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Strange Attraction – Episode 9

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Episode 9



By authoress choizey onas











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Its like my heart stopped beating when I heared what Camilla said


Wait wtf?? How did this happen? I remembered erasing her memory, orrr did I even do it properly?


I took a deep breath as I opened my eyes and stared at her, she was also staring at me


Mom, Tessa, and Kelvin stood in shock with their mouth wide open


“Uhhm, I don’t wanna erase your memory, I just wanted to touch your forehead if you are hurt” I said gently


“I know you are lying, gods don’t lie right? Its written all over your face” Camilla said breathing heavily

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“Uhhm what are you talking about? I asked trying to step closer to her



She walked towards me instead, she stood before me and raised her face up to mine


what are you?” She asked looking confused “I am Xavier” I replied codly


“No, no, you are lying she said trying to make eye contact with me


Xavier, I remember everything that happened last night, and I don’t know what’s going on here, I think I deserve an explanation ” Camilla said getting pisser of already


“Just erase her memory again” Kelvin said to me slowly


I stared at my mom with a funny face


“We can’t erase her memory again, her system is strange… seems like she’s used to supernatural powers” I said with a smile


“Mom, you were the one who said I should heal her, so just do the explanation while I go up to sleep” I said with a wink


I climbed up the stairs but Camilla still stood on the same spot looking shocked






I turned and faced Mrs Douglas with what is going on look


She held my hand as she made me sit on the couch


“Okay, I think you deserve to know the truth now” Mrs Douglas said still holding my hand


Mrs Douglas : the thing is, I and your late mom were friends, before she died


Camilla: wtf?? Are you serious??



Mrs Douglas: yes dear, we were friends for eleven years, but then I heard she passed away, I couldn’t reach your dad or you.


Camilla: me? I don’t remember you


Mrs Douglas: that is whst am trying to explain. First of all, you remember those stories your mom do tell you about gods and demons, demi gods who come from the underworld into earth right?


Camilla: yes, I do, and she also told me that they were real, she once told me that am going to get married to a semi god when I grow up


Mrs Douglas: yes, yes, I am a half human, so is Tessa, kelvin and Xavier


Camilla: woah… this is a joke right? How can that be true???


Mrs Douglas: how do you think your mom knew about demi gods. She knee about them because I was her friend


Camilla: woah


Mrs Douglas: I met your mom when she was carrying your pregnancy. Then Xavier was two years old


I met her in a coffee shop, we sat together, then I had to use the restroom.. She helped me carry Xavier


Back then Xavier was a little boy but he See’s and he is still a god


I was coming back from the restroom when I stopped to watch what your mom and Xavier were doing


He placed his hands on your moms stomach while your mom was busy with her phone



Xavier kept rubbing her stomach, it was then I realised that the baby she was carrying is dead


Camilla: omg, wtf???


Mrs Douglas: Xavier was trying to give the baby life, because the baby was a female, he admired the baby and finally gave the baby life


Your mom’s water broke, I took her to the hospital and she gave birth to a baby girl


I went in, and carried the baby, I told her everything that Happend, how Xavier saved her baby, she was now aware of who I was, she knew I wasn’t an ordinary being


We became friends


Xavier was eager to see the baby, I carried the baby to his level


He smiled at the baby, he caressed her hands and held them, he called Camilla


“Her name is Camilla, she is my Camilla” Xavier said in his little voice


He named the baby Camilla.


We went back to America, we always talked on video calls


We kept Xavier and Camilla away from each other but they only spoke to each other once on video call, Camilla was eleven years old then


But Camilla’s mom died, we lost touch, I searched but I couldn’t find Camilla and her dad


Xavier was already addicted to her, he couldn’t stop mentioning her name


A month passed and it got worst, I had to erase his memory about her, it now downed on me that it will also affect Camilla where ever she is


So I actually wipped their memory about each other.


It wasn’t really my fault, I just wanted Xavier to be fine


And guess what Camilla……..


You are the baby Xavier saved.


Camilla: ………………….


Mrs Douglas: its okay baby, just Take in a deep breath


I haven’t finished talking but tears were already streaming down from Camillas eyes. Yea, I know how it feels


“Look here Camilla, I know you might gain your memory soon because you have heard this,but am afraid Xavier might not remember on time” I said patting her hands


“Why?” Camilla asked


“Because Xavier has grown into a full god, you guys will be graduating from the university next week.


“As Xavier grows older, his attitude will change, his way of talking, he will be hot tempered and he will hurt a lot of people and that will be starting from tomorrow or any moment from now


you just have to make sure he doesn’t touch your head. I know if you guys are really meant to be he will remember.


Xavier will be on his black side soon, just stick with him I said with a smile






I cleaned my tears as I sat up straight in the couch, Tessa gave me an assuring look


A message popped out on Mrs Douglas phone


She picked up her phone as she went through the message


She raised her face up with a smile


guys we are going on vacation” she said happily Tessa and kelvin jumped up happily.


Mrs Douglas: well, your dad just called me that we should come to California. So we will be leaving tomorrow


But I think I and your dad will be leaving California to our own country while you guys will stay there.


“Wow” I can’t wait…. I said with a smile


“Okay, okay, go up and start packing up your things” Mrs Douglas said almost screaming


“But when you and dad wioo leave us in California, who is going to take care of us? And Camilla? You know she’s fragile, who is gonna hold her there Tessa asked crossing her hands


” that should be the work of Xavier”…………






Strange attraction

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