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More interesting stories from




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Joseph’s POV






After Mrs Richards left to work I finish up with the dishes and went back to my room.




I took my bath and got dressed in a round neck shirt and a three-quarter short then I went down to have my breakfast.




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I got to the kitchen then dish out my food on a place and went to eat at the dinning table.


As I was eating my food the evil children started coming down one after the other.




I pretended not to see them and I continue to eat my food peacefully, they also went to the kitchen to dish out their food and eat.




As I finished eating I went to sit on the couch to relax, I switched on the TV and they are showing an American movie.




Immediately they finish eating as well they sit on a different cla*ss couch without altering a word to each other.




Then vanessa picked the remote and change it to a cartoon network channel.




ha ha, why you comot am from the film wey I dey watch?” I asked.




if you want to watch a movie go back to where you came from, this is our house and we can do whatever the hell we want” she said.




uhn…you this people I dey warn you ooo, abi wich kain devil be this na” I said.


he can’t even speak a good English” Paulina said.




thank you, at least I sabi something pa*ss you” I said.


go back to your house we don’t want you here” Paul said.




na lie you lie, if you want make I leave e no go work” I said then went out of the house.


I look back and see them jubilating as I went back to the pool.






Author’s POV




After a while after watching two more cartoon movie they got bored.


I’m bored” Kate said.




yeah me too” Paula said.


I’m chatting with my friends and asked if any of them could visit me at home” Vanessa said.




yeah lucky you, unlike us our friends are too young to leave their Parents” Paul said.


and where is that village boy?” Paulina asked.




Paul go find him” Vanessa said and Paul went to find him and after a while he came back.




sis, can you imagine that crazy guy” Paul said.


what happen?,….what’s he doing? ” Vanessa asked curiously.




he’s swimming in the pool” Paul said.


whaaaat, is he trying to infect us with the disease in his body? ” Vanessa said.




I’m never bathing in that pool ever again” Kate said.


me too” Paulina said.




we are bored and he’s having fun, I’m not having that” Vanessa said.


Paul, do something for me” she added facing Paul.




what Sis?” he asked.


I want you to drain the pool” Vanessa said grinning evilly.




sure thing sis” Paul said then went to the pool.





Joseph is still swimming in the pool in his boxer then he saw Paul coming to the pool.




He knew his coming to the pool is of no good then Paul move to a side of the pull did something.




Joseph noticed the water to be reducing and his leg started touching the ground.


wetin you dey do?” Joseph asked and Paul said nothing but smirk evilly.




no fun for you in this house” Paul said and after the pool is completely drained he went back inside which make Joseph more angry.




aahh….this children dey make me vex” Joseph said then he came out then took his clothes and went in.




As he entered Vanessa and her siblings burst into laughter but Joseph decide not to react.


As he entered his room he locked the door and changed into another cloth.




this people wan make I vex” he said then sat on the bed not know what to do.


wetin I go do to teach this children a lesson oo” Joseph said to himself.




(hours later)




Vanessa was chatting with her friends while the rest were watching a movie until they got bored again.




I’m so bored” Paul announced.


yeah me too” Kate said.


I can’t wait for schools to resume” Paulina said.




yeah, I miss my friends at school” Kate said.


Nessa, what about your friends?, any of them coming? ” Paul asked.


” nah, they said they are not around but they decided to come over tomorrow” Vanessa said.




“let’s go out” Kate suggested.


out where? ” Paulina asked.




anywhere but this place, let’s just look around and maybe we can eat lunch outside besides it’s almost lunch time already” Kate said.




yeah, mom left money for us incase we decided to order for lunch” Paulina said.


yeah she’s right” Paul said and they turned to Vanessa.




alright fine, let’s go” Vanessa said and they stood up.


After they get ready they went out leaving Joseph alone in the house without informing him.




Joseph’s POV




I woke up due to the way my stomach is grumbling, I don’t even know when I slept off.




Those stupid children forced me to sleep, a*ssuming I’m in the village I know exactly how to make them pay.




I know nothing about this place which make them use it as an advantage against me.




I stood up and went out only to see the silence in the house, I went to the parlor and didn’t see them.




” maybe they are sleeping in their room” I thought then went to confirm.




I checked each of their rooms but didn’t find any of them, I went to check the pool but didn’t find as well.


” where they con go?” I said to myself as I am once again alone in the house.




I went back inside to find something to eat, I went to the kitchen then checked the store as Mrs Richards said I should and I was surprised at how well stocked the store is.




A lot of foodstuffs is in there and I wondered why they only cook small portion of it.




I was over joyed then decided to cook, I made to put water on the cooker then there came a problem.




I can’t operate the gas cooker, I don’t know how start fire and none of these kids are home to help me out.




Even if they are at home I’m very sure they won’t help me cause of the hatred they have for me.




I have no other choice but to look into the fridge to find something to eat.




The only thing I can find is snacks and yoghurt and since I have no other choice it’s the only the thing I can eat.




I picked five snacks and two yoghurt and went to the parlor to eat.




I Kanno come and kill myself ” I said to myself as I sat on the couch, switch on the TV and enjoy my food.




I was at the parlor eating my food then I heard the gate opened, I went to check it out and find out it’s those stupid chide.




I continue eating my snacks and they entered smiling and it’s seems they are very happy.




” aahh….i have so much fun Today” Paulina said.


yeah me too, even the food is delicious” Kate said.




oh oh….so they go outside to eat and them no even call me….uhnm” I thought.




yeah, I enjoyed it too” Paul said and they sat on the couch.




I finished the snacks and went to dispose the trash outside then came back only to see them change the channel again.




I left them and went back to my room, I can hear them laughing as I left.




aahh josefu, na me say I go show them pepper but na them dey show me” I thought.










I was still in my room them I heard Mrs Richards voice from downstairs which means she’s back from work.




I went out of my room and went downstairs to see her with her kids.


welcome back ma” I greeted.




heyy Joseph, how are you? ” she asked.


I’m fine aunty” I replied.




that’s good, lemme freshen up before I start making dinner ” she said then went to her room.




After a while she came out and went to the kitchen to start with dinner, since I’m not doing anything I decided to help out.


aunty, shey I can help?” I asked as I entered the kitchen.


sure, come in” she said and I went to her.




As I was doing what she told me to do, I asked her about the cooking gas and how they operate it.




She taught me how to do it and everything about it and it isn’t as hard as I thought.


so what did you eat for lunch? ” she asked.




na the snacks wey dey inside the fridge, na hin I eat with yoghurt” I answered.




ohh…..i put some cash on the shelve just incase you guys wanted to eat out” she said.




but Vanessa said they went out to eat for lunch, didn’t you go with them?” she asked.


no, I dey inside my room that time, I come out and I no see anybody” I said.




don’t worry, I know what to do” she said then we continue cooking.




Just as we finish cooking Mr Richards came back and I went to greet him, he went to his room to shower.




We arrange the food on the dinning table and everyone settled down, Mr Richards also came down and we started eating.




After we finish eating we all sit together on the couch watching a movie, and after an hour later we said goodnight and went back to our rooms.






(Next Day)




I woke up late today cause it’s morning already and the sun is shinning brightly in all it’s glory.




I got into the bathroom and have my bath then came out and put on something nice.




I checked myself in the mirror and I was happy with what I saw, money is indeed a very good thing.




I can see the difference in me since I came into this house, I’m not the same Joseph in the village.




I’m changing, everything about me is changing, even my face is becoming brighter everyday and my handsome face has come up.




Even my hair is shinning, my teeth is not left out cause I can remember how brownish my teeth were when I was in the village.




I’m learning few English from those stupid children as well, English like ” get the hell outta here” and another one like ” you this stupid pieces of shit”.




That tiny rate they call Katherine has been saying some words I haven’t heard before but since i don’t know the meaning it didn’t hurt me that much.




I went downstairs and as I was descending from the stairs I started hearing some unrecognize voices.




Then I saw two girls talking with Vanessa, one is brown skin and the other is fair like me and as they saw me they were surprised to see me.




Nessa, who is he? ” the brown one asked and Vanessa turned to me and hissed.


he’s a nobody” Vanessa replied.




what do you mean a nobody?…..he lives here with you and you didn’t tell us about him” the other one said.




and also the fact that he’s HOT” the brown one said.


wh…what…shut up… have a ugly taste in men” Vanessa said.




hy” they both greeted as I made my way to the kitchen.


he, Good mawring” I said then went to the kitchen.




good maw…what? ” I heard one the girls said and Vanessa burst into laughter.


you have no idea who that clown is” Vanessa said laughing.




really, he’s hot though” I heard again then went to dish out my food.


I went to the dinning and eat my food and eavesdrop on what they are saying.




I want to swim….give me your bikinis or your swim suit” the brown girl said.




you will wear a bikini when there’s a full grown man in the house” Vanessa said.


of course, especially when the boy is as cute as he is…..then I don’t mind at all” the girl said.




oh c’mon Hannah, I can’t believe you are drooling over him already” Vanessa said then I get to the black girls name.




are you giving me or not?” Hanna asked.


I will you the swim suit but not the bikini” Vanessa said.




fine suit yourself” Hanna said then she went to the room to get it for her.


I pretended not to listen to their conversation, then vanessa came back with the swimsuit and they went out.




I finish my meal and went out and see the twins and Kate playing football, I went back inside to watch movie since it’s the only thing I can do.








I watched film till the afternoon and Vanessa’s frienda came back in to say their goodbyes and use the opportunity to flirt with me.




I noticed the anger on her face as the escort her friends out but I don’t care at all.




Not long after they all came back in and sat down this time around I make sure the remote is with me so they won’t change the channel.




I’m starving” Paulina said.


yeah me too” her twin said.




let’s order, Katie my phone” Vanessa said and Katie gave the phone to her and as Vanessa tried to call Paul stopped her.




wait….there’s no money on the shelve” he said.


check very well” she said.




it’s not there” Paul said and they turned their attention to me.




where is the money ?” Vanessa asked glaring me and I pretended as if I didn’t hear her.




I’m calling mom” she said then scrolled through her phone to call her mother.




hello mom” she said.




Mom, we can’t find the money on the shelve” she said and her expression changed.




whaaaat?…… Mom why?” she said.



Mom… can’t possibly do this” She said.




uggggh” she said then ended the call glaring at me angrily like a hungry lion.




what did she say?” Paul asked.


mom said she didn’t put any money on the shelve” Vanessa replied.




so what are we gonna eat? ” Kate asked.


she said he’s going to cook for us, can you imagine that? ” she said and I smiled victoriously.




I’m never going to eat anything this nitwit cook, Never” Kate said then I stood up like a politician candidate that won an election.




I want to cook now, who wants to eat? ” I asked though I know none of them will answer me and just as I predicted no one answered they just hissed.




I went to the kitchen then start the gas cooker just as Mrs Richards teacher me.




I boil water and went to the kitchen and cut a tuber of yam into two and take the other part.




I peeled it and put everything in the pot and wait for it to done, I opened the fridge, take six egg out and waited for the yam to done.




After some minutes later the yam is done and I put the fry pan on the gas and fry the six egg.




After I’m through with it all I dish it all out on a plate, yam at on side and egg at another plate.




I put it on a tray and carried it to the dinning table like a sacrifice, this reminds me of my midnight adventure while I was in the village.


I settled the food on the table and started eating, I can see them stealing glances at me at a corner.




” ahh I swear this food sweet die” I complimented as I continue eating.




I know they so much wanted to eat in the food cause of the look in their eyes, then I see Vanessa whispering to Paulina and she went to the kitchen.




I know she went to check if I cook for them as well but they don’t know me, me that have pack everything inside one plate, even water they will not see.




She went back to meet her sister and whispered back to her and I can see the discomfort in their eyes but who cares.




Stupid children, they think they are the only one with brain not knowing that I also possessed a great one.




Nah hunger go kill you for there, after hunger Don waya you well you go know say I be your egbon(elder brother), stupid children.




The scores Na 3-1, ah go show them well well….for this wickedness wey we dey do we are just getting














My people una dey count the scores?.








«««««««««««««««« J.✿.£ »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»




(tђ㉫ คɗv㉫ɳtµ® ㉫ ✿ƒ kμkμ ʝ✿รɛԲμ)

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