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Painful Revenge – Season 2 Episode 11

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I was having serious back pains like never before,i always complained of severe crumps,i am the kind who cant even walk or do anything when am having my periods thanks to painkillers like ponstan,i never thought labour pain was more intense and painfull than crumps.Tonie drove the car really fast that Viv kept reminding him to drive carefully.After a 20 minutes drive we arrived at the hospital the nurses took me to labour room directly.I was scanned and my baby was in a breech position amd i had to go through a CS.I didnt like the idea and neither did Tonie and the rest but we didnt have an option.An IV was placed in my arm to give me the fluids and medications i would need during the surgery.My abdomen was washed luckily i had shaved my pubic hair.A catheter was placed into my bladder to remove urine, and remained there for a day after the surgery.I was given an epidural block and they added some medicine to make me sleep.I cant even tell you how the C section was done i slept for like two hours and by the time i woke up the doctor had finished stitching me.I was taken to my room while they cleaned my baby girl.Tonie was the happiest of all “its a baby girl hun,”he told me as soon as i lay on my bed in my ward room.The nurse brought her and she showed me how to breastfeed her and hold her,Tonie never left my room he kept smilling”lets name her Angel,she is an Angel,”he said once the nurse left and i agreed to it Angel was a good name it suited her.We called our parents and gave them the good news,mum was really happy but unfortunately she had to wait until



Tonie and the elders visited them formally to come and see her grandchild as our customs demanded.

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I spent 4 days in the hospital and later i was discharged, i was advised to not have sex for a few weeks after the C-section and to also avoid strenuous activities, such as lifting heavy objects. However,it took me up to 6 weeks to feel more like myself again.My abdomen would feel sore from the surgery.l was given pain medications to take the edge off any post-surgical pain, which i used for about 2 weeks.I was bleeding for about 6 weeks after the surgical birth.


Cate carried my baby girl while Tonie and Viv carried my things and as we walked slowly to the car.I just kept smilling God had answered my prayers i really wanted to give birth to a girl,my daughter was beautifull it felt great to be a mum.Tonie drove us home and everyone was happy for me they kept congratulating me,they welcomed us with many gifts but what suprised me the most was the brand new Harrier that Tonie gave us not us i think it was Angel’s “You are the best thing that happenned to me Angel you have brought me nothing but happiness”thats what the ribbons that decorated one side of the car read.They had made decorations to welcome me and my beautiful baby home,i didnt expect this we had a litle but great celebration with our few trusted friends,Cate and her fiancee,Tonie,Viv,Sheila Toniie’s cousin,Jay and his girlfriend,baby Angel and i.We had food,drinks and music,they had prepared njahi,soup and sour porriage to help in production of breast milk and also give me strength i ate some .Tonie carried the baby and we went upstairs to rest, as others continued to celebrate.I just lay on the bed as i watched Tonie smilling and admiring the girl, all this time he wasnt talking to me,i couldnt help it but smile too.”She is really beautifull hun,she looks exactly like you,”he said this smilling at me.”And thats not how we hold a baby hun,”I told him as i took Angel to feed her.”Did i just call him hun?”i asked myself.Who wouldnt fall for a man like him anyway,he had been nothing but good to me,he is cute and caring.I started breastfeeding my baby girl as Tonie watched us.We still didnt know who the biological father of Angel was and i wasnt ready to take the risk.What if She turned out to be Dave’s would Tonie still love us the same?I didnt have an answer to this question,but one thing was for sure,i was never going to Give Dave a chance to be with my daughter,not after what he had made me go through.”Why do you have to hold your breast when feeding her?”Tonie asked me inocently.”Because she cant do it herself,”i didnt know if that was the correct answer.



That month Tonie didnt report to work,he was there to help me and to give me company.Angel made sure we didnt sleep at nights,she would wake up from time to time and cry her delicate lungs out.We would hold her in shifts making shushing sounds in her ear while swinging her in our arms.At times Tonie would let me sleep as he soothed Angel alone.She would sleep in the day and we would take opportunity of that to grab some sleep too,this became our routine,my friends(Jay,his fiancee,and Cate)would visit me every day in the evening to make sure i was doing fine.Time flew and it was time to take her for her first immunisation we took her to the clinic and she was given an injection, that night we didnt sleep at all, all she did was cry, even Viv came to help us soothe her .”Aki si Angel anapenda hii mwili yake yaani hatutalala juu amedungwa leo,”Viv made a comment and we all laughed.I thanked God when she finally fell asleep at around 2.00 am that night and we all retired to bed.After one month Tonie had went back to work but he would call every now and then asking how his daughter was doing.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


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Angel and Tonie bonded really fast, Tonie would put her on his chest and let her sleep there.He was the first person to see Angel smilling i remember how happy he was that day,he was Holding her,singing for her when she smilled at him.”Hun come see our daughter smilling,”he called me.I doubted him and told him that Angel was too Litle to smile but Angel proved me wrong after some minutes,she looked preettieerr when smilling .She brought Tonie and i close,she was our precious treassure.


All this time we had not gone intimate with Tonie just light kisses,i once asked Tonie why he kissed me lightly “whenever i touch you i always want more of you,when i kiss you lightly i want to go on and kiss you deeply,caress you and make love to you and you aint strong yet,you might bleed again,i will have you forever anyway theres no need to hurry.”he gave me that answer and i smilled.This man was really patient.


I really wanted to know who the biological father of Angel was.I mentioned this to cate one day she didnt like the idea and i decided to talk to Tonie.I waited for him that evening,i didnt know how to approach him.How would he take the idea?What if he gets mad at me for proposing that?I didnt have all those answers.After he showered i told him my thoughts and he didnt object.”If it will make you happy i got no problem with it,but i will always love Angel whether she is my biological Daughter or not,”he told me turning back to hold her.The following morning we went to the hospital for the DNA test.









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