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Strange Attraction – Episode 12

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Episode 12



By authoress choizey onas




I wiped my tears as I sat on my bed, there is nothing to cry about anyways


Mrs Douglas told me that all these things were going to happen anyways


“Common Camilla, dress up for the beach, let’s go and swum, have fun and forget about Xavier and kaylan” Tessa said standing up


I wore swimming pant, and a black bra, I tied a transparent pink scarf over my waist to cover up a little

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I packed my hair in a ponytail and we went outside, this is the new Camilla


We walked towards the beach bare footed, few people were already in the beach, it wasn’t filled with people yet


Tessa held my hand as we walked towards a group of boys kelvin was talking with.


“Hey, Camilla, Tessa, come over here” kelvin said almost screaming while waving at us


“Hey guys,meet my sister and my sister in-law” kelvin said as he introduced us to the handsome guys standing with him


“Hi” I said with a smile


“Wow, you are really beautiful, that ass tho” mervick said with a smirk


I blushed as I touched my face.

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“Common, let’s go swim” one if the guys said


“Am not really good at swimming” I said making a sad face


“Don’t worry darling, we gonna watch you okay? Don’t be scared” mervick said with a huge smile, revealing his dimples


We all ran towards the ocean, splashing water at each other, doing all sort of carzy things


Mervick always made sure I wasn’t going too deep


He’s such a cutie




I came out of the shower, feeling refreshed as ever, kaylan was still sleeping, she is stark na.ked on the bed


She’s really my freaky doll, but I don’t feel attached to her more like a real guy should


But I think she’s the only girl that got me, I don’t know if I am thinking this way because of my transformation


I feel irritated by every little thing, I get pissed off quickly these days, I don’t wanna touch any body nor talk much


Buh kaylan only fu.cked me because she wants to get me back


Should I?



I hung my towel around my neck, I wore my short and a long blue t shirt


I was going across the bed to take my phone when I stepped on something. Condom……


Wtf, wait I used five condoms, I called the male servant to clean up the mess


I walked to the upper part of the house, where I could get a clear view of the beach I rested my hands on the iron gate, I bent over a little as I looked at the beach


It was getting filled up little by little, I focused my eyes at the people playing on the water


I spotted Tessa, Kelvin, ken, Travis and who???? Mervick?


What the fuch is he even doing with my sister and brother, gosh I hate him to the core


I wish I can get a chance to kill him. I looked at the girl coming out of the deep side of the water


…….Camila, I love her name, and I think am gonna give that name to my female




My whole attention was focused on her.. Why do I get this canny feelings when ever she is around


She looks so innocent, soft and tender, she doesn’t look like a whore at all


I like her hair and her accent, I have never seen a girl who speaks English but has Korean accent, her hair, the way she walks


And I love the way she stood up to kaylan.


I was still lost in thoughts when I felt someone grab me from behind


I know its kaylan


I turned to face her slowly, she kissed me before I even turned


I couldn’t resist the kiss, she is gonna feel bad right? After fu.cking her hard like she was a sex slave but anyways she wanted it


The kaylan I know is a sex addict, our time time together, she fainted because I rode on her but I guess she’s now used to me


I broke the kiss as I pecked her forehead


“Baby, have you forgiven me now?” She said caressing my hair


“Uhmm, I don’t know” I replied looking away


“Common, forget about it already, it won’t happen again?” She said


“Go take a bath and meet me downstairs, am still craving for sex tonight” I said with a smirk


I left her as I climbed downstairs, the truth is that I don’t love kaylan, she just fits my standard that’s all


I sat on the couch facing the door as I switched on the TV, am bored


I felt a sharp padi in my head


The more I move, the more it hits me


I relaxed on the sofa and I closed my eyes


It was like I stood and I was watching a scene, ..


A lady carried a little boy, the little boy was caressing her stomach, she was actually pregnant



The little boy was giving the babay life.. And that little boy was me


I opened my eyes shivering, wtf


I don’t remember anything like that


Who was that lady, seeing through I pregnancy, the baby had a blonde string of hair


I took a deep breath as I ran my hands through my hair


The door slid open, Camilla and Tessa came in dripping wet.


I stood up as I walked towards them, the canny feelings began, I felt like ibwas melting


What is going on? Why does this baooen whenever I see her “Tessa excuse us” I said with a stern voice


I took few steps towards Camilla, she was staring at me, her hair was wet and her body was dripping water


She tried to cover her boobs which were revealing from the bra


A maid walked in with a white big towel, she handed it over to me


I took the towel and wrapped it around her body, this is the first time am being caring


She bowed her head shyly


“Don’t go out dressed like this again? People will think you are a whore” I said with a cold voice


She raised her head slightly, she moved closer to me



“Xavier, you are punishing me, don’t you really remember me?” She asked as a tear drooped from her eyes


I don’t know buh something entered into me


I held her waist and drew her close


I placed my lips on hers




I opened my eyes in surprise as Xavier kissed me, my boobs pressing hard to his chest


He held my waist so close that he didn’t want to let go


I broke the kiss


“Don’t you remember anything?”


____ No _____


A sharp pain pierced through my heart, I drew away from him, about to walk away when kaylan walked towards us


She hugged him and they kissed




“Look Camilla or whatever your name is…. Xavier is mine, so get lost” kaylan


said with a mockery voice


I flashed a smile to her


I turned to Xavier



“Hey, am tired of this shit, I give up! But when you need me, I swear I won’t be there. And my name is no longer fu.cking Camilla!!








Strange attraction

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