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Strange Attraction – Episode 18

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Episode 18



By choizey onas






I barged into my room as I left kaylan standing in shock, seriously???


I almost cried but I gat show her that am not so weak. Do I really have to go through this?


I have been through a lot lately, when I thought everything was going smoothly kaylan just showed up

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I sank into my bed and covered myself with my blanket, I gotta sleep this shit off my head


It took me a while before I could regain myself.


Mervick also slept with her right? I don’t believe kaylan a bit


I tossed myself around the bed, how about I go out for some fresh air


Nah, its too dangerous… I washed my face and wore a white t shirt and a short skirt


I saw kaylan in the dinning table pacing around, Tessa was watching the TV


I woke up pretty late and its 10am. Mr and Mrs Douglas should be here anytime.


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This vacation is gonna end in a bad way I guess, I haven’t even seen Xavier since yesterday night


He must be feeling really horrible right now, but maybe I should give him a little space


Tessa gave me sad stares as we watched the movie quietly.


“Why are you staring at me like that? I asked inaudibly


don’t tell me that you are going to fall for kaylan, you should check up on Xavier too” she said. Making a sad face


“Don’t worry, he’s fine. Let’s just continue watching the movie I said with a stern face.







Even without giving birth to this child first, Xavier is going to find out if the baby is really his.


I need to act fast before he does anything else, and if he thinks he’s gonna marry Camilla. That wish will never come true.


I paced around the dinning table, deep down I know mervick is the father of my baby


But I choose Xavier, and mervick is gonna help me win this fight


Of course mervick hates Camilla, he will surely help me with this


I walked into the kitchen I closed the door gently as I called mervick


Mervick: hey, you know you can’t keep on lying forever right?


Kaylan: yes, that is why I called you, we need to do something real quick


Mervick: the only way we can pin Xavier down is by getting to his mom or Camilla… but I think Camilla will be the perfect idea


Kaylan: yes, she is the perfect target. I have a plan tho.


Mervick: shoot


Kaylan: we will abduct Camilla, nobody will know where she is. We give Xavier a condition that if he doesn’t marry me in the next two days, Camilla is gonna die


Mervick: what if he marries you, then what are you gonna do with Camilla


Kaylan: I will also kill her,she’s of no use


Mervick: then you have to make sure that you are the one controlling Xavier


Kaylan:don’t worry I gat plans for that


Mervick: so when is our plan kicking off?


Kaylan: tomorrow morning, just should be when the vacation is gonna end.


I ended the call as I looked around to see if anyone is watching


Xavier better make this easy for me, if not somebody is gonna die.


I walked into the sitting room, Tessa was sleeping on Camilla’s shoulder while Camilla focused her attention on the TV


I climbed the stairs to Xavier’s room, it has been locked since yesterday


Finally the room was open, I walked into the room and saw Xavier getting a good view from his window


“Don’t come close to me, don’t you dare” I heard Xavier say in the coldest voice I have ever heard


He turned as he walked towards me with his two hands in his pocket “Kaylan, am I the father of your child?” He asked with his fury eyes Kaylan: yes, you are the father of the baby Xavier: what if I find out that I am not the father


Kaylan: I don’t care what you do Xavier, the fact still remains that you own this baby in my stomach.


Xavier, I did advice you to let Camilla go, and you should that looking up to me and your unborn child.


We will get married and live a happy life together


Xavier: scoffs, really?you think I will get married to you? Why?



Kaylan: Xavier, the police has not closed the case of Jessica you know, her wicked mom is still alive, I can make her do whatever I want


How about I go to the police and tell them what I know? Your reputation is at stake, your dad’s reputation is at stake.


Xavier: aissh, seriously?? Jessica was a goddess, why do you have to interfere in gods and goddess issues.


Jessica tried to kill my mom, and it wasn’t intentional and its none of your damm business.


Kaylan:ohh, and you think the cops will listen to that? Let me remind you, I got a little bit of power in me as an outcast


Make up your mind and call for the wedding in two days, bye.






I ran my hands through my hair angrily, while she was talking, I knew the baby wasn’t mine


But kaylan is gonna risk my whole life, and my dad, she even knows about Tessa


Camilla is gonna be in danger too. I guess I underestimated kaylan


I should have known this was her plan all along.


I sunk in my bed as I closed my eyes, I really don’t know what to do right now.


I don’t wanna hurt kaylan, but she is pushing me to the walls…..


I was almost asleep when a heard a loud horn. I wore my t shirt and head downstairs


My mom and dad were standing at the door still shocked



What on earth is happening? The six maids were tied to the ground in the sitting room


Tessa laid lifeless on the couch.


“Son, I knew something was wrong that was why we hurried here” my dad said


My whole eyes was on Tessa,


I walked towards the couch with my mom and dad, there was a paper beside her


I opened the paper as I read out loudly








“Tessa and Camilla have only 48 hours to live”


“Camilla is with me, don’t worry I will take care of her on your behalf”


“I am doing this for the pain you made my dad go through, Jessica you killed, and for cheating on me with Camilla.


” you are mine”


“Don’t even try to follow me okay? Tessa and Camilla swallowed a little stone called the time bomb”


“If I press a the red button, the both of them are dead, if if they don’t get the button out of their stomach within 48 hours, they are dead”


“All you have to do, is to call the wedding”.





Strange attraction


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