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Painful Revenge – Season 2 Episode 7

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We called Tonie and he was so excited about the idea,that I had to remind him it wasn’t real.Mum was eagerly waiting to meet his in law she even asked me his favourite meal and of course I had to lie I told her he love chapati and minji very much and that’s what she prepared.I had to go for Tonie in our town so as to show him the direction and also to make things straight we had to act right like husband and wife and I had to clarify to him.I knew my parents would ask him a lot of questions but he was ready for them.



At around 12 he was pulling in our compound they came outside the house to greet the in law mum had invited my aunt and cousins.I saw how happy my mum was,when she saw us.We greeted them happily.Tonie asked my cousins to help him with the shopping I had not asked him to go shopping for us but I guess he took the advantage to please me,its like he bought the whole supermarket for us.We went inside and my cousins served us Tonie was getting along well with my family they cracked jokes as if they had known each other forever.After lunch we all went to the sitting room my cousins and Cate made themselves busy in the kitchen by cleaning utensils.I knew this was gonna be a tuff time for me we were all quiet and Tonie broke the silence.


“Mmhh,” he cleared his voice.”I know I have never introduced myself and its such a shame that am doing it now after marring your daughter and staying with her without your blessings I do hope you will forgive me for that,I am Antony


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Mureithi Maina from muranga county,”he paused. “II should have informed you about my relationship with your daughter and asked for your blessings before I got her pregnant,”he said in a humble way.” Its okay it already happened though that’s not the way we wanted our daughter to leave our house to her husbands house,am glad you have reported before the baby is born,”that was dad he looked serious though.”I know am suppossed to follow a certain path according to our kikuyu culture but I have had discussions with my elders and I was told to wait for my wife to deliver first then we can start the initial steps,Tonie said loking at my dad as if waiting for his confirmation.”Yeah there is a process to follow and just like the elders told you we have to wait for the child to be born first,it always affect the child and can cause even death if we start the process when she is pregnant.”dad confirmed.”I have talked to my people and we shall be visiting formally after the child is six months old we will confirm the date.”Tonie said this and looked at me.He knew what he was doing he was beating me in my own game,Tonie was really brilliant in a way I didn’t like.They were getting along well with my parent asking him a lot of questions form how he grew up the schools he went and what he does.I can’t deny it I admired how they got along.They talked a lot that afternoon mum even showed him our family album and he would really make jokes of my photos when I was a kid and at times I would laugh along with them.

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I excused myself and went yo my bedroom and I found Cate on a video call with


her boyfriend they were really in love I could have bet with my unborn baby that


he had never cheated on her he was the kind of man that every gal would admire,



so loyal and charming.I was happy for my friend they would have gotten married already but Cate insisted I must deliver first before she gets married.All this time she didn’t notice me I enjoyed listening to their conversation,they have been in a relationship for 7 years but anyone who heard the conversation would have though they had just met.After the call cate turned back and saw me and gave me a smile. “I told you Tonie won’t disappoint you gal,how was it?”, she asked looking curious.” I have been tied to him now you won’t imagine what he have been telling my parent he have beaten me in my own game,”I told her with a serious tone.”what did he do galfie?”she asked looking curious.”He have been telling my parents how his parents will be visiting after the baby is six months old and you know what that means,”I told her.”Before those six months we would have thought of something,come on don’t stress yourself over it we will out win him,”she sounded confident. We talked as we packed our clothes and after we were done we went to the sitting room.They were just laughing I could tell they really enjoyed his company.Dad saw us and smilled at me”I must admit you have chosen the best son in law for me he is really a nice person”,I didn’t know whether to say thankyou or fake a smile.If they knew this was all lies they would never forgive me.”Thankyou father am honoured.”Tonie said looking at me with a did you hear that? look.”I wonder what took you too long to bring him home,”mum joined dad in complimenting Tonie. “I guess its time to go now,” I told them ignoring their comments.”Yeah we should be going now,”Tonie seconded me.”I had foodstaffs packed for you,you know back in the city you don’t get things like banana’s and sweet potatoes,I want my grandchild to be born strong “she said heading to the kitchen and came back with baskets full of all types of foodstuffs cereals,legumes,fruits,vegetables name it all.I always had excuses not to carry them since I used public transport but this time round I had no excuse to give since the car was right outside.”Have packed some for Cate and some for you,” she said looking at us.My cousins helped Tonie to pack the baskets in the car as Cate went for our bags.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


Outside the house we were saying our goodbyes ready to leave when mum told us to wait for Vivian my cousin.”Are we supposed to drop her to town?”I asked in confusion. “No she is going with you to the city now that you are almost giving birth you need someone to look after you,we discussed this with you aunt here and Vivian volunteered to come with you and help you around instead of getting a house help to look after you.” She said looking at us.”Damn,”i said in a low voice looking at Cate.Every one noticed my reactions but they ignored me i tried to talk



but words failed me.Cate tried to convince mum that she is always helping me and she can move in with us instead of viv but mum reminded her of her wedding plans which she needed to concentrate on and even reminded her she hasn’t introduced the lucky man to her yet and told her jokingly not to follow my stepsWe all tried to convince her but it hit a hard rock and we gave in.We had to take viv with us this was not what we wanted all this thing favoured Tonie I knew he was smiling in his hear.Viv was more than willing to go with us,she had been my favourite cousin though she was younger than me but she loved me.I looked at Cate and she looked pale.Mum sensed we were tensed and asked us if there was something we didntt want them to know we shook our head and Tonie confirmed to her that everything was fine. She called viv aside and I could see her talking seriously to her.

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That was it,I felt doomed my mum was really something else everyone supported her idea apart from the three of us Cate,Tonie and I but I knew deep inside Tonies heart he was clapping.We went in the car after the many goodbyes and the faked smiles.I didn’t know what to do,I knew viv came for two thing to help me with house chores and to spy on me and give mum reports in case she noticed something strange.









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