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Painful Revenge – Season 2 Episode 8

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I wished to get into cates car but i knew that will look odd we entered Tonie’s car,i sat on the front seat while viv used the back seat,my mind was occupied i didnt even notice my family waving goodbye.I kept quiet for almost the whole journey when viv asked why i was silent i feighed a headache and anyone would have understood me in my situation.Tonie and viv cracked jokes all the way,i could have texted cate if only i didnt know how reckless she was while driving and i didnt want to interuppt her less she lost control of the car.I was too confused i didnt



think straight,was i going to stay in Tonnies house or my house,but i knew i had no option i was now chained to him.I felt exhausted and fell asleep.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


Its Tonnie who woke me up when we arrived in nairobi town he parked his car outside a hotel gave Viv money to get us packed food from the hotel.”Where do i take you?your place or mine?,”he asked giving me a serious look.”You’re asking as if i have a choice with Viv around,”i said.”I thought of it too you dont have a choice but dont worry all will be well,”he smilled.”How about my clothes? I dont want Viv to suspect anything she might tell mum,”i looked serious.”Dont worry she wunt suspect anything have sent my cousin to arrange my house since it was messy you know how bachelors live,she has even bought you some new clothes and tomorrow we will go for your clothes and everything you might need.,”he said this with some assuarance .He held my hand and smiled at me”Fate really want us together Sharon open your eyes for once,i am the one for you, Sharon i love you with my whole heart and am ready to do anything for you and our baby,”he said this comming closer to me but viv cleared her throat and this distructed him.”Sorry Viv i didnt here you coming,”he said.Viv just smiled and jokingly told him to wait till we get home then he can have a romantic talk with me,Tonie nodded while i forced a smile,she got inside and we drove to Nairobi west.Tonie had a very big house ,it was the first thing to notice When we got out of the car he had a big compound too with a swimming pool and a small flower garden .I stood there admiring his apartment until i saw Viv looking at me.Tonie helped to carry Viv’s suitcase inside the house.His house was beautiful i loved the furnitures and the decor he really had a good taste.”Welcome guys make yourself comfortable,”Tonnie said totally forgetting that i was his ‘wife’.”Hehe was that welcome for us or for me but with how my cousin is looking around it looks like we are both new here,”she said looking suspisciously at me.I opened my mouth to talk but Tonie interupted me “Ofcourse its for you how can i welcome her in her own house,i changed the decors and the furnitures thats why Sharon is suprised.”he was really a fast thinker.”And you have really suprised me i only went for two days and the house had drastically changed this was perfect hun,”i smiled holding his hands to get the suspense from Viv’s mind.”woow my cousin is really lucky to have a good husband like you Tonnie,”she was fooled and she believed us.We sat down to rest as Toniie set the dinning room,when he was done he invited us in to take our supper.I was starving thats what this pregnancy was doing to me,food was my best friend i couldnt go for long without eating i had special craving for meat,be it pork,beef,chicken or what meat i didnt care.We ate silently Viv asked



me to show her the the washrooms after she was done eating Tonie had took the dirty plates to the kitchen and i didnt know how to direct Viv to the washroom.”mmmhhh just take your right side in that corridor(pointing),i wasnt sure of the direction i gave her but i wasnt going to give her another reason to be suspiscious luckily Tonie saw her and told her to go left instead of right.”Dont mind her she must be very tired,”i heard him telling her.Later She was shown the guest room and she went to sleep.I just sat there blankly feeling sleepy until Tonie came back.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


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“You must be tired lets go and sleep,” he told me taking my hand.”Yeah i need to sleep,” i said in a sleepy voice.He led me upstairs in his bedroom i was reluctanct but he asuured me i was in safe hands i had to trust him since i had to sleep in his bedroom of course if i slept in another bedroom it would create suspicion and its the last thing i wanted i just hoped there was a coach or an extra matress for me to sleep on and luckily when i got inside i saw a four seater couch.”Dont worry am going to sleep on this couch just give me some blankets,”i said sitting on it.”Is your head thinking straight right now Sharon?do you really think i would let you sleep there?come on this bed is big for us both am not touching you if thats what you are afraid of its the last thing i will think of doing,”he said this shaking his head. Read more interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App.”No Tonie i cant sleep on the same bed with you,it aint part of my plans,remember this is all an act we have to keep it that way,”i told him sternly.”You such a nut head Sharon come sleep on the bed i will sleep there,”he told me handing me a night dress “my cousin bought this for you i think it can fit you,” he said taking some blankets.I went to the bathroom and changed i found him already comfortable in the couch”Tony thankyou for everything i appreciate,”i said giving him a smile.”Dont mention it you know i can do everything for you,”he gave me a warm smile.I pitied him as i told him good night,lay on his bed and slept.


I woke up at night feeling very hungry and decided to go to the kitchen and prepare something,whatever i will get,i didnt want to wake Tonie up i tiptoed to the door but Tonie heard me.”Where are you going at this time,”he asked in a sleepy voice.”Just got hungry i want to prepare something,”i told him but he offered to prepare something for me.”For the seven months you have been pregnant you didnt give me a chance to stand by you and help you out but for the remaining months lemmi help you out.He made me sat on the bed and went to the kitchen after some minutes he came with rice and beef handed the plate to me.”Hehe you



so lucky there was food in the fridge,”he smilled at me.”Woow thankyou i love beef,”i said and gave him a smile.I felt nice been served by him i was used to doing everything myself.


The following morning Cate’s call woke me up she asked me how i was and i told her i was fine she told me she was headed to my place Tonie had asked Her to meet us there,i washed my face in his well cleaned bathroom in the master bedroom and went downstairs Viv had already prepared breakfast boiled sweet potatoes and tea,I joined them and he offered to serve me breakfast”you must be hungry,”he said this looking at me.”Yes am starving ,”i told him making myself comfortable. I took breakfast lucky for me it was a heavy breakfast mum had really helped me when she packed the sweet potatoes and arrowroots for us atleast we were gonna have them for breakfast.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


Viv and Tonnie cleaned the house and they didnt let me help them he instead told me to get prepared he is taking me somewhere and thats what i did i knew we were going to my house to pack some staffs.After they were done he went to prepare himself i was ready and waited for him down stairs.Viv came and sat close to me we were just laughing at our childhood experiences when she suddenly told me to show her the cloths i have bought for the baby.







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Please show love by clicking on the "YouTube" button below 😫 I need subscribers, help me reach my target before deadline, please

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