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Strange Attraction – Episode 11

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Episode 11



By choizeys onas










It was morning, I took my bath and wore a long red gean and a black big t shirt covering my ass.

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I really hate wearing stuffs that bring out my shape


I washed off the dye from my hair and dyed it blonde, just for today


I left the hair to flow freely on my shoulder,


I wore my rabbit slipper as I climbed downstairs with my phone in my right hand


I came down from the stairs and approached the sitting room,


I saw kaylan watching TV Xavier was sitting beside her and she was resting her legs on his laps which made her lay on the couch


Xavier focused his while attention on his phone, he doesn’t seem okay at all


I walked to the kitchen, the maid there greeted me. Tessa was preparing tea by herself

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“Good morning Tessa” I said with a smile


“Good morning Camilla, i am making tea for the both of us, I really don’t like the way the maids prepare my tea” she replied


I helper her carry the tray to the dinning which was a little bit far from the sitting room


We sat down close to each other as we ate our breakfast



Tessa: Camilla what are you wearing??


Camilla: well what do you see, is anything wrong with what am wearing?


Tessa: Tessa, everything is wrong with what you are wearing, common you are a girl but you are dressing up like a dude


Camilla: i feel more comfortable this way


Tessa: seriously?? Is this how you gonna be dealing with kaylan???


Camilla: ohh, Tessa what is the relationship between xavier and kaylan


Tessa: well, kaylan and Tessa met here in California when he was 13, they became friends


Xavier comes to California all the time because of her, kaylan came to America too


They both attended the same highschool, Xavier started dating her, they have sex, smooch, Kiss…


So they have been together for a Kong time now, kaylan knows everything about him, she matches Xavier’s sex drive


She knows what he likes… stuffs like that


But they had a fight two years back, since then they have not been talking regularly Camilla: what caused the fight?.


Tessa: kaylan fu.cked the new guy in school.


Camilla: wow


Tessa: yea, kaylan is actually here to get Xavier back, and I think her plan worked perfectly.



Kaylan’s mom and my dad are friends, so that gives her easy access to us


So Camilla, you just have to make things right, you are Xavier’s girl


Camilla : yes ma


The maids came to take the tray away, Tessa excused herself as she went upstairs to take her phone so we could take a walk


I went to the sitting room, Xavier wasn’t there, kaylan sat down as she crossed her legs, still focused on the television


I sat down on the blue couch, Tessa couch


“Hey maid, get me a glass of water” kaylan said rudely “Excuse u, are you talking to me?” I asked in a low tone


“You are not part of this family, so you are a maid” she said giving me a mockery look


“Silence is the best answer given to idiots” I said as I stood up She stood up and she grabbed my wrist


I turned back at her getting pissed off already, she gave me a slap across my face I held my cheek, nobody, I mean nobody has ever hit me in my face


I turned back at her and gave her a heavy slap on her right cheek, I gave her another slap on her left


“Listen up bitch, am not an easy girl, dont you ever step on my toes, and I won’t step on yours”



I turned as I climbed up the stairs, I barged into my room, took my jacket and headed for the door


Tessa and I took a long walk around the beach, its lonely, the sound of the waves welcomed us, the programme says that the beach will be opened my 1pm


And its just 10am


I told Tessa everything that Happend, it was then she told me that Xavier was watching us from the kitchen.


We spent almost thirty minutes in walking, we headed back home


While Kelvin was playing football with some group of guys


We walked into the house, kaylan was seducing????


She threw her hands around Xavier as she sat on his laps, she was riding on his dick


She did it harder when she saw me, I held Tessa as we walked upstairs At first, I pretended like I didn’t care, but now I do


You know that feeling of seeing your crush with someone else?


I sat on my bed as I ran my hands through my hair


I feel hurt, so bad I can’t deny it


Tessa was sitting down speechless, we all knew this was going to happen anyways


“Calm down Camilla, Xavier is not in his right sense now, don’t feel bad pls”Tessa said in a weak voice


” its okay” I replied with a smile


“I will be back soon, I wanna use the restroom” Tessa said


I laid on my bed still thinking of what to do, can I really bear this?


I heard footsteps, like somebody was in a hurry.


It died down.


I opened my door as I began to hear faint sounds I traced it up to Xavier’s room


I was really curious, I heard faint moans and slapping sounds Like capp, capp, capp


The moans came again…. I waved the bad thought off my mind


Xavier’s room was open, I think he’s dying or finding it hard to breath I walked up to his door


He was on top of kaylan, fu.cking her hard,


I stood like a statue, my heart beat increased and then it skipped a bit


A warm tear rolled down my eyes


Its just too much for me to handle


Kaylan sat on top on his dick as she rode in pleasure, I couldn’t move “Common baby, I want you to carry my child” TBC


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Strange attraction


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