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Se.x Partners – Episode 17

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Chapter seventeen



James pov


Today is really one shitty day, I knocked on her door.


I don’t expect her to forgive me after hurting her, I just want her, I want to be in her arms and cuddle her, that is all I want.


I tried drinking but it just didn’t work.


I knocked on the door again, this time she opened up.


“James,” she said. I missed her voice, everything, I was so damn stupid not to choose her.

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“What is wrong?” She asked with true concern.


“I missed you” I said and pulled her into a sudden hug.


“You smell of alcohol, what happened?” She asked trying to pull away but I held her tight.


“Let’s just stay like this for some time, I miss you” I sniffed inhaling her smell.


“But am worried, I need to know what happened to you” she said worried.


I pulled away, “I got punished for rejecting you. Am sure when you hear it, you’ll laugh at me” I said.


“Try me”

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“Let’s go in” I said and we entered.








“What?” She asked after I explained everything to her.


“You mean your girlfriend cheated on you?” She asked but all I could do was stare on her lips.


I just want to devour that lips I have missed for a long time.


“I guess you reap what you sow” I said.


“You must be really sad, I can’t imagine how hurt you are”


I realize her head was bandaged.


“What happened to you?”


“Nothing much” she said but I know she was lying.


Maybe I should just drop the matter since she doesn’t want to talk about it.


“Let me get you some water” she stood up but I pulled her back, making her sit on my laps.


“Don’t go anywhere, I just want you here with me”




“Am sorry for everything Jas, I was really stupid”


“James” I move my head closer to her and kissed her and she responded back to the kiss.


I move my hand to her thighs, caressing it slowly.


She moaned in my mouth, which is turning me on.


My other hands want inside her clothes, fondling her breast which was still inside her blue top when all of sudden she pulled away



“What happened?” I asked.


“Am sorry James, but we can’t continue” she said.



Jasmine pov


“What do you mean by we can’t continue?” James asked.


“I get the fact that I have wronged you but that is why am here to make things right” he said with sincerity but it is too late.


“James, it is not like that”


“Then why?” He stood up.


“Why can’t we continue, we know we want each other.”


“Why are you resisting me?”


I know he is sincere but it is just too late for us, for everything.


“I have to, James”


“Why?” He asked confused.


“Am leaving James” I said as my tears dropped down on my top.


I looked at him, he seems surprised and shocked.




“Am leaving” I said as tears flowed freely from my eyes. “Ok, when are you coming back. I can wait for you” “James stop, am not coming back”



“Never!” I said and he looked at me hurt, his eyes showed he was against the idea but I cared less.


Am leaving and am not coming back.


My life matters, I won’t come back.


I can’t.



Anita pov



I went to my friend’s house after leaving Luke’s house, I have to stay low now because of his death.


It’s all Jas fault, because of her Luke died.


I lost Luke because of her, she killed him.


She is the monster, a monster I must eradicate.


She is the devil.


I sipped my wine as I ponder on my evil plans for her.


I just got a call that James was spotted at that bitch’s place.


That crazy bitch is still with my man, she made me kill Luke, now she wants James.


I won’t allow her, she is the bad one here, but I will still get the blame for doing the right thing, then it is better to die together, I and her.


I smiled thinking about that glorious day that I will execute my plans.


Lord knows that am the right one here, the devil is Jas.


My hatred for her, kept growing day by day


She took everything away from me, and I will do the same, no I will show her no mercy by killing her on the spot.


Tomorrow is your deadline Jas, tomorrow is your final day on earth.


“Hmmmmmmmm” I murmured.


Tomorrow is the day Jas dies.




This one weak me oo, madness is surely following her but, she said tomorrow what the hell is she planning?






Se.x partners



I hate him, but my body wants him



Pain and love


Brought to you by Author Ayomiposi diaries


Genre: Romance, betrayal.

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