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Rosetta – Episode 2

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Chapter 2






Rosetta was looking fresh and all packed and ready to go.


She took her bags and moved outside.

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Dylan came up and hugged her


“in the next two years, it’s gonna be my turn” she said and they laughed “won’t you see me off, at least to the border” Rosetta stated


“of course I will” Dylan replied and helped her to carry two of her bags out of four They dropped them in their father’s van.


“you’re going to be a woman soon” their mother remarked She chuckled and hugged her tight “I’ll forever be your baby” Rosetta said


“don’t let American boys fool you” her mother said and they laughed “you might want this” Dylan said and gave her a small basket Rosetta opened it and there was a white cute kitten lying in it “awwn, so cute. But will father let me take it”


“he doesn’t have to know. She’s asleep so just dip her somewhere he wouldn’t notice” mother replied


Rosetta smiled and covered the basket.


She walked into the van and placed the sleeping animal under her white pyjamas

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Her father came out


“you’re ready?” he asked


“yes sir” she replied and sighed, taking one last look over the farm where she was born and raised


“I’m gonna miss this old farm” she spoke out


“I guess Uncle Ben’s farm isn’t too classy. Is it? ” Dylan asked their father “it’s a bit better than here” he got into the van and started it.


Rosetta gave her mother one last hug and entered into the van to Dylan “bye mother, I love you” she yelled out of the already moving van. They continuously waved at each other until they got out of sight Rosetta sighed and sat back, ready to go out of Mexico


She and Dylan spoke about some things and looked at the villagers as they did their daily work.


Their farm was at the outskirts of the main village and they only come to the village when they need to do something important.


To them, their farm was just the best place. Away from all the hustle and bustle of the rowdy villagers.


Dylan brought out some homemade cookies and they ate while father listened to his radio


Soon they got to the borders and got off the van Dylan held unto Rosetta



“promise me you’re not going to cut your hair Rosetta. Please” she pleaded Rosetta hugged her


“I wouldn’t” she said and kissed her sister’s medium length hair. But same color as hers

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She released her and bade her good bye as she walked into the custom office to sign and register her name accompanied with her father.


He actually crossed the border with her but was to return immediately.


Rosetta looked around and saw her Uncle.


She dropped her bags


“Uncle Ben” she squealed and ran to hug him.


“wow, you’re all grown up now Rosetta” he said and dropped her “I’m glad you’re going to stay with me” he said


“been awhile Benjamino” her father said and hugged his brother


“haha, you know it’s just been three years Morgan. And you’re looking so old” Uncle Ben stated


“Old? You need to look at the mirror bro” he said and they laughed “I’ll have to go back now, please take care of Rosetta”


“I will. She’s my daughter too” Uncle Ben replied and helped her carry her bag “bye father” she said and hugged him


“now be a good girl and listen to your uncle” her father advised


She nodded


The two men shook hands and then they parted ways.


Rosetta entered into her uncle’s car, a Mercedes.


He drove out and after a while, they got into the main country.


Rosetta quickly Sat very close to the window and watched the streets.


The cops were on duty and walking round


Motorcycles with riders wearing helmets were on the streets.


Cars were moving


Some kids were riding bikes


And some teenage girls were giggling and taking selfies close to a store “wow” she muttered and watched the clean environment


“we’re in San Diego. We’ll have to take a plane to Texas. It’s pretty far” Uncle Ben said


“how about the car”


she asked


“it’s a rented car. I rented it here” he replied


They reached the rentals and submitted the car then they took a taxi and went to the airport


“this place is so big” she said as they entered the airport “and everyone is so busy” she stated



“welcome to America Rosetta” he said and she chuckled Soon they were seated in the plane. Rosetta was happy

She loved her adventure


When they finally got to Texas, they drove to Corpus Christi. A small town in


Texas filled with cowboys and farms.


It was also beside a water body.


Rosetta smiled to herself


She might cope in America after all.


They got to the farm.


It was way larger and more conducive than theirs.


It had farmhouses, stables, barns, different plots of land for different crops and a stream


“I’m gonna love it here” Rosetta said


Her uncle’s new wife, (the first one died) directed her to her room.


It was in the main farm house.


A bit large with a medium sized bed.


The floor was covered with a brown rug and the picture of a horse was knitted on it.


At one end of the wall was a bureau (of drawers) and a mirror At the other end of the wall was a wardrobe.


And beside the wardrobe was a door.


It was the bathroom


She dropped her bags and twirled around the room with her shoes off on the soft rug


“I love this room” she said and giggled


Then her auntie called her to take lunch with them




Rosetta just finished feeding the goats and she had already taken the new hay into the barn.


She was heading to the stables to play with the horses before her auntie gets back and starts scolding her.


She was wearing a cowboy hat on her long hair and a leather jacket. She wore blue jeans and cowboy boots.


She was looking just like the cowgirl she had turned into over the last few weeks.


She got to the side of the stable and overheard her uncle deliberating with another man.


She looked and saw that they were three men.


One was dressed like a cowboy, wearing a stupid face.


He was very young


The other was a middle aged man, wearing a suit and tie.


They were talking with her uncle


“I really don’t know why I should wear this ugly outfit” the young man said



“you’re now a cowboy whether you like it or not. And you’re staying here for a year. You have to listen to whatever he tells you and do as he says. You must swallow your pride” the other man said


“come on dad, this is real punishment” the young man blurted out and removed his hat


“and I don’t wanna stay here for a day. And I don’t wanna listen to this goddamned desperate old man here” the young man blurted out again


Her uncle gasped


“Eugene, you will not disrespect Mr Doza. If you do and I hear of it, I’ll multiply your stay here” his father said and he looked away.


It was obvious that he wasn’t happy about what his father wanted but he had no choice


“Rosetta” her auntie called and she looked back immediately


“yes… yes auntie” she replied


Her auntie looked her up and down


”what are you doing here?” she asked


“I… Well… I was…” Rosetta stammered, thinking of what to say


“never mind. Go and get me some medicine from freaky Old Rob. Tell him it’s for cramps” she said and turned to go


“okay ma’am,” Rosetta said and dusted her jacket


“I don’t see you moving” she said and Rosetta quickly turned and walked away wondering why her auntie was really mean to everyone including her uncle


Eugene struggled to make the horse move but it wouldn’t budge.



“come on just move you ugly creature” he yelled and tried pushing the horse


“ahhh, I hate you. I hate all of you” he said and hit the animal on the stomach


He stood still in the sun and looked at the horse who was just standing.


He groaned and held the rope then tried to pull it along but instead, it sat down


“oh great, now I have to deal with you standing up too. Why do you all have to make my life miserable on this miserable ranch” he said and stumped his feet on the dark brown soil


“you were already a miserable American before you got here so


don’t blame it on us” a voice said and he looked back to see a tall girl with long hair folding her hands and looking at him


“what did you say?” he asked Rosetta


“you heard me right” she moved to the horse and patted the back and kissed the face


“gross” Eugene said



“the only gross face I see here is yours,” she said and brought out a red apple from her pouch

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“you Mexicans are so annoying” he said and tried to leave


“you’ve been here for only two days and you’re all grumpy. I can only but pity you” she said and flattened her palm and the horse took the apple


“please don’t mind our new comer. He’s so mean right? The best way to change him is by being his friend okay, so be a good horse and listen to him. Okay? ” Rosetta spoke to the horse and played with the fur


Eugene scoffed


“the only reason I’m here to see this pathetic scene is because an old and stupid old man called Ben accepted me into this dirty and filthy animal dung”


Rosetta stood up, turned around and faced him


“did you just insult my uncle?” she asked and he smirked She frowned and kicked him in between his legs.

He fell down on his knees immediately, feeling intense pain


“next time, you’ll think twice before insulting my uncle when you remember the pain” she said and left


Eugene placed his hands there as he knelt down


“okay… okay, I’ve learnt my lesson. Never joke with a cowgirl” he said to himself


The horse stood up and moved to him, it knelt down and rubbed it’s head on Eugene’s shoulder.


He lifted up his hand and stroked the horse


“at least I made a friend” he said to his new found friend He looked up at the direction Rosetta went


“she’s beautiful” he said to the horse who neighed Signifying that he agreed


Eugene managed to get up and held the horse’s string.


The horse got up too



“I really need some ice to ease this pain. I can’t even walk properly” he said and he moved awkwardly with the horse following him .






To be continued

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