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Se.x Partners – Episode 3

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Chapter three



Jasmine pov


How I got home was a mystery, which I don’t want to talk about.


Having another sex with James is not what I planned for but I can’t refuse him but I’d have to learn.


I can’t be his sex toy, am nobody’s sex toy.


I just hope I learn to control myself, I can’t keep succumbing to him whenever he asks for sex.


And if people in the office finds out about us, we’ll be done for.

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This has to be the end of things.



James pov



I got home tired. “Anita!” I called. Am sure you are wondering if we live together but we don’t. She is just here for the main time, she doesn’t work.


“Dear, you are back” She said and came out with the guy who lives nextdoor.


“What is he doing here?” I asked jealous and angry.


Well, who won’t when you saw your girlfriend coming out of your room with your hot neighbor.


“Come on honey, he came to help me fix the burnt socket,” she explained.

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“The burned socket?” I asked furrowing my eyebrows.


“Yes” she said.


“I will get going” he said politely and left.


“I don’t want to see him here again” I said.


“Ok honey” she said and walked to me, seductively rubbing my chest.


“I have missed you” she kissed me and I respond back to the kiss.


Am tired but in the mood for another hot sex.


She moaned as I bit her lips and moved my hands to her butt. But suddenly she pulled away.


“What is it?” I asked.


“Am tired” she said.


“Tired?” I asked confused.


“I mean we haven’t done anything” I squeezed my face.


“Am tired James, just not today” she said and went to the room.


How can she say that after putting me in the mood?


I need someone to get with for the night.


But I know nobody except Jas.


I pick my car key and dashed out of the house.


I got to her house and knocked on her door. She lives alone with no boyfriend.


She opened the door in her nighties, revealing her beautiful n***les.


“What are you doing here?” She asked.


“I need your help, I was in the middle of having sex with Anita when suddenly she backed out. I need you” I said.


“So you were in the middle of having sex with your girlfriend and after she backed out, you came to me” she said sounding angry.


“Yes” I said.


“You seem to be forgetting something, am not your sex toy so don’t you dare come to me again” she said vexed and slammed the door on me.


Why is she angry?


But that is what we are, friends with benefits, sex partners.


But is that what we truly are


Are we just friend with benefits?



Jasmine pov



I can’t believe he came to me after almost having sex with his girlfriend. What does he take me for? But why does it hurt?


I felt angry and hurt, I don’t expect him to like me but I don’t expect him to take me as his second choice.


It hurts a lot.



The next day


Today has been weird and awakard, why? I have been trying to avoid James.


I don’t want to set my eyes on him because I don’t know if I can resist him.


My office phone rings, “come to my office now” he said and hung up.


Sure you already know who it is, James.


I stood up from my seat, went out of my office and went to his. I knocked on the door and entered.


“You called for me” I said to James who was seated on the edge of the table.


“Why did you do that yesterday?” He asked.


“If that is what you want to say then, I’ll leave” I said but he pulled me back and pinned me to the wall.


“What the hell?!” I said.


“I hate the fact you resist me yesterday, it hurt me” he said with sincerity.


“Are you not ashamed? You have a fu.cking girlfriend” I said.


“No, am not, when am with you am not ashamed” he said and crushed his lips on mine.

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I got no choice but to respond, we devour on each other lips.


This is the first time we kissed and it felt good.


Enjoying the moment, we didn’t know when the door opened. At the sound of the door, I pushed James away but it was too late because she saw the whole thing.


“Jasmine and James” she said.


“This is trouble” I said and looked at James who was clearly shocked.


Deep trouble.




Is it just me or did anyone else noticed that there is something off with Anita, James girlfriend .


Jas and James, Omo you don enter am .



Who entered?




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Se.x partners



I hate him but my body wants him


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Genre: Romance, betrayal


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