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Painful Revenge – Season 2 Episode 9

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“Waah Viv you really something else,but you not lucky this time Cate took all the clothes to wash them for me,”i had to think of something so fast.”Okay then show me your baby cot i really want to see something that you have bought for the baby,”she was annoying me now.”Ooh about that we are going to buy it today thats where we are headed right now,”Tonie answered her questions as he held my hand.”lets go love,Viv you are all alone we will be back in the evening,”he told her walking me out.



We drove silently i didnt know what to tell him he had changed and i didnt know what his objectives were.”why are you doing all this for me?if it about the ba…,”he interupted me.”Sharon i love you its not about the baby,i loved you from the first time i saw you,”he said shifting his attention to me.”Where are you taking me now?”i asked him to change the topic.”Your place of course we have to get a lot of things your clothes and everything you might need.”yes this was Tonie the Tonie that many of you didnt like at first Sharon included he had changed.I gave him directions to my place and finally we arrived cate was not there yet i took my key and opened the door the place was polished and sparkling clean just as i left it i welcomed Tonie in he just stood there amazed “How did you manage to do all this alone,”he was still standing at the door.”Do all what?come inside please and close the door,”i told him.”The place is clean and tidy did you do all the cleaning in your condition?”he closed the door and sat down.”I did all this by myself but Cate was always there for me whenever i needed a helping hand,what do i offer u?i asked him heading to the kitchen.”Anything you have,”all this time he was still looking around .I came back with two glasses of passion juice.We just drunk our juice silently.”What do you want inreturn for all this?” i wanted to know his motives but he told me he is a changed man

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.”The first day i saw you i fell in love with you,i went and told Dave who was my best friend back then we were so close than we would do anything for each other we had no secrets we were brothers from different mothers,he was so earger to see you,the following day after classes i went and stood to the place where i saw you expecting to see you going to the derpartment but you didnt,the next day we were lucky,we saw you going to the department i guess you had some sign sheets i told dave’ thats the girl i was telling you about’ pointing at you like a fool and he agreed with me that you were beautifull we planned to approach you on your way out and it was exactly what we did but when i saw you my heart started beating so hard and i couldnt speak to you but my friend always had a way with sweet words he spoke first and made the first approach.We went hope that day and Dave had fallen in love with you too we didnt want to ruin our friendship because of a girl so we decided to toss a coin i chose simba and crossed my index finger with my middle finger and Dave chose Moi we called someone,a stranger who tossed the coin for us.But i wasnt lucky Dave won and i decided to let him have you i backed off but i warned him to never mess with you since he will face me the time he will hurt you or break your heart.But Dave really loved you he made you happy and i gave up i started chasing after girls i knew no girl would take your place in my heart thats



why i never had a serious relationship until i saw Stacy,with stacy i had hopes of having a family and loving again,” he paused to sip his juice.”I had started to love her but i noticed she always had eyes for Dave she would laugh at his every joke even if they werent funny so that day i saw her kissing Dave i felt heartbroken but i remembered i had warned Dave,when you told me that night that maybe we should do the same,i felt like heaven and the angels had answered my prayers finally i would kiss the girl i have always wanted i wanted it to be special i couldnt kiss you in that room thats why i took you to my friends room my intention was to tell you how i feel after kissing you,but when i kissed you i wanted you,i wanted to be with you forever and it happened that we made love.But i knew u didnt love me i decided to fight for you violently.When i knew you were pregnant i was so happy i knew i would be a dad but then you werent sure of who the father was i was praying hard that i be the father of your kid but later the doctor told us that you had lost the baby.I was determimed to have you that i ruined our friendship with Dave but when i saw Dave lying helpelessly in the hospital bed i felt it and from that day i knew life was fragile i transformed,i changed to be a good person,”he paused again and sipped his juice all this time i was listening to him i pitied him when i saw how sincere he was he came close to me and held my hand.”I decided not to fight again and left all the work to fate and karma but when you vaccated and left without saying anything to me i knew i will never see you again and i had lost you forever.Dave had come asking me if i knew where you went but i had no clue all those months i spent searching for you,regretting for pressuring you blamming myself, finally i saw you i thanked God and vowed to never let you go out of my sight again i wanted to help you unconditionally been there for you makes me a happy man and thats what i want to do always,i dont want anything in return because been there for you gives me this happiness that i want to always have,seeing you smile makes me smile too, i guess i have answered you now?”he asked me looking me in the eye i just nodded i didnt know what to tell him luckily Cate came and interrupted us.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


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We packed my clothes and the babies clothes and everything i thought i would need,the rest was taken to Cates place Viv was very happy when she saw us with the babie’s cot and clothes.I got used to been in Tonie’s house everything was fine its only Cate,Tonie and i who knew i wasnt Tonie’s wife.We would play hubby and wife when we were around people but in the bedroom we were just friends no intimacy and not even once did he try to take advantage of me.Tonie treated me like a queen he took me to clinics and everywhere i wanted to go i felt protected,i



felt love and treasured.We were a happy family.I had started to like him as a man,i had feelings for him slowly by slowly he had shown me lots of love and i geuss thats why i liked him though what i felt for him was nothing compared to what i used to feel for Dave.I decided to try it out with him but i didnt know where to start, this man had brought happiness back in my world there were times i wished we were a real family.I stopped been cold around him i would serve him something i didnt do before,escort him to the door and hug him goodday.Viv noticed this and made a comment.One day i woke up all decided, i told the gate man and Viv to help me take the couch that Tonie used as a bed from my bedroom to one of the bedrooms.That night i prepared his favourite meal all by myself Viv offered to help but i wanted to do it myself i wanted to do something special for him i took some food upstairs in our bedroom,lit some candles and waited for him to come home.


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