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Strange Attraction – Episode 14

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Episode 14☺



By choizey onas






I wore a red short gown, which was on top of my knees, it wasn’t really short tho, I wore my silver slipper and my phone.


It was 6pm in the evening, Tessa was about to take her bath


“Hey, am going to meet mervick, you remember the house party I told you about?” I asked touching my hair

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“Yea, I will meet you there by seven” Tessa replied.


Tessa: give me your phone


Camilla: what for?


Tessa: nothing, I just wanna see something


Camilla: uhhmm


I handed my phone over to her, she just had it for a few minutes and she gave it back to me


I searched the phone but I didn’t see anything, never mind


I climbed down the stairs, Xavier was not there, kaylan went for a trip.

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I opened the door and headed for the car



“Ma’m I think I should be the one to drive you to your destination” one of the security said


“No, don’t worry, am not driving a far distance, am just going to meet a friend that’s all” I said with a smile


I hoped into the car and drove off, mervick is kinda nice tho, after all it’s just a party


I drove to mervicks mansion, I horned hard and the gates opened


This place looks like a hidden dungeon. I stepped from the car as a lady in white approached me


This place is so quiet, it doesn’t even look like there is going to be a party here, no sign of people, music etc.


“Good evening ma’m mervick said you should wait for him here, he will be with you in a minute” the lady said


“Okay” I replied with a smile


I looked around the whole place, its beautiful, I felt uncomfortable while standing


Should I just go back home? Nah am already here


Mervick walked down to me with a white t shirt and a black trouser


“Hey babe, am so sorry for keeping you waiting, the location of the party has been changed. So I will drive you down there” mervick said leading me to his car


We got into the car, the road was white busy tho, we drove into a new road which was just being constructed.


“Hey, is the party this way? I don’t see any houses here” I said feeling uncomfortable


I turned from the glass that I was staring at


Mervick through something at my face


Everything went blur and I passed out.






I wore a blue short gown and I packed my hair in a ponytail, I wore a gold slipper as I climbed down the stairs


I took my phone as i analyzed the tracking device I placed on Camilla’s phone earlier.


I don’t trust this mervick of a guy, Xavier hates him so much.


The location wasn’t showing mervick house, it was showing the outskirt of the down


My heart skipped a bit, my head was telling me that something is going wrong.


I ran up to kelvins room, I woke him up…


“Hey bro, Camilla and I were supposed to go to mervicks house, mervick said he would be holding a house party, and he wanted Camilla to meet his mom.


I didn’t want Camilla to be late because of me, so I told her to go ahead but I planted a tracking device on her phone” I explained


Kelvin: where did she stopped at first.


Tessa: she stopped at mervicks house, but later headed to the new road, and its in outskirt of town.


Kelvin: where is her location now?


Tessa: she is at a bush house on that same road.


Kelvin looked at me in fright, I knew everything was not okay.


Kelvin sprung up from his bed as he wore his black trouser and his black hood. “What is Xavier doing?” Kelvin asked as he laced his shoes


“He’s meditating, do you think we should tell him about it?” I asked


“Yea, go wake him up, if anything happens to Camila, he’s gonna kill us all”. I ran towards Xavier’s room and kelvin followed me from behind


I opened the door gently, Xavier was sitting on the floor with his eyes closed, he was sweating like he’s fighting a nightmare


I stepped into the room and kelvin followed me, we walked into the circle on the floor.


I stood as I couldn’t move, Xavier was in a deep meditation, the powers around him were controlling us.


My eyes closed as I couldn’t move, I can’t even feel myself anymore.


We stood like we were dead, we joined Xavier in his meditation, we were seeing everything that he was also seeing.


Unknown POV, unknown scene


Mervick threw me in his bed as I tried to raise my weak body, guards everywhere…


I was feeling really weak and dizzy, I could see him removing his clothes


The unhooked his belt,the sound of his trouser falling to the ground made me shiver



Tears rolled down my eyes


” Xavier, Tessa,Kelvin, where are you?” I murmured inaudibly


Mervick climbed into the bed as he tore my clothes, speaking was even a problem to me


All I could do was cry


He removed my pants and my bra as she kissed me aggressively, a mixture of pain and tears came into my heart.


He didn’t even care about what I was feeling, I could hear the drop of rain falling into the roof


I was dragged back to reality as he thrust into me…i held the bedsheets and closed my eyes, I could feel my vi**na ripping apart.


He dragged my hair mercilessly as he thrust in harder.


The last word that escaped my mouth was “Xavier” everything went blank.






Strange attraction

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