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Painful Revenge – Season 2 Episode 6

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I never expected to set my eyes on him or his friend again,i had never went to places i knew or thought i would meet them,when i resigned from work,vaccated and discarded the older simcard i knew it was not going to be easily for them to trace me but as they said only mountains never meet.We all didnt expect this we stood there as tonie came towards me none of us spoke,he came silently and knelt before me in tears.


Tonie:sharon you are still pregnant?why did you lie to us and left without goodbye?did i deserve this from you?You got me stressed and worried about you i knew i had been a problem to you but trust me i changed sharon.I have tried to locate you in vain had been to your work place they told me you resigned.Why did you do this sharon?


He went for my hand and his other hand on my protuging tummy.I looked at him and felt sorry for him he was crying i didnt know if it was out of pain or happiness.


Me:am sorry tonnie


Tonnie:i have been praying for you,praying for you to stay safe and i hoped someday sometime i would meet you again and God has answered my prayers.Am sorry for every pain i have caused you.


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Every eye was on us even cate and my friends didnt talk they stood there watching us.I felt pity for him and for myself too.Now my secret was out and i hoped he wouldnt bring me stress this time.


Me:stand up tonnie am okay


Tonie:Can i buy you guys lunch?


Me:am sorry but Jay had already offered to buy us lunch.


Tonie:can i atleast join you?


I looked at them to seek their opinions and they all smilled and noded.Tonie parked his car and joined us.We enjoyed our lunch making fun and after we were done Jay and his girl went back to the hospital.Tonie offered to drive us home but i told him Cate will drive me home he gave me his card,”i dont want to pressure you so much Sharon especially on your condition but just know i have changed incase you feel like we should talk just give me a call,”He said this and drove off.We went home making fun with my galfie making sure Tonnie didnt follow us.


Cate:i think he has changed Sharon(as we enter the house)


Me:who has changed?(i asked pretending)

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Cate:you know am talking about Tonie,he has really changed


Sharon:what do you suggest i do?


Cate:give him a call and give him time to be with you especially now that you are pregnant,he might be the babys father dont deny him the chance.


Sharon:am not sure about it i will think about it


Cate:okay then….i cant wait to be an aunt to the beautifull angel you are carring


Sharon:hehe am waiting for her too i will protect her with everything i have Cate:and why dont you want to go for scan and know if its a boy or a girl?


Sharon:hehe i dont want to be disapointed,i want a girl am praying hard for it.Am thinking of telling my parents the truth i dont want to deliver before they know the truth.Mum keeps asking me why i have not visited her and the only excuse i give its ” you know am busy working mama” i end up feeling guilty.


Cate:me too i think you should tell them cate.



I had decided to tell my parents that i am pregnant,the next week we drove to my parent’s house i had informed them we were visiting and i was sure they would go preparing my favourite dish.I didn’t know how they would react i must admit i was scared of their reactions especially my mum she had BP problems.After some 3 good hours we were pulling in my parents compound.Cate noticed and assured me all was going to be well.We parked and walked to the house.After knocking mum came shouting”nimakinyaa” meaning they have arrived.I gathered all the strength to face them they opened the door and i forced a smile by now only a blind person wouldnt notice that i was pregnant.I read shock in my parents as they came and hugged us.They ushered us in and for the first time i felt uncomfortable in my mothers house mum went to the kitchen and dad followed her,i looked at cate and she gave me a smile that made me forget the problem i had.They came back with mum carrying dishes and dad following her like a bodyguard.Mum served us and we ate trying to catch up.They didnt seem to be angry at me.Its when we went to the sitting room that mum started it.


Mum:i have seen the reason why you didnt want to visit us


Dad:mama sharon dont start it let them rest first


Mum:am not stoping this if we have to talk its now


Me:mum yes i was ashamed i didnt want to come home i knew you would be angry with me


Mum:I thought you would make me proud,i wanted to walk you down the aisle and you come back pregnant sharon. Read more interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App.


Me:am sorry mum (in tears)


Dad:you have disapointed me Sharon….anyway since you decided to get married


without informing us and got pregnant,why didnt you come with your husband


How was i to tell him that i am not married that i was planing to raise my kid all by myself.


Me:am not maaaa


Mum:(standing up)whaaat sharon you mean you are not married?



Cate:no mum what she meant is that she is not making you stay for long before you meet him since he is coming tomorrow,we were to deliver the news first and apologise to you first before his visit.


Cate always had a way of twisting things i have always admired her way of thinking but this time she was too much,where was i going to get a “husband” within 24 hours and who was going to agree to act as my husband?I looked at her and she was not worried its like she had a plan in mind already.


Me:yea mum i wanted you to forgive me first.


Dad:its okay sharon this is not what we expected but it has already happened.

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Mum:i can bear the shame knowing atleast you are married.


I excused myself and went to my room i was seated wondering what i was going to do when cate came in smilling.


Cate:call him sharon,I saved his number(getting her phone from her handbag)









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