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Se.x Partners – Episode 16

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Chapter sixteen



James pov


“My girlfriend is cheating on me?” I asked surprised.


“Yes” the caller said.


“It can’t be true, Anita will never cheat on me” I chuckled not believing his word.


“You know it’s true, you suspect her. You can’t deny it” he said.


He is right, I know something was off about Anita but she can’t cheat on me.

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“I don’t believe you, you might be trying to break my relationship with her, I don’t even know you”


“Yes, you do. This is Luke speaking and I and Anita have been having an affair before she met you” he said and my phone dropped.


“Anita is cheating on me” I thought as tear rolled down my face freely.


“She is cheating on me”


I head to where she was, with rage and anger, she betrayed me, she betrayed my trust.


“How could you?!” I asked filled with rage but also hurt.


“What?” She asked.


“How could you fu.cking cheat on me” I roared.

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“James” she called.


“How could you? I trusted you, I believed I had a perfect girlfriend while I was the jerk, the unfaithful one, but you were cheating on me? Even when I missed her I



still resisted my feelings for her because I trusted you Anita, but you played me” I said and laughed like a maniac.


“You are quite smart, aren’t you?”


“You cheated on me for good two years, yet I didn’t know it, you are so smart and I was stupid not to see it.”


“I really tried not to hurt you but you have been hurting me for so long, am sorry but this relationship can’t continue. It’s not like am still in love with you, I just didn’t want to hurt you”


“James pls don’t do this, I can explain myself” she pleaded.


“If you had told me, I would have forgiven you, but now you’ve given me the chance to be with the one I really love. Am sorry” I said and left the house.


“James!” she called but I didn’t listen to her.


She betrayed my trust, my love but the fact that she cheated on me isn’t what really hurts. I cheated on her but the fact she has been playing, exploiting and lying to me is why I can’t be with her anymore.


I gave up what I want for her, but…


This is end of me and her, the end of our relationship.



Anita pov


How did James find out?


Is he going to break up with me? Just like that, I forgave him why can’t he forgive me?


He can’t go back to that bitch, yes since she isn’t alive then I have no problem. Yes, I just have to confirm her death.


“How did James find out?” I said shaking.


Don’t tell me, Luke?


He is the only one who could tell James, he is the only one who knows that am dating James.


Did that bastard tell on me.


That crazy bastard, he told on me.


Now, he is going to regret it.


Today is going to be his last day on earth, I took a knife from my kitchen.


Will some gloves in my hand, he messed with the wrong person. Now am going to deal with him.


Luke pov


I guess I made the right choice, telling James everything.


He deserves to know, the kind of person she is.


Jas has gone to her house, she went to pack her things and resign. She is leaving as soon as she resigns from work, I’m going to use that chance to see James, but I doubt James is going to come to his office. I came back to my apartment next to James house, where both I and Anita have had many a sinful moment.


Where she cheated on James.


I saw him leave the house, he seems hurt, sad and so depressed.


Who won’t be? He must be really sad.


I heard my door open, revealing Anita.


She gave me a creepy smile which scared me.


“What do you want?” I asked still seated


“What do you mean?” She approached me and sat on my laps.


“Dear Luke” she said and kissed me.


“I will miss you” she said and brings out a knife and without a warning she stabbed me in the neck.



Anita pov


“Oh my god” I said after standing up from his laps.


What did I just do?


I looked at Luke who was already on the floor bleeding, trying to remove the knife but gave up the ghost.


What did I do?


Out of anger, I killed a man.


This is all because of Jas, that bitch.


She took James from me and made me kill Luke.


I just found out after calling one of my boys that she was spotted at her house.

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That means the bitch is alive, she is the reason why Luke is like this.


I will make sure to avenge you Luke, no matter what, I will make sure to avenge you even if I die trying.


Jas, your days are numbered.


I will make sure I kill you myself.




Sorry for not posting yesterday, I went out and came back late.


Am sorry guys.



Be expecting two episodes tomorrow, I can’t post it today because am busy .


Am sorry.


Seems like this Anita is becoming crazy, she killed Luke how is it Jas fault ooo?


Craze is following her oo .




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